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Georgia AD busted for suspected DUI

University of Georgia Athletic Director Damon Evans had a direct message for students, “Don’t drink and drive. Get a designated driver.”  The message was precise and delivered to students at his Athens college as a promo supporting Georgia’s Zero Tolerance policy.

How serious are these Georgia alcohol sniffing Zero Tolerance police?

Serious enough that they busted one of their poster children, Evans, for a suspected DUI last week.

Evans, who also played football at UGA from 1988-1992, was popped on June 30, 2010 and by the looks of the mugshot, either the Bulldog was suffering from lack of sleep or he may have tipped more than a few.

The cops making the bust described Evans as sporting “watery” and “bloodshot” eyes with his speech “slow” and “mumbled” while sitting with a pair of lady’s red panties between his legs. Normally you might want to throw a few high-fives this dude’s way regarding the panties’ thing but problem here is, this chick wasn’t his wife. Evans, 40, is married with two children.

Evans is also accused of telling the officer, “I don’t want to use . . . my influence,” and “I am not trying to bribe you, but is there anything you can do without arresting me?’ ” The cops weren’t impressed and after the AD refused to take a breathalyzer test, the cuffs went on.

The report also stated:

“The subject began crying uncontrollably before I took him into the jail.”

Proper response for a guy who in a matter of minutes had flushed his dream $550,000 a year job down the toilet while becoming one of sport’s biggest hypocrites. (see video below).

And back to the chick in the car who Evans said was the owner of the red panties; her name is Courtney Fuhrmann and according to reports said, “Just to let you know, [the charge] will be erased because he’s the athletic director at UGA and he has that power.”

Not anymore.

We’ve grown accustomed to athletes getting popped behind the wheel but a new trend may be in the making with this incident coming just weeks after Detroit Lions President Tom Lewand got busted for suspected DUI in Michigan. Here’s that story.

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NCAA Football Weekend in Review

The NCAA Football season opened with a bang this weekend.

Sam BradfordSome of the news creating the biggest buzz was #20 BYU upsetting #3 Oklahoma Sooners 14-13 in a game that included Heisman Trophy winner QB Sam Bradford watching a majority of the contest from the sidelines while sporting a sling on his multi-million-dollar throwing arm.

Bradford sprained the shoulder during the final seconds of the first half then was replaced by back-up Landry Jones who finished (6-of-12, 51yds) for the game-quarterback stats unfamiliar with the Sooners and their fans.

In another game, #6 the Ohio State Buckeyes avoided an embarrassing upset, squeaking out a win against Navy in the final minutes.

With the Buckeyes leading 29-27 late in the forth quarter, Navy attempted a two-point conversion but the pass was intercepted by the Buckeyes and taken to the house on the opposite side of the field giving the Buckeyes a narrow 31-27 victory.

Is there a reason to worry in Athens?

The #13 Georgia Bulldogs may be headed in for a long season while they try to compensate for the loss of two members of last year’s dominating offensive backfield, quarterback Matthew Stafford who went #1 overall in the 2009 NFL Draft and running back Knowshon Moreno, another first-round selection.

The Bulldogs offense sputtered out and they lost to #9 Oklahoma State 24-10.

In the days sparring matches, Tim Tebow and his #1 Florida Gators defeated Charleston Southern 62-3, #2 Texas squashed Louisiana-Monroe 59-20 and #4 USC, led by freshman quarterback Matt Barkley crushed San Jose State 56-3.

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Why Stafford and Detroit Lions are a Bad Marriage

Get Ready Lions, Stafford Knows How to Party!

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Get Ready Lions, Stafford Knows How to Party!

DETROIT – Looks like the Detroit Lions multi-million dollar prize, Matthew Stafford knows how to hoop it up. stafford-bump-and-grindPictures of the NFL’s newest millionaire surrounded by half-naked blonds partying it up surfaced on Deadspin this afternoon–I wonder if the photo on the right is a move from Coach Schwartz’ new “bump-and-grind” offense.

While most will find these pics harmless, entertaining and reminiscent of our younger years, they may not be taken too kindly by the Lions old-school owner, William Clay Ford.

But who cares what Ford thinks. The man has proven he doesn’t have a clue how to run an NFL team.

Stafford is exactly what the 0-16 Lions need. A young rambunctious heart full of energy.

Matthew, think you can get some hip-hop blaring through the locker room to awaken the NFL’s most dreadful squad out of their 7-year coma?

Better yet, how about a few of your blond babes replacing the Middle School Cheerleading squads who perform at the Lions games? stafford-finger

Wow, think about it, hip-hop blasting through the halls at Ford Field, hot cheerleaders strutting the sidelines, maybe even throw in a lucky win or two–Stafford may be exactly what the Lions need.

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Matt Millen Gets the Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week

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Why Stafford and Lions are a bad marriage

DETROIT – When Matthew Stafford smiles at the camera and explains how he will “do whatever it takes to win in Detroit” I see a naïve Lionsyoung man who is oblivious to the fact he has just been thrown into the Lions’ den.

Stafford’s agent Tom Condon has represented his client well in landing the largest rookie contract in the history of the NFL but is money everything? Isn’t the idea supposed to be to play a game you love and have fun while you make the big bucks? If so, Detroit is the wrong place for Stafford.

In and around Atlanta, many of the UGA fans I have spoken to are quick to say how Stafford’s erratic play has frustrated them over the years. They remember how many quarters he spent overthrowing open targets and how he buckled under pressure in many of the big games. How will that translate to the Detroit Lions and their fans?

Following the organization since the days they played during snow squalls in historic Tiger Stadium, I have to say not very well. Many teams in the NFL have rosters that would support a long-term development case like Stafford but Detroit is not one of them.

Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay is a great example. Rodgers worked the clipboard for years developing his talent while watching one of the all-time greats in Brett Favre before stepping into a starting position years later.

That’s how the transition from college to the NFL normally happens and there lies the problem with this marriage.

The Lions’ fans and the city of Detroit have totally lost their patience with this organization. To the point they have spent the past month saturating blogs around the country with threats of dropping support for the team if they draft Stafford. Groups of fans have gone to the extreme of showing up at press conferences filling the air with “Don’t draft Stafford” chants.

These actions truly are nothing personal toward Stafford but rebounding from the most disastrous run in NFL history under a guy named Millen should not include converting a #1 overall pick into a high-risk player like Stafford when there are guaranteed starters like Aaron Curry and Jason Smith available who are projected to step in game one and play in the league for 8-10 years.

While some may argue that Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are examples of the contrary to long-term quarterback development, look at the Falcons and Ravens rosters compared to Detroit and realize that Stafford’s situation is not the same scenario, it’s nowhere close.

Ryan and Flacco both stood behind offensive lines with time to pass; Stafford goes to a team who allowed a ridiculous amount of sacks in the NFL over the past few seasons.

Stafford will not have a mentor like Favre, instead he will have an aging quarterback who is clinging to his final few years in the league and unhappy fans and media he will be pressured into trying to please.

Tom Brady looked near-flawless during the Patriots’ record-setting 16-0 season, standing tall and confident in the pocket hitting receivers but when pressure was applied during the Super Bowl game against the N.Y. Giants, even he looked lost and failed.

Yes, Stafford’s contract carries an earth-shattering $41.7 million guarantee and keeps the checks coming in for 6 years but athletes want to win and regardless what they say in front of the lights and cameras, their egos are huge and need to be fed.

Right now the kid may be celebrating what he and his agent have accomplished but when it comes down to playing in Honolulu Blue, reality is going to hit and the fun will be over. How can a kid live up to a $78 million contract in a blue-collar city where unemployment lines wrap around buildings and boarded up foreclosures line the streets?

Stepping in and delivering results immediately like Matt Ryan did in Atlanta when he threw a 60 yard bomb for a TD in his first NFL pass may help a bit. A 60-yard Hail Mary to Calvin Johnson streaking down the sideline may make the fans momentarily forget how stupid of a move the Lions made.

The only problem with that is, that play was against the Lions and there is no other defense in the NFL bad enough to allow that to happen.

That is the reason we heard the supportive “Aaron Curry” chants and degrading “Don’t draft Stafford” chants; the team needs defense and they need it now and they passed up an opportunity to get a guaranteed starter.

Playing quarterback or goalie positions in Detroit takes the thickest of skin and I have never seen a rookie with skin thick enough to withstand the repercussions that comes with that territory, especially if they are not wanted to begin with.

The Lions have seen several past first-round QBs including Andre Ware and Joey Harrington flop and suffer faultering careers after being placed on Lions teams that had better rosters than the current team has. It’s a long process and Stafford is not capable of becoming the overnight savior the fans and organization needs.

Money creates happiness for a certain amount of time but after the enormous homes, extravagant vacations and collections of cars becomes commonplace, it all comes down to how much fun a guy is having playing the game he has grown to love.

After the dust from Stafford’s party settles and he is two years into his journey in a Lions uniform, will the few extra million he received by going #1 as opposed to #3 or #4 be worth it? I think not.

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Stafford may skip NFL Combine

ATLANTA – There’s a buzz around Georgia that Bulldog Matthew Stafford may not accept the offer to work out during this month’s UGA File PhotoNFL Combine.If Stafford refuses to participate, he and his agent should be sent a strong message. Teams high on the draft list like the Detroit Lions and Kansas City Chiefs should pass and let the underclassman sit and squirm in his seat as a list of names are called before his.

If you think that cannot happen, Google Brady Quinn and Matt Leinhart. Both award-winning college quarterbacks were projected by many to be No. 1 picks.

Leinhart, a USC standout, sat for hours finally being taken 10th by the Arizona Cardinals and Quinn of Notre Dame was forced to sit and squirm in his seat and listen to 21 names echo in the hall before his was finally called by the Cleveland Browns.

To make matters worse, Quinn was forced to sit out and miss the first several days of camp as his agent tried frantically to get a deal signed, a deal signed so late, it eliminated the quarterback’s chance of taking the snaps on opening day.

Getting back to the Stafford issue. There is a certain amount of pressure in performing in front of an audience like the Combine but organizations deserve an opportunity to see how these young athletes respond under a little pressure, especially when those unproven players have agents who plan on asking for tens of millions of guaranteed dollars.

Bottom line is, if a player, especially an underclassman quarterback, cannot perform up to par at a Combine, should he and his agent walk with a semi-trailer full of millions?

If Stafford does not show as expected, this may prove to be risky advice by his agent. It’s almost like they are hiding something from the NFL scouts.

The Lions or Chiefs are foolish to choose Stafford unless he puts on the spikes and airs out some balls this month.

If the ‘Dawg from Georgia doesn’t show, there may be some extra-motivated lineman that will salivating for the draft.

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