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Patriots vs. Dolphins snowplow game (VIDEO)

Mark Henderson was a convict serving a 15 year sentence at the Norfolk State Penitentiary after being convicted of burglary. Let out of the pen on a work release program, he was assigned to operate a snowplow during a New England/Miami Dolphins game in Foxboro on December 12, 1982.

In a game of slips, slides, missed kicks and fumbles, both teams found it impossible to score in the 20 mile per hour winds and blizzard-like conditions.

With 4:32 left and the game still scoreless, the Pats decided to attempt a field goal. Henderson, as he had all game, was driving the plow across the field to clear a spot for the center to place the ball before the snap.

Under the direction of coach, Ray Meyer and holder Matt Cavanaugh, the jailbird darted around the Patriot’s huddle and cleared the spot where Cavanaugh would be spotting the ball for kicker John Smith. Here’s the video and all you millennials will get a peek at what a crappy TV with rabbit ears looked like:

Shula almost blew a gasket, protesting the move after the Pats kick was good and they went on to win the game 3-0.

Henderson who was interviewed later responded, “What were they gonna do, throw me in jail?” Years later, after his release from prison, Henderson was invited to a Patriots home game against the Dolphins where he reenacted his cheating snowplow maneuver.


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Jerramy Stevens busted. . . .again!

Jerramy Stevens mug shot photos have graced the covers of newspapers and websites over the years and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers player is at it again. Stevens was arrested after a police officer pulled him over for playing loud music then learned that the player with a long history of run-ins with the law was hiding 38 grams of cannabis inside the vehicle.

Stevens was charged with possession of marijuana with intent to sell, possession of marijuana, and possession of drug paraphernalia which counts for two felony charges and one misdemeanor charge for all of you keeping track at home.

Not too shabby for a routine pull over.

And although this is Stevens first time being featured in our Jocks Behind Bars, it is hardly his first time getting cuffed and cheesing for a mugshot.

His list of legal troubles dates all the way back to 1998 when he was busted for second-degree assault with a deadly weapon and fourth-degree assault. Add a sexual assault arrest with troubling details, three reckless driving charges including a hit-and-run on a nursing home, one “extreme DUI” a two game suspension for violating the NFL’s substance abuse policy and you get the picture of our guy.

Needless to say, he isn’t the cover boy for the NFL role model poster.

So far this season, Stevens has only three receptions for 43 yards and his off-field antics far outweigh his potential. At the ripe age of 30, this backup tight end has probably seen his last days in a Buccaneers jersey and more than likely his last days in the NFL.

With NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell cracking down on tweets and touchdown celebrations, one can only imagine what kind of trouble Jerramy Stevens has gotten himself into.

He should just be thanking his lucky stars that the Brett Favre scandal is still going on. As long as Favre is losing games and being accused of sending past penis pictures and sext messages over his cell phone then this latest arrest will fizzle out in the media… except for in Buccaneers country that is.

Lesson here. . . try not to set off a reading on the Richter scale with your boom box if you’re cruising out in public with a bag of weed.

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Logan Rhoades is a Los Angeles-based writer and contributor to Sports Climax. With an extensive knowledge of ESPN topics and celebrity gossip, he is known for mixing sports and pop culture to entertain his readers. Check out his “Skip to My Logan” blog and Follow him on Twitter @loganrhoades.

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Cardinals Leinart brings good Juju

The recent buzz surrounding the NFL is around Arizona Cardinals quarterback Matt Leinart. His future with the team is uncertain, but the one thing we do know is that the man is a winner.

Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at the success of the teams he’s played for.

While Leinart was at USC, he won: the Heisman, the BCS national championship, and the AP national championship. He was 37-2 as a starter and he led the team to a 34 game winning streak.

Before the Cardinals drafted him in 2006, they had never finished better than 3rd in the NFC West. Once Leinart became a member, the team made a trip to the Super Bowl and was back-to-back NFC West divisional champs.

Fun Fact: Did you know Matt Leinart finished the 2008 season with an 80.2 passer rating? To put that into context for ya’, a passer rating of that magnitude in 2008 would place him right ahead of Ben Roethlisberger and a mere 8/10 of a point behind Brett Favre, two guys whose fingers are decorated with Super Bowl rings. Not too bad of company if you ask me.

But you don’t need to take my word for it; just look at the facts.

Facts about Matt Leinart in the NFL:

He is undefeated when playing against the Seattle Seahawks and the St. Louis Rams.

He has never thrown an incomplete pass against the Indianapolis Colts.

During his rookie year, he went undefeated against teams whose name started with a number.

He has never dropped a single pass during the regular season.

He is averaging 405 yards through the air when attempting over 50 passes in a game.

He has never lost a game during a bye week.

During 2007, he was undefeated when the game was decided by a 43-yard field goal.

He has never lost when playing with a RB who is 5’7”.

In his last game of the calendar year, he is averaging 9.4 yards per completion.

He has never been sacked in the post season.

He has won every single game when playing on his kicker’s birthday.

With credentials like this, it’s no wonder he’s the talk of the town. There is literally no other quarterback in the history of football that you can say these things about.

The facts don’t lie, people.

Used with permission of the author.

Logan Rhoades is a Los Angeles-based writer and contributor to Sports Climax. With an extensive knowledge of ESPN topics and celebrity gossip, he is known for mixing sports and pop culture to entertain his readers. Check out his blog and Follow him on Twitter @loganrhoades.

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Goodell out campaigning for 18-game season

The first 2010 NFL pre-season game is in books. The Dallas Cowboys defeated the Cincinnati Bengals 16-7. Is it still not kosher to call it an exhibition game? The NFL doesn’t cotton to that designation.

The victories or defeats don’t count a lick in any standings and the first string players are protected from injury by limiting their participation.

If that doesn’t define an exhibition I don’t know what would do it for the NFL. They charge full boat for the tickets and expect fans to swallow it by trying to sell them on the novelty of watching their own version of HBO’s “Hard Knocks.”

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell told Mike Florio of profootballtalk.com last week that “The fans have made it incredibly clear that they don’t like preseason games.”

So Commish, does that mean you are encouraging the teams to adjust prices accordingly? Ah…no, not exactly. Goodell thinks they should just flip two of the four exhibitions into regular season games.

“So the idea of staying within the 20-game format and taking two preseason games and converting them to regular season games has a lot of appeal,” Goodell told Florio.

Apparently the players don’t think it has much appeal. At least that is the talk coming out of the NFL Players Association as they bulk up for the coning fight to the death over a new Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

Goodell as you would expect from such a smooth operator, thinks he has that covered too. “But you have to do it in a comprehensive fashion that is going to ensure that the game stays safe for our players,” The game’s the game Mr. Goodell. Players go down without hits to the head or illegal chop blocks.

Sunday night’s Hall of Fame game was interesting in short bursts for those that wanted to see the new Bengals’ receiving corps and if the Cowboy’s Roy Williams would actually catch a pass.

Hard core fans of each team and fantasy football stat heads might have stayed engaged longer if they knew the draft picks and were curious to see if they could predict who might make the 53-man game roster.

Aside from those potential benefits of staying engaged in the action, you got plenty of chances to relive some of the moments from the Pro Football Hall of Fame Induction ceremony the previous evening.

As a football crazy country, it was heartening to realize the real thing kicks off in a bit more than four weeks. But the real thing isn’t what we are fed in August.

If the NFL owners get what they want in the new CBA and earn more of the gross revenue than their current percentage, perhaps they’ll do the right thing. On this point, MLB’s got it right.

Call them exhibitions, play them at the site of the training camps if you can and get us ready for football when the W’s and L’s really count.

Used with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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Don’t Drink the Favre Kool-Aid

Brett Favre has allegedly informed teammates that he intends on retiring.  This not so surprising development has fans of the purple and gold facing the reality of a season led by ….gulp, Tavaris Jackson.

If true, even a storybook season last year that ended one win shy of a trip to the Super Bowl, isn’t enough to convince the future first ballot Hall of Famer that he’s up for one more shot at the Lombardi Trophy.  But, it is Favre we are talking about, and it is a big “if”.

The same story has played itself out over and over again during the better part of the last decade.  First with the Packers; then with the Jets and now the Vikings. There have been tearful press conferences, secretive jet rides to Mississippi, and even confirmed reports from Chris Mortensen, only to have football’s version of the ironman lace them up again in September.

It’s become almost comical.  Favre again has sports fans everywhere wondering if it is April Fool’s Day or Groundhog Day.  One thing is for sure, Favre’s uncertainty has joined the Fourth of July as a rite of summer.

Personally, I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. 

Brett may just be crying “Wilf”, Zygi Wilf, trying to get the owner to dig a little deeper into his deep pockets. Until I see Brett sporting a mustard yellow blazer in Canton, I fully expect him to show up throwing passes to local Hattiesburg high-schoolers and fueling talk of his impending return. 

Apparently, Brad Childress is not convinced either.  When asked about the possibility of having to find a replacement for Favre, Childress stated “I’ve got to hear it from the horse’s mouth”.  My question to Childress is what does John Elway know that even Mort doesn’t? 

Used with permission of the author.

 Pat Schueppert is a contributor to Sports Climax who grew up on the frozen tundra and bleeds Packer green and gold. The Wisconsin native, while staying loyal to his teams in his home state declares he has never worn a ‘cheesehead’ and “The Bears still suck!”

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Where’s Brett Favre retirement news?

What’s missing from the daily news cycle as the NFL training camps open? The yearly angst about whether Brett Favre will retire or return for another season.

Instead we have been treated to our daily dose of LeBron James ever since he played his final game in the 2010 NBA playoffs.

The King has been the featured daily news hog as a result of his “Decision”, the fallout from it and the ESPN.com article that chronicled his night out in Vegas.

LeBron’s Vegas chronicle pulled by top brass

Brett Favre has been reduced to the size he should have been for the last three years. It’s a story that titillates only once and maybe twice.

For some, the third time is the charm but for news of Brett Favre’s Decision, it is strike three, you’re out. Thank you to all that is holy.

Two years ago we suffered through his retirement, his ugly divorce from Green Bay, a flirtation with their rivals the Minnesota Vikings and his ultimate arrival on the door step of the New York Jets.

Packers finally tell Favre to stay home

Last summer it was the will-he-or-won’t-he sign with the Vikings after a less than triumphant end of season in New York. The daily reports of flights to and from Hattiesburg were spellbinding for some, while others tried to suppress their gag reflexes.

Vikings fans sick of the Favre indecision

The current news on Favre is none. Just the same old photos of him throwing a football to high school students near his home in Mississippi, without it pointing one way or another to his return to the NFL.

He had the necessary surgery he said he wouldn’t undergo if he didn’t intend to return. We’ve been treated to the obligatory orations about him trying to recover enough to help a team again.

Kurt Warner shows Brett Favre how to retire with dignity

What’s new this time, other than the absence of interest in the story, is that his head coach has been honest about it all.

Brad Childress, Vikings head coach said that once Brett leaves home, he’d only need two to three weeks to ready himself to start a new NFL season.

That arrival would have him missing all of training camp and after the pre-season games were already in full swing. Hey, let poor Tavaris Jackson play the meaningless contests, right.

There you have it. Someone who finally gets the drama out of the way and speaks the obvious. The guy doesn’t want to attend training camp. Period.

No one thinks he won’t play again. That is why the silence about his third annual summer drama has been deafening. Been there, done that, more than we ever wanted.

Used with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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Steelers sign veteran OT Flozell Adams

Pittsburgh Steelers added five-time Pro Bowl offensive tackle Flozell Adams to their team when they signed him to a two-year deal yesterday. Adams who stands 6’ 7” and weighs in at 340 pounds was added due to the loss of Willie Colon who injured his Achilles tendon and is done for the year.

Adams who is affectionately known as The Hotel due to his massive size is 35 years old and was released by The Dallas Cowboys on April 2nd of this year.

The Hotel is the cousin of former NBA player Hershey Hawkins and played college ball at Michigan State University before being drafted by the Cowboys in the second round with the 38th pick of the 1998 NFL Draft.

Adams spent his entire career with the Cowboys and started 173 games before he was released this past spring due to financial reasons. Adams will bring a wealth of experience and veteran leadership to a team that is dealing with the suspension of its star quarterback, Ben Roethlisberger, for at least the first four games.

The Steelers offense is also dealing with injuries to key players on the O line and the departure of one of the top wideouts in the league who was signed by the New York Jets during the offseason.

Head coach Mike Tomlin and the Steelers are hoping that Adams who made it to the Pro Bowl in 2003, 2004 and again in the years 2006-08 and was named a second team All Pro in 2007 still has a lot of gas left in the tank.

Tomlin hopes the veteran will help guide first round pick Maurkice Pouncey to a starting position while Steeler fans are hoping the team can return to a team that can pound the ball on the ground with their newest additions opening up holes for Rashard Mendenhall.

Used with permission of the author.

Drew Bastian is a Florida-based contributor to Sports Climax.

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T.O. misses flight, misspells Cincinnati

Appears Terrell Owens won’t make that great of a first impression after all in Cincinnati after the flamboyant wide receiver missed his flight, causing a rescheduling of his welcome news conference.

T.O. will address the media tonight instead and was on Twitter communicating with his followers and fans after the gaffe.

T.O. on Twitter: “Cincinatti Bound!!!”

Trey Wingo on Twitter:  “So…T.O misses flight to camp..and misspells Cincinnati en route. Remember..you only get one chance to make a 1st impression.”

T.O. back to Wingo: “Okayyyyyy I got it now, 2 n’s & 1 t! CINCINNATI!! LOL!”

It’s all in fun but many people were hitting the social sites proclaiming “Here we go!” or “Let the circus begin.”

For starters, T.O. has brought the spotlight with him everywhere he has gone; that’s expected. And it’s not a big deal that a player would miss a flight, unless of course it’s T.O. then it’s going to get the media in a frenzy.

Regardless of how or why he missed the flight, expect T.O. to bring his act to the news conference and if you think that may be a colorful display of character, wait until teammate Ochocinco and T.O.’s first TD celebration in the endzone.

What are the Vegas odds on fines coming from that inaugural celebration?

Used with permission of the author.

Jay Donetelli is a Tampa-based freelance sportswriter and contributor to Sports Climax. With an opinion sharper than an Ovechkin skate blade with the sting of an Ali jab, Donetelli has a loyal cult of readers who have found a way to love him.

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NFL’s ‘Assassin’ Jack Tatum dies at 61

Once considered a villain in the National Football League, Jack Tatum passed away yesterday at the age of 61.  Tatum spent his college career at Ohio State University and played ten seasons in the NFL under both the Oakland Raiders and Houston Oilers. 

Initially recruited to Ohio State as a running back, it was under the advice of assistant coach Lou Holtz that Tatum became a defensive back.  Tatum switched positions and became part of the National Championship team that went 13-0 in 1968.

In 2005, Tatum was inducted into the College Football Hall of Fame – 24 years after his induction into the Ohio State Varsity Hall of Fame in 1981.  Tatum is still fondly remembered at Ohio State today as Coach Jim Tressel introduced the “Jack Tatum Hit of the Week Award” in 2001. 

Tatum had a somewhat controversial career in the NFL where he was nicknamed “The Assassin”.  Among his most infamous moments was the hit on Darryl Stingley in a 1978 preseason game that paralyzed the wide receiver from the chest down.  Although the hit was considered to be clean, it did result in the NFL tightening rules regarding the intensity of hits.

Tatum was also involved in what many consider the most remarkable NFL play of all time – The Immaculate Reception.  Tatum collided with Terry Bradshaw’s intended target John Fuqua knocking the ball spiraling into the air and landing into the waiting hands of Franco Harris who scored with the game winning touchdown.

As an NFL player, Tatum was selected to the Pro Bowl three separate times and consecutively in 1973, 1974 and 1975.  During his time in the NFL, Tatum became famous for the remark:

“I like to believe that my best hits border on felonious assault.” 

It was later disclosed that the Oakland Raiders defensive backfield had made side bets before games that paid out according to the severity of an incident.  If a player was knocked out cold or carted off the field, the amount of the payoff would vary accordingly. 

After his career in football ended following the 1980 season, Tatum went on to write three books, including ‘Final Confessions of NFL Assassin” pictured here. All three of which became best sellers.  Tatum also spent many hours volunteering for numerous diabetes associations in the central Ohio area.

The untimely death of Jack Tatum puts to an end his battles with diabetes and controversy.  The unfortunate incident with Stingley often leads many to believe Tatum was vicious and violent.  The Raiders organization and Buckeye family prefer to remember him as an extremely talented and competitive player.  Despite how Tatum may be viewed, his love of the game and fierceness on the field will never be forgotten.

Used with permission of the author.

Cade Caldwell is an Atlanta-based sportswriter and contributor to Sports Climax.

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Jockey hires Tebow, boxers or briefs?

Jockey brand has announced Denver Broncos QB Tim Tebow as its national spokesman. He looks good in an undershirt as you can plainly see. The real question is whether we’ll see him in Jockey boxers or briefs.

Michael Jordan has had a twenty-year sponsorship deal with Hanes and appears in their humorous television ads for the company’s undershirts, you know, the ones with the “lay flat collar”?

Perhaps in anticipation of the Jockey brand announcement of Tebow’s endorsement deal, Hanes put out a statement on Tuesday about a new TV ad featuring MJ and the company’s new-look underwear.

“The light-hearted spots highlight new Hanes Men’s Underwear with Comfort Flex Waistbands which feature a softer, more-stretchable waistband that comfortably shifts without pinching or binding,” says the company’s press release.

Is there one person alive and sane who believes Jordan will pose in underwear. Come on now, the guy has an image, right?

Perhaps if they let him light up a stogie and hold a golf club in his hand, otherwise he’s not going near that anytime soon

But, back to Tim Tebow. Underwear is the last product you’d ever think he’d endorse. Although the Jockey press release makes reference to certain qualities of their brand that seems to fit Tebow perfectly. Listen to this:

“Tim is genuine, smart and driven and those qualities align well with Jockey. We look forward to building a long and collaborative relationship with him in the coming years.”

I don’t know about smart and driven but Jockey sure is genuine…at least I think. Here is what Tebow had to say: “I’ve long been a fan and consumer of Jockey, and think they make a quality product with a great fit”

Great fit, huh? Ok, get thee to the polls at my other column “Want to see Tebow in boxers or briefs?”

Used with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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