Houston sack injury carbon copy of Tulloch’s

lamarr houston sack injury

Lamarr Houston’s sack injury is the stupidest self-inflicted wound of the season in the NFL.

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Ray Rice KOs his fiancee VIDEO

Ravens Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL after a shocking video of him KOing his future wife surfaced.

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Incognito slams Martin on Twitter

martin truth

Richie Incognito’s Tweets directed at Jonathan Martin come as the NFL prepares to release a report a on the so-called bullying case.

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Darren Sharper arrested suspicion of rape


LAPD said it is investigating Sharper in connection with two sexual assaults that occurred in West L.A.

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Black Monday 2013 – the Axe Swung Heavy

black monday nfl

Black Monday 2013. Family members of Lions fans can return all sharp objects back into their households, coach Jim Schwartz was fired.

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Jon Sandusky joins dad Jerry with mugshot

jon sandusky mugshot

Jon Sandusky, son of convicted pedophile Jerry Sandusky, has a mugshot to go alongside his dad’s infamous mugshots.

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Broncos historic NFL point spread

nfl vegas odds

Moral of this story is don’t bet, unless its with an old fat dude, ogling over tits and falling off his bar stool.

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Bernie Kosar mugshot and arrest

bernie kosar mugshot

Police in Ohio say the former NFL QB was cuffed and brought in after being pulled over for speeding at 2:45 a.m. one recent morning.

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AFC standings, ‘Baguars’ and the Steelers

standings article

Free beer giveaway help the Jags draw in some “Baguars”? The Steelers sit at 0-4 with the Chiefs at 4-0! Seriously!

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Karma meet Lane, now bite him in the ass.

Photo: Wiki Commons James Santelli/Neon Tommy

Lane, meet karma, karma this is Lane, now karma, bite him in the ass. Lane Kiffin got fired in the middle of the night on…

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