Bitch Slaps

Lions Raiola does a Suh stomp on Bears player

Lions Dominic Raiola has officially replaced teammate Suh as the prick of the NFL.

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NFL sack celebrations

tulloch sack injury photo

NFL sack celebrations because once appears to not be enough.

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Lane Kiffin bitch slapped by karma

Parody Cartoon Pic

Tennessee Vols fans, thanks to karma, Lane got the bitch slapping you think he deserved…

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Judge KOs Mayweather with jail time

Floyd is expected to be in prison garb beginning Jan. 6 and the timing of this allows the fighter to not answer requests for the much anticipated title fight with Manny Pacquiao.

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Rex Ryan adds $75K to career fine total

Rex Ryan continues putting his foot in his mouth–when he’s not putting someone else’s in there–and this time it’s costing him $75,000.

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Penn State burned for picking their noses

Those involved at Penn State spent several years sitting around picking their nose instead of reporting vile predator Sandusky to the authorities.

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Crittenton arrested by FBI for murder

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton made the news again but this headline also includes a murder charge.

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Shaq bitch slaps Miami’s Chris Bosh

This isn’t the first in-your-face slam dunk Shaq has taken against Bosh off the court.

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River Plate soccer fans riot; again

The violence spread outside the stadium where River Plate rioters were greeted by tear gas, rubber bullets, water cannons and police attack dogs.

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NHL gets bitch slapped by Labatt

After deserting Atlanta fans and attempting to bail on a loyal advertiser, the NHL easily earned our Bitch Slap of the Week.

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