Jose Canseco shoots himself….in the hand

canseco boxing

Former MLB ‘roid juicer Jose Canseco is recovering after shooting himself in the hand.

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Cubs new mascot looks little league

cubs masot

Here’s a pic of new Chicago Cubs mascot. His name is ‘Clark’ and he kinda has the little league look and feel to him…ya know…like the Cubs.

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Comedy of errors puts Red Sox into World Series

prince belly flop

Austin Jackson was picked off 1st base and he’s one of the Tigers’ best base runners. Unless you’re into comedy, then Prince is their best base runner.

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Four batters struck out in one inning?!


Tigers Sanchez had four Ks in one inning, marking the first time that’s been done since 1908…

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Pitching rules in MLB championship openers

fenway scoreboard

Tigers Sanchez was a stud on the mound, hurling six innings on no-hit ball while fanning 12 Red Sox in front of a frantic crowd at Fenway.

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Verlander continues kicking ass, taking names in Oakland

Photo/Wiki Commons SD Dirk

In four starts against the A’s, Verlander has pitched 31 innings and allowed a single run while striking out 43 batters.

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Dodgers advance to NLCS, minus one jersey

dodgers brian wilson celebration

As Kenley Jansen struck out Justin Upton to send his L.A. Dodgers to the NLCS, all Braves’ closer Craig Kimbrel could do was stand and watch.

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Who says the Yankees missed the post-season?

Photo: Wiki Commons

Alex Rodriguez began his time in front of an arbitrator to appeal his 211 game suspension by Major League Baseball.

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MLB: Let the cameras make the calls!

Commissioner Bud Selig seems to be dipping his toe into the 21st century as the MLB is discussing expanding the use of replay.

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Bonds may “serve time” in his mansion

Barry Bonds was never going to jail, despite all the media hype surrounding his trial.

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