Jose Canseco shoots himself….in the hand

canseco boxing

Former MLB ‘roid juicer Jose Canseco is recovering after shooting himself in the hand.

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NFL sack celebrations

tulloch sack injury photo

NFL sack celebrations because once appears to not be enough.

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Ray Rice KOs his fiancee VIDEO

Ravens Ray Rice was suspended by the NFL after a shocking video of him KOing his future wife surfaced.

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Four batters struck out in one inning?!


Tigers Sanchez had four Ks in one inning, marking the first time that’s been done since 1908…

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49ers Aldon Smith mugshot

aldon smith mugshot

After residents called to report a crash, police responded to the incident and arrested Smith for suspicion of driving under the influence and marijuana possession.

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“Get off my lawn, Bitch!”

News reporter Courtney Brennan of Pittsburgh’s WPXI-TV was nearly run over by Jerry Sandusky’s wife (VIDEO)

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Knicks’ Davis out with herniated dick?!

While reporting on Davis’ condition prior to a game against the Bobcats, the Charlotte Observer gave this hilarious typo take on Davis’ condition.

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A.J. Pierzynski admits drinking during games

A.J. Pierzynski admitted to Patrick that he has had a drink before and during games before.

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MLB’s multi-implosion of the ages

Had the proposed two Wild Card series been in place for MLB, none of the thrilling conclusions last night would have mattered.

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Jaworski drops S-Bomb on MNF (VIDEO)


Ron Jaworski may want to sit down and watch comedian George Carlin do his rant on the seven words you never say on television after he dropped an S-bomb on live TV. (VIDEO)

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