Karma meet Lane, now bite him in the ass.

Photo: Wiki Commons James Santelli/Neon Tommy

Lane, meet karma, karma this is Lane, now karma, bite him in the ass. Lane Kiffin got fired in the middle of the night on…

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Burke boss hog in college hoop season


In one of the wildest college hoops seasons in recent memory being ranked No. 1 meant a loss was probably on the horizon.

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Jerry Sandusky guilty of 45 counts

Jerry Sandusky, guilty of 45 counts, was lead away in handcuffs and will be sentenced prior to the end of September.

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JoePa death may affect Penn State trials

When defense attorneys grill McQueary in the Penn State scandal trials, losing Paterno’s testimony to back him up could feel like a ton of bricks.

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Sandusky posts bail; wearing monitor

Two additional victims’ stories have been vetted by police and prosecutors and the grand jury added Victim #9 and Victim #10 to the original presentment.

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Penn State burned for picking their noses

Those involved at Penn State spent several years sitting around picking their nose instead of reporting vile predator Sandusky to the authorities.

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Big Ten removes Paterno name from trophy

The trophy suddenly known as the Stagg Championship Trophy will be presented at the first Big Ten title game on December 3, 2011.

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Paterno fired: “I’m out of it, maybe now”

Paterno was given an envelope and instructed to call a number. When he did, he was informed he was fired.

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Penn State sex scandal surfaces

Sandusky suggested he is innocent but Attorney General Linda Kelly said he is “a sexual predator who used his position within the university and community to repeatedly prey on young boys.”

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Forget Occupy Wall Street; Occupy ESPN GameDay

“If only sports fans could launch a similar campaign against a huge conglomerate that has taken over the sports world – ESPN.”

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