Cavs fans “forgive and forget”

cavs signs

The scathing signs held by fans slamming LeBron and No. 23 jersey burnings will soon feel like ancient times.

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Lakers Jeanie Buss and D’Antoni “good”

Wiki Commons Matt Hickey

Lakers coach Mike D’Antoni said he and Jeanie Buss are “good” since comments Buss made in her book stirred up the media…

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Celtics and Lakers confront Father Time

Starting the 2011-12 season with four players 30 years and older in the starting lineup, the Lakers and Celtics are confronting Father Time.

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NBA Week 2 – who be ballin’ who ain’t

The Celtics won four straight after sputtering out the gate with a 0-3 start while the Wizards and Nets occupy the spots they have grown most familiar with.

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Knicks’ Davis out with herniated dick?!

While reporting on Davis’ condition prior to a game against the Bobcats, the Charlotte Observer gave this hilarious typo take on Davis’ condition.

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NBA Week 1 – who be ballin’ who ain’t?

With the NBA back to ballin’ after a long lockout that few seemed to care about, who be ballin’ and setting the tone for this shortened season; and who ain’t?

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NBPA head Hunter rejects NBA proposal

The players may take the issue to court and possibly decertify their union. They would then sue the owners in what would certainly be a bitter legal battle.

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NBPA gets deadline with “Stern” warning

With the history of NBA Commish David Stern being…stern, NBA fans may not see a tip-off in all of 2011 at the least and may be in jeopardy of losing their entire season.

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Crittenton arrested by FBI for murder

Former NBA player Javaris Crittenton made the news again but this headline also includes a murder charge.

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NBA owners and players battling in court

Several aggressive legal actions add to the nasty tone that has come out of the league office since the NBA Finals concluded.

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