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Brett Favre lands in Minny

Once again, Favre Fever is sweeping the NFL nation except this time no one has caught the Viking virus. We have symptoms of a possible attack, but no diagnosis yet.

All we know is that Jared Allen, Steve Hutchinson, and Ryan Longwell traveled to Mississippi (or Mississipi if you’re an Alabama Crimson Tide) to meet with Brett Favre. But let’s be honest here, you don’t send a placekicker to a meeting unless you want your business taken care of. So naturally, Ryan Longwell did his thing, and Favre responded by boarding a plane to Minnesota.

Yippee! This news is about as exciting as Cher announcing another Farewell Tour.

C’mon, we all saw this move coming. We saw right through the alleged text message retirement, and as soon as Brad Childress denied the rumors, we knew that the 40-year-old gunslinger would be back; back in the headlines that is.

Whether he is leading his team to a championship, or single-handedly ruining their season, Brett Favre is synonymous with headlines. So it should come to no surprise that Wednesday August 18th marks the one-year to the date anniversary of Favre’s 2009 return. It’s like a fairy tale coming to life!

Just picture it: Brett Favre comes in after rehabbing his ankle to save the Minnesota Vikings. Oh wait, the Vikings don’t need to be saved. They arguably have the best running back in the game and one of the fastest rising stars in Percy Harvin. Not to mention one of the best defensive cores in the league.

Most any quarterback can be successful in that situation but we’re not talking about any old quarterback here; we’re talking about the old quarterback. The same QB who turned on one franchise (Google Green Bay Packers). The same QB who seems to feed off stealing the spotlight from his teammates showing little regard towards their careers, (Google Tarvaris Jackson).

But none of that seems to matter anymore. What Brett Favre wants, Brett Favre gets.

If he wants to skip training camp and toss the ball around a high school field, then he will do it. If he wants to retire and come back umpteen times, then he will do it. If he wants to play cat and mouse with his coaching staff… well you get the idea.

Something tells us that Favre didn’t need too much convincing from his fellow teammates to come back to the Vikings. Between Longwell’s persuasive skills (Google professional swift kick in the ass) and a potential cool $20 million offer, how could Favre say no? Let’s just forget the fact that he hasn’t shown his face to the rookies this year.

After all of this nonsense, it seems clear that #4 only thinks about being #1, regardless of what he may portray in the conference rooms.

Brett Favre may be a record holder but his lack of sportsmanship towards his teams and teammates will forever be remembered. As will the helicopter video shots following his vehicle along the road, reminiscent of a famous car chase we are all familiar with from the past. Vikings tight end Visanthe Shiancoe Tweeted, “Helicopters acting like they are following O.J., Where is the bronco.”

Yes, it was a circus scene. But then again it’s the NFL preseason and what else should we expect when it comes to Brett Favre.

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Logan Rhoades is a Los Angeles-based writer and contributor to Sports Climax. With an extensive knowledge of ESPN topics and celebrity gossip, he is known for mixing sports and pop culture to entertain his readers. Follow him on Twitter @loganrhoades.

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Don’t Drink the Favre Kool-Aid

Brett Favre has allegedly informed teammates that he intends on retiring.  This not so surprising development has fans of the purple and gold facing the reality of a season led by ….gulp, Tavaris Jackson.

If true, even a storybook season last year that ended one win shy of a trip to the Super Bowl, isn’t enough to convince the future first ballot Hall of Famer that he’s up for one more shot at the Lombardi Trophy.  But, it is Favre we are talking about, and it is a big “if”.

The same story has played itself out over and over again during the better part of the last decade.  First with the Packers; then with the Jets and now the Vikings. There have been tearful press conferences, secretive jet rides to Mississippi, and even confirmed reports from Chris Mortensen, only to have football’s version of the ironman lace them up again in September.

It’s become almost comical.  Favre again has sports fans everywhere wondering if it is April Fool’s Day or Groundhog Day.  One thing is for sure, Favre’s uncertainty has joined the Fourth of July as a rite of summer.

Personally, I refuse to drink the Kool-Aid. 

Brett may just be crying “Wilf”, Zygi Wilf, trying to get the owner to dig a little deeper into his deep pockets. Until I see Brett sporting a mustard yellow blazer in Canton, I fully expect him to show up throwing passes to local Hattiesburg high-schoolers and fueling talk of his impending return. 

Apparently, Brad Childress is not convinced either.  When asked about the possibility of having to find a replacement for Favre, Childress stated “I’ve got to hear it from the horse’s mouth”.  My question to Childress is what does John Elway know that even Mort doesn’t? 

Used with permission of the author.

 Pat Schueppert is a contributor to Sports Climax who grew up on the frozen tundra and bleeds Packer green and gold. The Wisconsin native, while staying loyal to his teams in his home state declares he has never worn a ‘cheesehead’ and “The Bears still suck!”

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NFL camp news, Favre says he’ll retire

Across our nation, teams and media outlets are buzzing with what has turned out to be eventful NFL training camps thus far. The most recent news coming out of the camps was Brett Favre allegedly telling Chilly and Zygi he is retiring and not to expect him in camp but more on that later.    

The preseason will officially begin for the Cincinnati Bengals and Dallas Cowboys this Sunday night and follows shortly thereafter for the remaining 30 NFL teams.  Many are left wondering if the issues and problems in camps can be conquered prior to game time.

The main news out of the Cowboys camp surrounds first round pick Dez Bryant. The rookie signed quick, was the first to show on the field the first day of training, then refused to carry veteran Roy William’s pads. The following week, Jon Kitna threw a pass behind the wide receiver and after getting hit on the play, Bryant is expected out with an injury that occurred on the play. Is the Lions’ curse hitting the ‘Boys in Dallas?

For the Detroit Lions after revamping the roster with several trades and FA signings, the primary obstacle remains signing Ndamukong Suh.  As the second overall pick in the 2010 NFL Draft, Suh is likely to request quite a payday.  Last season, the Lions were faced with a similar obstacle as they worked out a record contract with University of Georgia quarterback Matthew Stafford but that was signed the evening before drafting the No. 1 overall pick. 

Presumably, Suh or his agents were waiting on Sam Bradford to sign with the St. Louis Rams in order to gauge and asking price.  With Bradford recently signing for $78 million – $50 million of which is guaranteed – it seems likely that the Lions will have to show Suh the money.  Much of the speculation has been that Suh will ask for more than Bradford.  Suh’s agents claim this is not the case but continue to pursue what they believe to be market value for what many still consider the best player to come out of the draft.

The training camp season has been one of injury struggles thus far for the Philadelphia Eagles.  As of Monday, six starters were on the shelf during training camp with the most notable being DeSean Jackson.  Jackson went down on Saturday with a lower back injury and was carted off the field.  As of Tuesday morning, Coach Andy Reid has commented that Jackson is steadily improving. 

For the Washington Redskins, the primary issue has been Albert Haynesworth.  Haynesworth has been unable to complete the team conditioning test satisfactorily.  After initially failing the test twice, Haynesworth sit out due to knee soreness on Saturday and Sunday.  Haynesworth began the test on Monday but was unable to continue due to the knee issue.

The team conditioning test mandates that certain running drills are completed within an allowed amount of time.  While Haynesworth has been unable to successfully complete the drills, 47-year-old Mike Golic 16 years retired out of the NFL completed the drill on the ESPN network Monday. 

The Redskins – Haynesworth drama began in early June when Haynesworth failed to show up for a mandatory mini-camp due to his objections of the new defensive scheme. He later pocketed a $21 million bonus and demanded a trade.

Though the New York Jets believe they are Super Bowl contenders with or without Darrelle Revis many would argue that Revis will significantly increase those chances.  Revis has yet to show up for the Jets training camp and though various reports exist on the reasons for the holdout many agree that the main issue is total compensation. 

With 54 tackles and 6 interceptions last year with perhaps the largest coming during the Wild Card game that lifted the team over the Bengals, Revis is said to want either a short term deal with a large signing bonus or a long-term deal believed to be in the range of $30 million.

The running back position is now the area of concern for the Denver Broncos as starter Knowshon Moreno was recently carted off the field with what wound up being diagnosed as a “slight tear” in his right hamstring.  The Broncos remain convinced that Moreno will be back in 2 – 3 weeks but that seems like a best case scenario.  The team remains hopeful that Moreno will not miss any carries as the talent behind Moreno on the depth chart is unproven.

In Chicago, the Bears are learning a new offensive system and are getting newly acquired pass rusher Julius Peppers accustomed to the defensive system.  At this point in time, hope is high but the Bears will need to execute in all areas in a division as competitive as the NFC North.  After a dismal 2009 season, Bears fans are hopeful that the Martz offensive system will work to Cutler’s strengths. 

In Minnesota, the Vikings have learned that Brett Favre will retire for a third time.  However, many inside the NFL and owner Zygi Wilf are convinced Favre will return before all is said and done.  Regardless, the Vikings will need to look at the possibility of moving forward with Tarvaris Jackson, Sage Rosenfels and Joe Webb as signal callers.  Behind Favre, the quarterback position in Minnesota is still unproven and training camp play has given no firm indication of who might be the projected starter should Favre stay true to his word.

Expectations are higher than ever for the Houston Texans.  Coming off of their first winning season in franchise history, the Texans are looking to make their first playoff appearance in the history of the team.  Many around the NFL point to the possibility that they may do it in impressive fashion – clinching the AFC South ahead of the Indianapolis Colts.  If quarterback Matt Schaub can continue to pass as he did last year only bright things should be expected for this team as the young talent continues to gain experience.

Competition in Arizona has led to many on-field fights as the team begins to adjust to life without Kurt Warner.  The expectation in Arizona is that Matt Leinart will be the signal caller for the start of the season.  When the Cardinals drafted Leinart the expectations were that he would someday carry the weight of the organization on his shoulders.  In the NFL, he has had mixed results with moments of despair and flashes of brilliance.  In any event, the success of the team likely hinges on how the team adjusts without Kurt Warner.

When the preseason begins this Sunday night, teams will have four weeks to adjust their roster to the best possible.  If the past few seasons have shown us anything expect new faces in the playoffs and a high level of competition across the league.

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Cade Caldwell is an Atlanta-based sportswriter and contributor to Sports Climax.

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Brett Favre and “The Indecision”

It’s that time of year again for NFL fans to climb aboard the Brett Favre roller coaster, buckle in and take a ride while we wait for “The Decision”. Question is, will ESPN have a prime-time special with Favre announcing his decision like they did with LeBron James? 

Artwork: Gener De Vera

With Favre it could be called “The Indecision”.

Favre, sitting across from host Jim Gray as the highest rated audience in cable history sits glued to their seats: “I’ve decided to do it again in Minnesota this season . . . maybe; if my health is okay.”

“So I’m signing next week for sure unless I decide to call coach Chilly in the middle of the night on Wednesday to let him know I’ve reconsidered and to move on without me. But again, I’m retired for sure–100% sure– so it’s going to be fun beating New Orleans that first week.”

Welcome to Favre 2010, the 3rd annual roller coaster ride. Like an irresolute teenager deciding on a prom dress, Favre again is weighing in on going fishing or donning purple for another season in Minnesota. Speaking of proms, Favre has been zipping a few spirals to high school kids like he did last year.

This comes AFTER he explained his ankle needed to be rehabbed before he makes any decision and that came a week AFTER he announced how fun it would be to “beat New Orleans that first week”.

Over the past several years, Favre has owned the media this time of year. In fact as this keyboard clicks away, “Brett Favre” is the trending topic this morning on Yahoo! Search and Google trends and it’s only July 17. Wait until that roller coaster gets over the first hill and speeds closer to preseason.

Last year after announcing he was signing, he backed out just two days before camp, leaving the Vikings scrambling to decide what QB would be taking the snaps. Then a few weeks into preseason, Favre reconsidered and showed up to play ball, the rest is history.

Favre, who turned 40 years old during the season, had one of the greatest years in his entire career, tossing 33 touchdown passes and only 7 interceptions for a career-best QB rating of 107.2. Besides racking up impressive personal stats, the aging slinger led the Vikes to the NFC Championship game.

Favre’s numbers were staggering, especially for a guy known throughout his career of hitting the numbers of the wrong colored jersey. The year prior while playing for the Jets, he led the NFL with 22 INTs.

Favre has always been a warrior, taking vicious hits throughout his 19-year career, always able to get back on his feet. He holds the NFL record for consecutive starts at 285 games. You would MAYBE expect a kicker or punter to be able to pull that string off, not a quarterback getting blind-sided several times a week by 300-plus pound linemen running full speed.

Coming off this record-breaking season with his Iron Man streak still alive, Favre is expected to play another season but as we sit strapped in our seats awaiting “The Indecision” there are sure to be more hills ahead.

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Brett Favre is Primed and Ready For Playoffs

MINNESOTA – After a lackluster December that included a conflict with coach Brad Childress that was caught on national television, Minnesota Vikings quarterback Brett Favre appears primed and ready for the playoffs.

FavreAfter leading his Vikings to a 1-3 record in December, with the lone win coming against The Cincinatti Bengals in Week 14, the New Year started on a high note for the 40-year-old slinger when Favre led the Vikings to a lopsided 44-7 win against the New York Giants on Sunday.

Favre was 25-of-31 for 316 yards and threw 4 touchdown passes and no interceptions. Favre’s performance on Sunday as well as that of his supporting cast secured the Vikings a second seed in the playoffs and a well-deserved first round bye.

The extra week of rest should be favorable for Favre and earning that second seed also assured no outdoor games for the Vikings. After hosting their first game at the indoor Metrodome, the Vikings only road game would be against the New Orleans Saints if they both won their match-ups.

Favre has been outstanding this season, leading the Vikings to a 12-4 record while completing 363-of-531 passes for 4,202 yards. Known for a high career TD/interception ratio, Favre corrected that tossing 33 TD passes and throwing only 7 to the wrong colored jersey all year. Last year with the New York Jets he led the NFL with 22 INTs. His passer rating this year is also one of the highest of his career at 107.2.

Expect Favre and the Vikings to be well rested and come out with a vengeance for their opening round game on January 17, and while their opponent has yet to be determined, you have to like their chances.

Favre proved many of his critics wrong, coming out of retirement and showing there is a lot of life left in his arm. With the slinger in sync with receivers Sidney Rice, Bernard Berrian and potential rookie-of-the-year Percy Harvin and the Vikings running game back on track with Adrian Peterson, expect them to go deep into the playoffs and possibly to the Super Bowl on February 7th.

Last year it took Fox Sports showing Visanthe Shiancoe in the buff during a live telecast to turn heads and give the Vikings an onslaught of media attention. This year the Vikings are doing it by putting Brett Favre behind center.

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Favre Embarrasses Vikings Coach on National Television

MINNESOTA – How do you reward an NFL head coach who drops what he is doing in the middle of preseason, flies Brett Favre to another state to pick you up and personally chauffeur you to his team headquarters and arranges for you to sign a huge one-year contract?

If you are Brett Favre, you embarrass that head coach on national television . . . that’s exactly what the 40-year-old slinger on the Minnesota Vikings did Sunday night during his team’s humiliating 26-7 loss to the underdog Carolina Panthers.

Ahead on the scoreboard 7-6, Vikings coach Brad Childress started shuffling personnel from the field onto the bench starting with Pro Bowl left tackle Bryant McKinnie who was getting taken to school and run over repeatedly by Panthers defensive end Julius Peppers.

McKinnie sat on the bench because that’s what pros do, they follow their coaches instructions.

Childress’ next move was to bench Favre but the ego-saturated quarterback would have no part of it. In front of the world, they got into a heated exchange on the sidelines with Favre refusing to be benched.

“I’m watching, and I said, ‘Hey, you know what? I’m thinking about taking you out of the game here,'” Childress later explained (not that he needs an explanation, he’s the head coach). “I mean, you’re getting your rear end kicked.’ Though not a lot of fault of his own.”

When Favre was asked about the heated exchange on the sidelines he said, “Yeah, there was a heated discussion, I guess you would call it. We were up 7-6 at the time. No secret, I was getting hit a little bit. I felt the pressure on a lot of plays. We had seven points. So I think everyone in the building was like, ‘They’re not moving the ball, they’re not getting points.’ Brad wanted to go in a different direction, and I wanted to stay in the game.”

Yeah Brett, every player on the bench every Sunday wants to come into or stay in a game but that’s not the player’s decision, it’s the head coaches’ decision; that is unless you’re an egotistical quarterback who begs for headlines.

Favre re-entered the game and lead his team to the humiliating loss but worse yet, he showed his teammates and a national television audience who is boss in that locker room and raised a serious question, ‘Who is really running that team?’.

Since this incident, others are resurfacing through the media including a game earlier this year when Favre ignored Childress’ wishes and called an audible late in a game causing the coach to want to bench him. Like this recent incident, that benching also never occurred.

Football is a team sport and everyone has a role to fill, especially the head coach. When a guy like Favre comes in and dictates, chemistry is sure to suffer.

The Vikings knew what they were getting. Prior to that escorted service to his contract signing, Favre had dumped the Vikings just two days before training camp. The player was also accused of supplying inside info to aid the Detroit Lions prior to a game between his former Green Bay Packers and the Lions.

The timing of this incident could not be any worse as the regular season winds down and teams like the Vikings are focusing on the playoffs.


Trouble Brewing in Minnesota? – ESPN

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