Fox shows Naked Vikings Player During Live Telecast

DETROIT – After yesterday’s Vikings/Lions game in Detroit, Fox made an inadvertant move that is sure to attract vikingpenis2more of us female NFL fans.

During a ‘live’ feed after the game showing Vikings owner Zygi Wilf handing a game ball to coach Brad Childress, tight end (there’s a bad joke there) Visanthe Shiancoe was standing directly in the shot, stark naked, his prize hanging right out.

There it was, a huge one being part of the game ball presentation and the crew did not notice until it was too late.

As this blooper makes it’s way through the media, you have to wonder if coach Childress is “looking in the wrong direction” and may need a lesson in locker room etiquette.  

Maybe this event will divert the attention away from the Vikings’ legal matters like drug tests and player suspensions.

Besides entertaining the female football world, Shiancoe led his Vikings in receptions, total reception yards and caught the winning pass in the fourth quarter. Talk about hogging the spotlight.

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