Dez Bryant out for season with serious injury

Dez Bryant’s coming out party in New Orleans has come to a screeching halt when the flashy wide receiver suffered a serious injury at practice today.

While running a route in practice on Friday, Bryant and others on the field heard a loud pop and the wide receiver dropped to the ground. He was carted off the field and diagnosed with one of the most serious injuries possible, an apparent torn Achilles injury.

Now facing major surgery and several months of rehab his much anticipated and hyped up return in New Orleans with a possible trip to the Super Bowl has turned into an emotional devastating situation.

Bryant went onto his Twitter social media account and posted this message:

Bottom line here is, an injury like this is a challenge to any wide receiver so most would expect it to be even more of a challenge to a guy that is thirty years old, an age where most receivers see a drop off in their performance when they’re healthy. It took an entire offseason and half of an NFL season and more than 300 days since he last played in an NFL game, for Bryant to find a taker and negotiate the right deal to allow his return. And that was a healthy Dez, so imagining him returning to play again appears to be a long shot in many people’s minds.

Bryant spent his entire career in Dallas playing for the Cowboys and sadly his career may end before donning other other colors on an NFL Sunday.

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