Get Ready Lions, Stafford Knows How to Party!

DETROIT – Looks like the Detroit Lions multi-million dollar prize, Matthew Stafford knows how to hoop it up. stafford-bump-and-grindPictures of the NFL’s newest millionaire surrounded by half-naked blonds partying it up surfaced on Deadspin this afternoon–I wonder if the photo on the right is a move from Coach Schwartz’ new “bump-and-grind” offense.

While most will find these pics harmless, entertaining and reminiscent of our younger years, they may not be taken too kindly by the Lions old-school owner, William Clay Ford.

But who cares what Ford thinks. The man has proven he doesn’t have a clue how to run an NFL team.

Stafford is exactly what the 0-16 Lions need. A young rambunctious heart full of energy.

Matthew, think you can get some hip-hop blaring through the locker room to awaken the NFL’s most dreadful squad out of their 7-year coma?

Better yet, how about a few of your blond babes replacing the Middle School Cheerleading squads who perform at the Lions games? stafford-finger

Wow, think about it, hip-hop blasting through the halls at Ford Field, hot cheerleaders strutting the sidelines, maybe even throw in a lucky win or two–Stafford may be exactly what the Lions need.

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