Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – GM Mayhew and Detroit Lions

Just days before the NFL Draft, it was reported that the Detroit Lions had a secondary contract deal arranged with LB Aaron Curry in case they stafford-wavingcould not sign Matthew Stafford. This strategy had the football world believing they had Stafford and his agent Tom Condon backed into a corner.

Condon responded by reaching across the negotiating table bitch-slapping the hell outta’ Lions GM Martin Mayhew and William Clay Ford to the tune of $78 million with a record $41.7 guaranteed; all for a player that comes out of college wearing a giant question mark on his forehead.

The rest will be history but expect a bad marriage between the two with Stafford taking a similar path as Joey Harrington and Andre Ware, two other former first-round Lions QB picks.

For the Lions passing on Aaron Curry and Jason Smith and letting Condon squeeze their team of $78 million, Mayhew joins former GM Matt Millen as a recipient of Sports Climax’ Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week. maybe there’s something about having the initials M.M.  

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