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Reggie Bush didn’t settle civil lawsuit, then NCAA moved in

When Reggie Bush’s advisers either told him or couldn’t get him to settle the claim by Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels, for close to what was asked, the cycle that led to the NCAA punishment of USC was set in motion.

Lake and Michaels were looking for compensation, after Bush and his family received money and benefits from them while Reggie was in school. In exchange they were to represent Bush as a pro but he stiffed them. He signed with someone else.

There is more than speculation that those two men were the sources for the very first story about this scandal, published in Yahoo! Sports a few years ago.

Next, the civil lawsuits were filed against Bush and his family by the two men. Bush decided to go to the District Attorney to claim that Lake and Michaels were engaging in extortion by seeking return of money they weren’t owed.

An investigation commenced into those charges which amounted to nothing. But on the heels of that criminal allegation, the NCAA began its slow crawl towards today’s announced sanctions against the university.

Bush settled relatively quickly with Michaels but continued to refuse to do the same with Lake. Mere weeks ago, Bush and Lake came to a confidential settlement on the eve of him having to testify under oath about the facts of the case.

In the meantime, the university toughed it out, got in trouble on the basketball side of the athletics department and purged Tim Floyd from his position as coach. Floyd, by the way, was not named as a culprit in the report issued today abut the violations related to OJ Mayo.

Pete Carroll jumped to the NFL as the NCAA was getting closer to wrapping up its inquiry. Bush as we know is ensconced with the Super Bowl champs, the New Orleans Saints and OJ Mayo plays for the Memphis Grizzlies of the NBA

The music stopped in this game of Musical Chair as of today. Will the cheese stand alone? That is Athletic Director, “Teflon” Mike Garrett. Story on how Garrett uses plausible deniability, here

The NCAA called the situation at the school, a lack of institutional control and while we wait this thing to play out, one huge question remains, “Will Bush lose his Heisman Trophy?”

Re-printed with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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Carroll bolts USC, NCAA hammer comes down

When I picture USC execs standing to face the music and have to accept the sentences for their NCAA crimes, a caricature scenario runs through my mind that includes ex-Trojans football coach Pete Carroll driving off in the getaway car leaving his fellow cronies behind to take the beating.

Carroll’s name has come up around the NFL regarding coaching vacancies several times over the years since he returned to an NCAA bench but he never took any offers seriously enough to leave until this off-season.

When it was announced Carroll would be leaving USC to return to the NFL, the NCAA allegations against USC were long out there with investigations dragging out over several years, so the timing of him shedding his Cardinal and Gold comes into question.

Being behind the Trojans bench this year would have been a disaster since the sanctions include a two-year ban from participating in a bowl game, the loss of 20 scholarships and sacrificing wins over the past several years. The L.A. Times has all the sanctions listed here.

Good luck recruiting with your hands tied like that.

The records for top NCAA football programs after being issued harsh sentences have produced grim results in the past. The five-year conference records for Alabama Crimson Tide was (21-14), OU (17-15-2) and Auburn (18-22) after being penalized by the NCAA and after an impressive winning run, the University of Miami took several years to dig out of a hole after they were slammed with sanctions.

It’s all about recruiting in college ball which is basically the minor league of the NFL. Elite high school players get lured to whatever schools can get them the most exposure to the NFL scouts.

So what’s going on in Knoxville then? Where Lane Kiffin left the University of Tennessee hanging just as the team was making its way around the corner from a dark, dingy alley they had been stuck in for several years.

Be assured there will be some heavy partying at that campus when Kiffin learns his recruiting has suddenly become so difficult.

Kiffin is known as one of the kings of recruiting and even went as far as sending hot looking babes in skimpy outfits to high school games and events trying to lure top prospects to UT during his short stay.

While all this is happening in Southern California, the caricature comes back to mind and I picture Carroll glancing back in the rear view mirror of the getaway car, well out of danger, heading toward sunnier skies in Seattle.

MORE: L.A. Times Lists All Sanctions Here

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Legend John Wooden dead at 99

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – The sports world has lost a true legend; UCLA basketball coach John Wooden has passed away at the age of 99.

Wooden made his mark on the game behind the bench for the UCLA Bruins for 27 years and finished with a 620-147 record including 47 NCAA tournament wins. His overall career coaching record is 885-203, an astounding .813 winning percentage.

During that 27 year tenure as coach of the Bruins, Wooden had an unprecedented run of 7 consecutive titles from 1967through 1973 and a record 88-game winning streak in the early 1970s. During that stretch, Wooden guided his teams to four 30-0 seasons.

Wooden learned about challenge early in life when he was born on a farm that had no electricity or indoor plumbing. Although baseball was his favorite sport, Wooden was glued to the basketball rim that was nailed to a hayloft where he would shoot with his brother Maurice.

Those years of practice and dedication led to Wooden learning how to lead and win. In high school he was a member of a team that won the Indiana state championship in 1927 and later won a national college championship as an All-American at Purdue his senior season.

Building a strong reputation as a coach, Wooden attracted star players that included Lew Alcindor (Kareem Abdul Jabbar), Bill Walton and Jamaal Wilkes that led to the dominated runs.

Wooden is the only person to be inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame as both a player and a coach.

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New Orleans Saints Reggie Bush goes under oath

Reggie Bush, pride of USC, Heisman Trophy winner and the second overall pick in the 2006 NFL draft has lost his bid reggie bushto be tell his tales in a private arbitration. And guess who is most interested in what he has to say? The NCAA, that’s who.

The deposition testimony in a civil lawsuit will create a public record about Bush’s side of a story that is more than four years old. Did he and his parents receive hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and goodies while he went to college, in exchange for a promise that he would become a client of Lloyd Lake and Michael Michaels after he jumped to the NFL? A promise he did not keep.

The NCAA hasn’t finalized its recommendation about whether there should be punishment meted out after its far reaching investigation into USC’s adherence to NCAA rules. It got lucky that a judge recently ruled that Bush’s testimony cannot remain secret.

The Associated Press reported that the college governing body has asked for a full transcript of Bush’s testimony and that of Mr. Michaels. Presumably it is only after reviewing all that material that USC’s fate will be determined.

In the meantime, the NFL Draft, televised on ESPN will serve as a reminder of what all this is about. Round one is scheduled for prime time on Thursday evening April 22, rounds two and three will go off on the next night and it will all wrap up on the weekend.

Bush sits down under oath on that Friday, April 23. Think those Sports Center updates won’t be have film of Reggie walking in and out of Lake’s attorney’s office surrounded by his team? Why wouldn’t they? Bush is considered one of the biggest recent success stories of a college athlete making it big in the NFL.

If his ability to stay in school and afford the things he needed or wanted was contingent on receiving financial assistance in a way that breaches NCAA rules it is news.

Not big news mind you because you and I already believe that this is a common practice.

The big news will be if USC gets punished in the present for what it might or might not have known about in the past. The school already made an admission of wrongdoing, without actually making one when it sacrificed its men’s basketball team on the altar of being a good citizen in the world of the NCAA.

But that was only about the recruiting of basketball star O.J. Mayo. While he was news out here in LA during his time at USC, he doesn’t move the meter on public interest the way the on again-off again boyfriend of Kim Karashian does.

If the stench reaches the vaunted football team it will taint former coach Pete Carroll and of course the seemingly untouchable and Teflon-like Mike Garrett, the school’s Athletic Director. Bush will go about his business without any cares unless there is something more to hide than allegedly receiving free rent for his parents and goodies for himself.

This isn’t criminal wrongdoing so don’t expect Commissioner Goodell to get involved. Reggie can write a check and make this all go away if he wants to settle the case with Lake. In the meantime, other young men will wait for their names to be called for their chance to make millions playing football. No matter what it took to get them there.

Re-printed with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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These Final Four Teams Will Crash the Boards and Play Rugged Defense

INDIANAPOLIS – The Butler Bulldogs’ trip to the Final Four in Indianapolis was made possible after stepping up in theNCAA 2010 March Madness Logo underdog role and playing great defense to knock off No. 1 Syracuse 63-59 and No. 2 Kansas State 63-58.

In the Syracuse win the Bulldogs took Orangeman guard Andy Rautins right off his game, never giving him a chance to set the pace and holding him to 15 points and against Kansas State they held guards Jacob Pullen and Denis Clemente to a combined .366 shooting percentage from the floor and a lone basket in the entire first half.

With all the games in the Final Four expected to be tight contests, the Bulldogs (32-4) are expected to again turn to defense to get past their next opponent Michigan State (28-8).

“You’ve got four teams that very much believe in their teammates, that very much believe in the systems and styles of play and they very much believe in defending. That’s obvious,” said Butler coach Brad Stevens.

The Michigan Sideline agrees. With their star and leading scorer, Kalin Lucas (15.2 points-per-game), in street clothes on the sideline nursing a ruptured Achilles’ tendon, they are also expected to come into the game thinking defense.

With Lucas on the bench, the Spartans’ leading scorer is averaging just 11 points a game.

Michigan State has gotten this far in the season by holding their opponents to 40.8 percent shooting and many games have dominated the boards.

Michigan State coach Tom Izzo has taken his team to the Final Four 6 out of the past 12 years and knows it will take a team effort to pull off a trip to the championship game.

“It’s going to be a little bit refreshing to have to watch and say, ‘How did that team do that?’ Not, ‘how did Magic Johnson or Carmelo Anthony do that? It really speaks to what team sports are about.”

Tip-off is Saturday at 6:07EST in Indianapolis.

In the other match-up the West Virginia Mountaineers (31-6) take on the Duke Blue Devils (33-5) with that tip-off at 8:47 EST.

Like the MSU and Butler game, this match-up is also expected to be physical and a lot about defense.

“It’s not going to be about fast breaking and beating you in transition,” said West Virginia guard Da’Sean Butler. “Playing ‘D’ rebounding, playing a rugged style that no one wants to watch. We usually win when we do those things.”

The Mountaineers are on a great roll and have won every game since Feb. 22.

On the other sideline, Duke is the only No. 1 seed left in the tournament. The Blue Devils were able to overcome under-achieving scoring performances by their top players in a few of the games leading up to this Final Four and advanced with stellar defensive play and by crashing the boards.

Surrounding their 7-foot center, Brian Zoubek, with several more players at 6-8 or taller, the Blue Devils had a 560-443 advantage this season on the offensive boards.

“Our team totally wants to rebound and play defense,” Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski said. “It’s much different than some Duke teams of the past. But they’ve accepted what they are, which is good, and they’ve tried to become better at who they are.”

More March Madness: NCAA Bracket – NCAA.com

This is Why March’s Last Name is “Madness” – Sports Climax 

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How Sweet It Is . . .

KALAMAZOO, Mich. – After seeing the first weekend unfold, the best sporting event once again Northern Iowa Beats Kansas Photoscomes through with everything a sports fan could ever want in a tournament. The first weekend of March Madness had it all. It started with a double OT game as BYU outlasted Florida and finished with Purdue toppling Texas A&M in another OT game.

There were 4 OT games and 12 games that ended within 3 points of each other. There were upsets with Cornell and St. Mary’s making it to the Sweet 16 and then along came Northern Iowa: the giant slayer that shocked the world and turned brackets upside down when they beat the overall #1 seed Kansas.

Hopefully, this was enough of a wake-up call to the NCAA to leave this tournament just like it is because there is no need to mess with this perfect format.

The best part of all of this is we still have 15 games to be played to determine the 2010 National Champion. Here is what we learned from the first weekend. Everyone has considered the Big East the premier conference in college basketball and they received 8 bids to the tournament but with upsets to Pittsburgh, Villanova, and Marquette, only two Big East schools remain. (West Virginia & Syracuse)

The second best conference the Big 12 received 7 bids and only 2 teams also made it to the round of 16 with upsets to Texas A&M and Kansas only Kansas St. and Baylor advanced.

The most surprising conference would have to be the Big Ten who had three teams survive with only 5 teams getting bids. I had Purdue dead in the water after Robbie Hummel went down with a torn ACL. They fought through and did what Big Ten teams love to do in the tournament. They controlled tempo, played good defense and made clutch shots when they counted.

My all Kingpin Team of the 1st weekend:
Omar Samhan St. Mary’s- 30.5 ppg 9.5 RPG
Jordan Crawford Xavier- 27.5 ppg
Ali Farokhmanesh N. Iowa- 2 game winning shots 16.5ppg
Wes Johnson Syracuse- 24.5ppg 10 RPG
Louis Dale/Ryan Whitman Cornell- 23.5 ppg 22ppg

My Goats of the 1st weekend:
Scottie Reynolds- 4-31 Fg, 1:1 Assist T:O ratio
Sherron Collins- 4-15 0-6 3 pt attempts. 5 To’s vs N. Iowa
Georgetown giving up 97 points to the Ohio University
Predictions of Sweet 16.
Cornell vs Kentucky

Can the Big Red machine continue to dominate in this tournament against the Young flashy Wildcats. Cornell does a great job of controlling tempo and limiting their opponent’s possessions.

I would love to see a team who doesn’t give athletic scholarships beat the coach who always seems to land the top recruits every year who then leave for millions the next year. ESPN’s Jay Bilas picked Cornell into the Elite 8 and I would love to see our second #1 seed go down against an Ivy league school.

Butler vs. Syracuse – In this 5 vs. 1 matchup, I see the Syracuse Orangeman taking advantage of their length and athleticism to cause Butler some issues. I expect their 2-3 zone to suffocate Butler’s shooters and Wes Johnson and Andy Rautins to continue their good tournament play with another victory.

Xavier vs. Kansas St. – In this matchup, I like Xavier to spring the upset and beat Kansas St. in a rematch from Dec. 8 where K-St beat them by 15 at home. In Salt Lake City, I like kingpin Jordan Crawford to continue his strong play scoring the basketball. Xavier has been playing great team defense in the tournament and I think this will continue as they stifle the Wildcats and earn a trip to the Elite 8.

West Virginia vs. Washington – Washington is getting a lot of hype in possibly upsetting the Mountaineers. Washington was ranked 13th in the preseason coaches’ poll and looked to be having a disappointing season before getting their act together and reeling off 7 straight victories and winning the Pac 10 Tournament.

They have two studs in Quincy Pondexter and Point guard Isaiah Thomas. I feel that even though they are playing their best basketball they are playing a far superior opponent then their other two tourney matchups. West Virginia plays incredible team defense and crashes the boards better than any other team. I think they will slow down the 2 headed Husky monster and make it to the Elite 8for the third time in their schools history.

Tennessee vs. Ohio St. – In the Midwest bracket where Georgetown and Kansas have been eliminated can Tennessee add to the list of upsets? I don’t think so, I think the steady hand of Evan Turner and company will end their upset bid and beat the winner of MSU and N. Iowa to make it to their school’s 11th Final Four.

N. Iowa vs. Michigan State – In this matchup where the upset heard around the world is back at it against Tom Izzo’s Spartans who have made it to 7 Sweet sixteen’s in the last decade. I would love the Spartans in this one if their leading Tom Izzo Michigan State Spartansscorer and floor general Kalin Lucas wasn’t out for the year with a ruptured Achilles tendon. Since he is hurt, I think N. Iowa will win this one in a close game. I wouldn’t count out Izzo’s Spartans because it’s March and he knows how to win in spring.

Duke vs. Purdue – I will say it, I was totally wrong about the Boilermakers. I thought they had no chance to make it through the weekend. They proved to me how tough and competitive their coach and team can be by beating a very good Texas A&M team in the second round. They are one of the biggest surprises for me in the Sweet 16 and have really come together and have played well thus far. I don’t think they can score enough to beat the Blue Devils and so I see Duke advancing to their 18th Elite 8.

Baylor vs. St. Mary’s – In the last of the sweet sixteen games, I like the Bears putting St. Mary’s Cinderella run on hold. I think kingpin Omar Samhan will run into the best interior defender he has ever seen in Ekpe Udoh. Udoh is long and 6’10 and I think will be able to bother Samhan. Baylor also has a number of big bodies they can throw at him to continue to make him work. I love St. Mary’s shooters but I think Baylor’s overall talent is better and I expect them to make it to their school’s 3rd Final Four.

Mateo is the NCAA contributor for SportsClimax.com.

Watch NCAA March Madness Games Free on your computer at NCAA.com

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Watch All March Madness Games Free On Your Computer

Stuck at Work? NCAA March Madness Image

Is it a school day?

On the road away from a television during March Madness?

No worries.

Watch all NCAA Basketball March Madness games live and free on your computer in high quality in their entirety, direct from the official NCAA website here on NCAA.com/video

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And this is why March’s last name is ‘Madness’

MARCH MADNESS – After Ali Farokhmanesh nailed the 3-point shot that was heard around the world with 35 secondsNorthern Iowa Beats Kansas Photos left in regulation to seal a victory over the No. 1 overall seed, Kansas Jayhawks, the Northern Iowa Panthers are officially on the map and heading to the Sweet 16 round for the first time in the school’s history.

The Jayhawks entered March Madness as a heavy favorite to win the tournament but that is why the tourney’s last name is “Madness.”

“We never doubted we could play with them at all,” said Panthers’ Adam Koch. The team backed up that comment and came out with a vengeance, leading the favored Jayhawks a majority of the first half.

This 69-67 game creates a lot of what-ifs for the Jayhawks and their fans, like any other two-point game in NCAA ball would, but this one is going to hurt for quite some time. The Jayhawks (33-3) had a hard time finding the net from outside the arch shooting a dismal 6-of23 from long range.

Farokhmanesh finished with a team-high 16 points while center Jordan Eglseder scored 14 and Jake Koch added 10 of the bench for the Panthers. Marcus Morris led the Jayhawks with 16 while Cole Aldrich scored 13 and had 10 boards.

“Obviously, everybody is disappointed on our team,” Aldrich said. “To work so hard and to go through so much adversity … it’s disappointing that we couldn’t have let Sherron go out in a better way.”

As the 9th seed in their bracket, Northern Iowa (30-4) was the first team to defeat a No. 1 seed in the second round since UAB and Alabama won against heavily-favored teams Kentucky and Stanford in 2004.

Note: Here is a free website where you can watch all the NCAA March Madness games live for free on your computer.

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March Madness and the NCAA Sweet 16

As we spring ahead our clocks, March Madness is creeping that much closer to tip-off. While everyone starts to putNCAA 2010 March Madness Logo the finishing touches on one of their 5 brackets in 3 different pools, do we ever stop and think that no matter how many of these damn things we do we’re still going to have so many gaping holes?

If only we could combine all five for one super bracket. Well for myself and the million others I think that is part of the beauty of this madness.

When the 2010 brackets came out there were a few things that came to mind. First off I think the committee did a great job picking the tourney this year. For those that were left out in the Alaskan cold I can’t say it’s the committee’s fault.

To the three saddest teams in America: Virginia Tech, Mississippi State and Arizona State, I looked over your resume and I can only give Miss. State the benefit of the doubt on this one. They played Kentucky into OT twice and have three wins against teams in the tournament Old Dominion, Vanderbilt, and Florida.

Arizona State you went 12-6 in the weakest power conference, which isn’t bad, but you only beat Washington and Arkansas Pine Bluff and even though you played a great non-conference schedule you lost to all three of those tournament bound teams. So in my mind the best place for you was the NIT.

Virginia Tech who I thought was the biggest snub at first but when digging deeper saw that your best non-conference win was Seton Hall who is an NIT team and of your three quality wins against tournament foes, none of those teams are higher than a No. 7 seed. The two teams in question that made it from the ACC ahead of you Georgia Tech and Wake Forest both have five wins against tournament bound teams and have beaten much better teams like Duke, Maryland, and Butler.

Now on to the actual bracket without a second glance its seems obvious to me which No. 1 seed got a cake walk of draw and which one got stuck fighting off the wolves of the pack.

The #1 overall seed Kansas has got to deal with Ohio State, Georgetown, Maryland, Michigan State, and Tennessee. IKansas Jayhawks Champions 2010 name Tennessee because even though they are a sixth seed they have beaten Kansas and Kentucky and have a great coach in Bruce Pearl. Michigan State is the toughest No. 5 seed I can remember because who wants to face Tom Izzo and the always dangerous Spartans.

If you don’t know ask Uconn, Louisville, and Kansas last year. Oh by the way you also have two very capable final four teams in Ohio St. and Georgetown. Ohio St has the best player in the country in Evan Turner and Hoyas have great inside and outside presence. The Hoyas have been streaky this year but when their playing well they can beat anyone at any time. They dominated Duke and have beaten Syracuse, Villanova, and lost by only two points in the Big East Championship game to West Virginia.

The opposite of this bracket is the South region where the Duke Blue Devils sit as the #1 seed. I feel like Dick Vitale made up this region. Dickey V has quite the man crush on the Blue Devil’s program and has for years. Villanova who has lost 5 of their last 7 games is the No. 2 seed. Baylor who is the three seed is a good team that only has two bad loses all year, but there still the Baylor Bears and this is a stage that their not accustomed to being on.

The fourth seed Purdue is about as sorry as a No. 4 seed can get since they lost their second leading scorer and defensive leader Robbie Hummel to injury. They have look lackluster since that injury barely beating the bottom feeders of the Big Ten and then got blown out by Minnesota by 27 in the Big Ten Tourney.

My picks from the sweet sixteen on go a little like this.

In the Midwest I like Kansas, Michigan State, Georgetown and Ohio St. No surprises here these are the best teams in the bracket and I’ll take Tom Izzo’s five final fours over Maryland’s squad even though I feel they are pretty evenly matched.

Izzo’s magic is no secret come tournament time. From here I do like Kansas and Ohio St. advancing. The Jayhawks just have too much firepower this year and will be looking for revenge after the Spartans ended their season last year in heartbreaking fashion. Ohio St. and Georgetown is a tossup and I’ll use my Midwest biases here and take the Buckeyes. In the Elite 8 matchup I have to go with the Depth and star power of the Jayhawks to beat the Buckeyes.

In the West I like Syracuse, Butler, Xavier, and Kansas State. Butler played a difficult non-conference schedule winning some games losing others but were in every game and then went undefeated in conference play. I think the winner of their first round matchup with UTEP makes the sweet sixteen. Xavier I like upsetting Pittsburgh because although they started slow they’ve been playing better in an underrated Atlantic 10 conference and Xavier has always been a tough outcome tournament time. I like Syracuse and Kansas State Advancing with Syracuse making it to the Final four joining the Jayhawks.

In the East bracket I like Kentucky, Wisconsin, Marquette, and West Virginia. Kentucky should handle the defense of the badgers pretty easily with their athletic ability. In a Big East matchup for the second time this season I think West Virginia beats Marquette in a tight game and heads to Syracuse to face Kentucky. In this Elite 8 matchup I like the Mountaineers Offensive rebounding and experience to upset the young Kentucky Wildcats. Sorry John Calipari, I just don’t see your freshman sensations getting it done against the tenacity of the Big East tournament champs West Virginia.

In the South Bracket I like Duke, Texas A&M, Richmond, and Baylor. I like the Aggies here to upset Duke with their solid defense and ability to get to the free throw line. I have not been high on Duke all year and feel the ACC was the second weakest power conference in America and think that they will get bounced in the round of 16.

I like Baylor to advance also to the Elite 8 in nearby Houston by beating 7th seeded Richmond in a close contest. I love Richmond’s team and their A-10 player of the year Chris Anderson but I think playing so close to home for Baylor is a huge factor in advancing this round. I like Baylor beating Texas A&M in a Big 12 clash and advancing to their first final four in school history.

My Final Four I like West Virginia beating Baylor and Kansas upending Syracuse. In the Finals I think the best team in the tourney survives and Bill Self brings home the title for the Jayhawks.

My Sleeper teams that could make some NOISE!

Richmond 7 seed
UTEP 12 seed
Siena 13 seed
BYU 7th seed

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Tim Tebow Shatters Records in Sugar Bowl Win

NEW ORLEANS, LA. – Tim Tebow went out with a sonic bang!

(AP Photo/Bill Haber)The Florida Gators’ quarterback completed his first 12 passes and led his Gators (13-1) to scores on the first five possessions in a 51-24 shellacking over No. 4 Cincinnati (12-1) in the New Years Day Sugar Bowl Game.

Tebow, last year’s Heisman Trophy winner, finished with a record 533 total yards. That performance is the best in BCS history, topping former Texas Longhorn quarterback Vince Young’s record of 467 yards that was set during the 2005 Rose Bowl.

Tebow threw for a career-high 482 yards and three touchdowns and ran for 51 yards and another score.

“It was incredible,” said Tebow. “Just a great game. It was exactly how you want to go out with these seniors and these coaches in your last game and your last time together. It just really doesn’t get any better than this.”

Tebow and Coach Urban Meyer stood together singing the school fight song for the final time before heading to the locker room for post-game.

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