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Gamecocks send Bulldogs packing 17-6

Just one week after lighting up the scoreboard with 55 points, the No. 22 Georgia Bulldogs (1-1) couldn’t find the end zone against the stingy No. 24 South Carolina defense, losing the conference game 17-6.

South Carolina (2-0) converted third downs at will all afternoon ending up 9-of14 while dominating time of possession, keeping the ball for over 35 minutes in the contest.

After rolling through last week’s tune-up against sparring partner, Louisiana-Lafayette, Dawgs starting quarterback, Aaron Murray ended the day 14-of-21 for 192 yards and no TDs.

On the other side, true freshman running back, Marcus Lattimore, was the offensive player of the game rushing for 182 yards on 37 carries and two touchdowns.

In all, the Gamecocks outgained the Bulldogs 354 to 253 yards including 189 to 61 yards on the ground.

Georgia was playing without their star receiver, A.J. Green who is sitting out a four-game suspension and his absence was clearly missed.

Georgia hosts Arkansas next week while South Carolina hosts Furman. Full box score on this game is here.

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College Football Rankings AP Top 25

College football rankings are in for the week. With all eyes on Boise State, the Broncos came galloping out the gate with a vengeance trying to make a statement against Virginia Tech last night but after taking a commanding lead early in the game, they needed a last-minute score to take home a 33-30 win.

With the effort, the Broncos picked up 7 first-place votes in this week’s AP Poll but still remain in the No. 3 spot behind No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 “The” Ohio State.

Here’s a brief rundown on the top three in the poll. No. 1 Alabama – 47 first-place votes and 1,484 points; No. 2 Ohio State – 4 first-place votes and 1,412 points; No. 3 Boise State – 8 first-place votes and 1,399 points

Florida stunk up The Swamp in their 34-12 unimpressive win on Saturday and as expected, dropped down several slots into the No. 8 spot. TCU then moved up two to take over that No. 4 slot the Gators held last week. After an average outing, the Texas Longhorns remained No. 5 and actually received one first-place vote that you would have to think was granted by a local homer in the Lone Star State.

The SEC had strong representation with Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, Georgia and South Carolina making it to the list.

Associated Press Top 25

                TEAM                                                  POINTS

  1. Alabama                        1-0                   1484
  2. Ohio State                     1-0                   1412
  3. Boise Sta te                   1-0                   1399
  4. TCU                                  1-0                   1256
  5. Texas                              1-0                    1192
  6. Nebraska                       1-0                    1105
  7. Oregon                           1-0                    1077
  8. Florida                           1-0                    1065
  9. Iowa                                1-0                   1044
  10. Oklahoma                      1-0                   917
  11. Wisconsin                      1-0                   881
  12. Miami (FL)                    1-0                   877
  13. Virginia Tech               0-1                   782
  14. Arkansas                        1-0                   572
  15. Georgia Tech                1-0                   555
  16. USC                                   1-0                   520
  17. Florida State                 1-0                   504
  18. Penn State                      1-0                   418
  19. LSU                                    1-0                  384
  20. Utah                                  1-0                  365
  21. Auburn                            1-0                  362
  22. Georgia                            1-0                  353
  23. West Virginia                1-0                  226
  24. South Carolina             1-0                  164
  25. Stanford                         1-0                   96

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NCAA football week one standouts

The first week of college football is in the books and although many of the Top 25 teams played as expected, a few  games and players stood out.

One of the statement makers were the No. 11 Oregon Ducks. Although the Ducks were expected to win their game against New Mexico Saturday night, no one could have predicted the slaughter that ensued.

Collectively the Ducks put up 720 yards of total offense (a school-record) and took New Mexico to school, 72-0. This victory marked the starting debut for Oregon quarterback Darron Thomas who threw for 220 yards and 2 touchdowns. 

Although Thomas ended up with some impressive numbers, the real star of the game was Oregon’s backup RB, Kenjon Barner. With the starting running back suspended for a game, Kenjon got the chance to line up with the first string, and boy did he ever play. The speedster took advantage of the opportunity and rushed for a career-high 147 yards, scored four rushing touchdowns and took another to the house to end the day with five TDs–all in the FIRST HALF!

Talk about making a statement.

Another guy taking snaps who’s making a strong his case is Florida State quarterback Christian Ponder. While Barner is working his way up the roster, Ponder is working his way up the Heisman Trophy list.

Yes, you heard it here first: Christian Ponder will be fighting for the Heisman at the end of the year and you might want to jump on the bandwagon now before it gets too crowded.

The Seminoles QB is coming off of a season-ending injury and looks better than ever. Against the Samford Bulldogs, Ponder made it all look too easy completing 85% of his passes and throwing for four touchdowns … in the FIRST HALF.

Does anyone play a full game anymore?

Facing another test next week, it will be interesting to see what numbers Ponder can pile up against the inexperienced Oklahoma secondary next week. We know we’ll be watching. BTW, FSU came out on top of that mismatch 59-6.

On the flip side of the coin, a player we don’t recommend watching, unless you’re a Georgia Bulldog fan and love Gators failure, is the Tim Tebow protégé, quarterback John Brantley. Brantley’s debut for overrated No. 4 Florida can be summed up in four letters: U-G-L-Y.

Going into the final quarter against Miami (Ohio), the Gators had a pathetic 26 total yards of offense, including -16 yards on the ground. They finished the game with 8 fumbles, countless bad snaps and let’s just say that Brantley stunk up the joint.

After seeing this inexcusably sloppy performance, it appears Tebow’s success may not carry over to Brantley as smoothly as Florida fans would have hoped.

A team dealing with a similar situation is the Texas Longhorns. With Colt McCoy, the fearless leader of the offense gone, the ‘Horns offense has gotten a facelift and looked like a whole new squad this weekend. Even though the Longhorns beat Rice 34-17, mental mistakes and the inability to score in the red zone left UT fans wanting more.

As one Longhorn fan put it, “The game was like an over glorified scrimmage and it could easily have been a 52-3 victory. It’s clear that Mack Brown is really trying to drive in the point that we’re a running team now.” – Alex Robertson.

Under the arm of Colt McCoy, Texas was a pass-happy team, but now that Garrett Gilbert is calling the shots, things have changed. Although he showed signs of a quality quarterback, Gilbert’s accuracy and timing were less than stellar.

Fortunately for the Burnt Orange, a weak out-of-conference schedule and a strong defensive core will help Gilbert hone his skills and perfect his pass. With that being said, Gilbert is coming from a long line of great college quarterbacks, so he has some big shoes to fill, and he needs to do it quickly.

College football may only be one week into the season, but we have already learned a lot. Get ready for next week’s lesson. See you then.

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Dawgs dominate in Murray’s debut

Although they lined up against a sparring partner in their opener, the No. 23 Georgia Bulldogs were impressive and dominated Louisiana-Lafayette on Saturday, coasting to a 55-7 win.

In his college start debut, Dawgs quarterback Aaron Murray tossed three touchdowns and rushed for a fourth despite the fact his top receiver, A.J. Green, was watching on the sidelines. Murray’s final stats included 16-of-24 for 194 yards with wide receiver Kris Durham making 5 of those receptions for 83 yards.

Not that they needed it, the Dawgs offense got some scoring help from the defensive side of the ball as well when defensive back Jakar Hamilton returned a pick 17 yards to the house in the fourth quarter to make it 55-7. The Dawgs D also held Louisiana-Lafayette to 14 total yards on the ground on 29 carries.

Getting back to A.J. Green, the All-SEC first-teamer is stuck in limbo as he waits for the NCAA ruling pertaining to his possible involvement at a Miami party that was hosted by a sports agent.

Green wasn’t the only Dawgs’ player on out due to disciplinary actions. Washaun Ealey, another starter sat out as well. Ealey is one of the nine Dawgs who were busted this year with his charges including hit and run and driving with a suspended license.

Atlanta-Journal Constitution columnist Jeff Schultz thinks it’s time for Bulldogs head coach Mark Richt to answer to his team’s recent run-ins with the law.  

FINAL NOTE: Ealey is expected to start next week when the Bulldogs Georgia (1-0) visit Steve Spurrier and the South Carolina Gamecocks next Saturday for an SEC match-up.

MORE SEC: Gators look awful in win at The Swamp – Sports Climax

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Why Stafford and Lions are a bad marriage

DETROIT – When Matthew Stafford smiles at the camera and explains how he will “do whatever it takes to win in Detroit” I see a naïve Lionsyoung man who is oblivious to the fact he has just been thrown into the Lions’ den.

Stafford’s agent Tom Condon has represented his client well in landing the largest rookie contract in the history of the NFL but is money everything? Isn’t the idea supposed to be to play a game you love and have fun while you make the big bucks? If so, Detroit is the wrong place for Stafford.

In and around Atlanta, many of the UGA fans I have spoken to are quick to say how Stafford’s erratic play has frustrated them over the years. They remember how many quarters he spent overthrowing open targets and how he buckled under pressure in many of the big games. How will that translate to the Detroit Lions and their fans?

Following the organization since the days they played during snow squalls in historic Tiger Stadium, I have to say not very well. Many teams in the NFL have rosters that would support a long-term development case like Stafford but Detroit is not one of them.

Aaron Rodgers in Green Bay is a great example. Rodgers worked the clipboard for years developing his talent while watching one of the all-time greats in Brett Favre before stepping into a starting position years later.

That’s how the transition from college to the NFL normally happens and there lies the problem with this marriage.

The Lions’ fans and the city of Detroit have totally lost their patience with this organization. To the point they have spent the past month saturating blogs around the country with threats of dropping support for the team if they draft Stafford. Groups of fans have gone to the extreme of showing up at press conferences filling the air with “Don’t draft Stafford” chants.

These actions truly are nothing personal toward Stafford but rebounding from the most disastrous run in NFL history under a guy named Millen should not include converting a #1 overall pick into a high-risk player like Stafford when there are guaranteed starters like Aaron Curry and Jason Smith available who are projected to step in game one and play in the league for 8-10 years.

While some may argue that Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco are examples of the contrary to long-term quarterback development, look at the Falcons and Ravens rosters compared to Detroit and realize that Stafford’s situation is not the same scenario, it’s nowhere close.

Ryan and Flacco both stood behind offensive lines with time to pass; Stafford goes to a team who allowed a ridiculous amount of sacks in the NFL over the past few seasons.

Stafford will not have a mentor like Favre, instead he will have an aging quarterback who is clinging to his final few years in the league and unhappy fans and media he will be pressured into trying to please.

Tom Brady looked near-flawless during the Patriots’ record-setting 16-0 season, standing tall and confident in the pocket hitting receivers but when pressure was applied during the Super Bowl game against the N.Y. Giants, even he looked lost and failed.

Yes, Stafford’s contract carries an earth-shattering $41.7 million guarantee and keeps the checks coming in for 6 years but athletes want to win and regardless what they say in front of the lights and cameras, their egos are huge and need to be fed.

Right now the kid may be celebrating what he and his agent have accomplished but when it comes down to playing in Honolulu Blue, reality is going to hit and the fun will be over. How can a kid live up to a $78 million contract in a blue-collar city where unemployment lines wrap around buildings and boarded up foreclosures line the streets?

Stepping in and delivering results immediately like Matt Ryan did in Atlanta when he threw a 60 yard bomb for a TD in his first NFL pass may help a bit. A 60-yard Hail Mary to Calvin Johnson streaking down the sideline may make the fans momentarily forget how stupid of a move the Lions made.

The only problem with that is, that play was against the Lions and there is no other defense in the NFL bad enough to allow that to happen.

That is the reason we heard the supportive “Aaron Curry” chants and degrading “Don’t draft Stafford” chants; the team needs defense and they need it now and they passed up an opportunity to get a guaranteed starter.

Playing quarterback or goalie positions in Detroit takes the thickest of skin and I have never seen a rookie with skin thick enough to withstand the repercussions that comes with that territory, especially if they are not wanted to begin with.

The Lions have seen several past first-round QBs including Andre Ware and Joey Harrington flop and suffer faultering careers after being placed on Lions teams that had better rosters than the current team has. It’s a long process and Stafford is not capable of becoming the overnight savior the fans and organization needs.

Money creates happiness for a certain amount of time but after the enormous homes, extravagant vacations and collections of cars becomes commonplace, it all comes down to how much fun a guy is having playing the game he has grown to love.

After the dust from Stafford’s party settles and he is two years into his journey in a Lions uniform, will the few extra million he received by going #1 as opposed to #3 or #4 be worth it? I think not.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Urban Meyer & His Gators

In a NCAA match-up that was expected to be a toe-to-toe slug-fest, the Florida Gators annihilated the outmatched Georgia Bulldogs, trouncing their SEC rivals 49-10.

Playing on neutral field, Florida fans began their raucous victory celebration with nearly a quarter left to play, while the Dawgs side of the field looked deserted after a majority of their fans–like Elvis–had left the building.

49-10; true bitch-slap! But what made it the most humiliating bitch-slap in Sports Climax history, were the timeouts called by Florida Coach, Urban Myer with the score totally out of hand and only seconds left on the game clock.

That move by Myer was probably in retaliation to last year’s Bulldog celebration after the Dawgs’ first score in that game that led to both teams clearing the benches and intensifying this rivalry.

Myers promised he was going to do something and kept quiet about it. Cheesy move calling the timeouts . . . yes.

Was the Dawgs’ taunting, rub-it-in-the-Gators-faces celebration in the end zone last year a cheesy move? Yes, but these things will only intensify and fuel this bitter rivalry.

Dawgs, you made our pick as easy as it’s ever been, congratulations, you are our hands-down, runaway, slam-dunk choice for the Sports Climax Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

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