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NFL Draft, Millen makes an ass of himself, again

As he has many times in the past, Matt Millen again made an ass of himself on NFL Draft day. No he didn’t select another wide receiver in matt millen funny signthe top of the first round. This time he drew attention after calling a Polish co-analyst a ‘Polack’ live on-air.

The jab at Ron Jaworski was all in fun, we can be sure of that, but the lack of common sense Millen continues to show on draft day is another story.

Millen, the former CEO, or whatever fancy title he and the Lions office gave him at the time, was jawing it up with Jaworski on the air and somehow got into a conversation about fried bologna sandwiches.

Millen then blurted out:

“Ask any Polack from Buffalo how they like them, right Jaws.”

Jaworski who was known as the “Polish Rifle” during his playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t seem to take offense but the question here is, were these analysts getting as far away from NFL Draft talk as possible to divert the audience’s attention away from Millen’s past draft history?

We can’t blame them if they were. You can almost feel the football fans in Detroit cringing every time Millen talks football especially on draft day and after his latest gaffe, he may have further isolated himself from the great Polish community of Hamtramck, Michigan.

A lot of people outside of Detroit say Matt Millen is a decent NFL commentator even after the train wreck that occurred with him as the engineer but when it comes to the NFL draft, come on networks, let that settle in for a second and think about who you are putting in front of the public to present an “expert” opinion.  

Bottom line is, seeing Millen with a mic in hand working as a draft analyst was more awkward than the asinine comment he made. It’s as absurd as Tiger Woods giving a course on fidelity.

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Aaron Curry should go No. 1 in NFL Draft

DETROIT – Now that we’ve spent weeks of listening to ESPN’s Todd McShay shuffle his draft order like a deck of cards and tried (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)not to stare at Mel Kiper Jr’s giant hair taking over our television screens, it’s our turn to make a prediction who will be the No. 1 overall pick by the Detroit Lions.Forecasts throughout talk shows and websites on who will be the pick for the 0-16 Lions have been changing like the weather.

Many had Georgia ‘Dawg QB Matt Stafford a solid No. 1 choice and USC QB Mark Sanchez as a possibility but drafting a quarterback high is a too big a gamble for the Lions (Google Joey Harrington). I expect the Lions to shy away from high-risk picks like Stafford or Sanchez.

New Detroit Lions Coach Jim Schwartz has not ruled out taking a quarterback in the top slot but isn’t quite sold on it yet, “We need to see [Stafford] throw,” said Schwartz who insisted Stafford come in for a personal workout.

Alabama OT Andre Smith, another one-time projected No. 1 overall has also fallen off the top rung of my ladder after he ditched the combine on drill day and when finally performing in front of a group of NFL observers, failed miserably. His numbers included a 5.28 second 40-yard dash and a 225 bench press 19 times.

Many of Smith’s numbers for the day would not have placed him even in the top ten of the OT’s on combine day. With a history of weight control issues and his inability to produce top numbers, it’s obvious why Smith decided to abandon the combine.

Blocking has little to do with running in a straight line for 40 yards but conditioning does and Smith clearly is lacking conditioning. The Detroit Lions have dealt with weight issues in their recent past including with their All-Pro defensive lineman, Sean ‘Big Baby’ Rogers.

The Lions responded to that problem by trading Big Baby away after the player spent dozens of snaps a game sucking down oxygen on the sidelines. It’s safe to say the Lions are not interested in dealing with another potential weight-control or conditioning issue.

The slam-dunk pick of the draft is Wake Forest linebacker Aaron Curry. Curry is believed to be the safest pick and as the Lions attempt to survive a decade of draft disasters and the stench that fired President Matt Millen has left behind, it is imperative they end up with a player who can step into a starting position on opening day.

That player is Aaron Curry and I expect to see him donning Honolulu Blue alongside Ernie Sims on opening day after being selected as the No. 1 overall pick on draft day.

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Millen and other Lions’ failures find new NFL homes

DETROIT – Almost with a cult-like feel where everyone is watching each other’s back, the NFL is becoming a place where one can barrymarinellibigfail miserably, get canned short of contract obligations and be rewarded with huge guaranteed buyouts followed by job offers from other teams around the league; technically resulting in ‘pay raises’ when you combine both salaries together.Believe it or not, members of the Detroit Lions’ ‘coaching staff’ have been rewarded with new NFL jobs after their record-setting 0-16 implosion in Motown this season.

The biggest failure, incompetent defensive coordinator Joe Barry, son-in-law of fired head coach Rod Marinelli and beneficiary of the Lions’ nepotism program, has found a new home in Seattle as the linebackers coach.

Barry’s ‘Dad’ has been handed a headset by Detroit’s rival Chicago Bears where he will be assistant head coach/defensive line coach. Amazing how far friendship can go.

Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith and Rod go way back to their days of sharing hotel rooms while on road trips with the Tampa Bay Bucs. As bad as Marinelli has been out of touch with football over the past three years, Smith still extended his hand. Examiner Paula Duffy talks about Marinelli going ‘Back to the Future’.

Offering jobs and paychecks to guys like Barry and Marinelli after their orchestration of the disaster in Detroit, is like bringing Enron’s Kenneth Lay back from the dead and putting him on the payroll to run the World Bank.

While Matt Millen’s stench remains with the Lions and people are still celebrating the end to the Matt Millen Era, the incompetent exec was handed a warm, comfortable spot in the NBC booth where he will share his ‘knowledge’ (?) with fans across the nation during this year’s Super Bowl.

The vicious media onslaught and negative response Millen has received from many of the fans and media since that hiring is the same cold welcome these two coaches deserve; but in a country where people have grown more short-sighted than a napping amnesiac, expect business to go on as usual.

Too bad Sports Climax isn’t run like the NFL. I could create 16 articles containing a roster full of typos that generates 0 hits (like a Joe Barry defense). After creating the 0-16 run with no traffic I could toss in a few articles that make no logical sense like, “Millen has knowledge to share with NFL fans” only to be promoted to Webmaster with a pay raise.

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Matt Millen stench remains with Detroit Lions

This is an updated version of an earlier column placed on this site.

DETROIT – As the Detroit Lions are staring 0-16 right in the face, we must not forget who is responsible for leading them down lions fanthat road of collapse.

As former team president and CEO Matt Millen sits comfortably in his home, states away in Pennsylvania, fans and the media must remember to honor him as the orchestrator of this disaster called the Lions.

Owner William Clay Ford, with the coaxing of his son, Junior, made a long overdue move after week three when he fired Millen, earning Millen the Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week award. 

Millen has long packed up and gone but like three-month-old fish, his stench remains.

That stench comes in the form of the coaching staff, blown draft picks and free agent signings Millen had pieced together over his historic record run of failure.

Millen’s Lions team is 0-14 with a game at home Sunday against the Drew Brees led New Orleans Saints and a final road game in frigid Green Bay where the Cheeseheads always play to win.

Many expect Millen to make NFL history next Sunday, surpassing the Tampa Bay Bucs 0-14 record of futility, a record that held for decades.

Things will not change in Detroit overnight. A bumper-to-bumper refurbish job needs to be done. Marinelli, who is on the verge of emotionally imploding, and the rest of the staff Millen hired needs to go, there is no doubt about that.

Joe Barry, defensive coordinator and benefiter of Detroit’s nepotism program, has managed and created the worst defense in the NFL over the past two seasons. And how sorry is it to actually hear him in yesterday’s press conference in Detroit talking about how the defense will definitely improve if returns next year.

Besides Millen, Barry may be the biggest cause of this year’s implosion. If he had half of a conscience, he would refuse his paycheck and would have resigned the week Millen got his pink slip.

Only in Detroit can a coach speak like there is any possibility of returning to the team even after a 0-16 season. Look at Millen. He was actually signed to an extension after taking a 7-9 team to 3-13 and wasting high first-round draft picks.

It looks like the Lions will be getting another No. 1 overall pick in a draft and the good news is, Matt Millen will not be the one making the selection.

In the meantime, Lions fans should plug their noses from the stench Millen has left; a stench that may linger for years to come.

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Congress should require Ford to sell Detroit Lions

The Detroit Lions fans only hope for a future may be Congress voting through a bailout plan for the poorly-managed faltering Ford Motor Company.

Last I noticed, Ford Motor Company was asking for $9 billion of fans/taxpayers dollars while making no indications they intend to sell the Lions which are valued by Forbes to be worth $917 million.

Ford’s recent reported losses have been huge. According to their media.ford.com website they had a net loss of $8.7 billion in the second quarter of 2008 and according to CNN Money.com burned through another $6.3 billion in the third quarter of 2008. At that rate, it is possible they could eat up a loan of $9 billion in a short time.

With support from some of the local politicians and pressure from taxpayers around the country, Michiganders can present a scenario to Congress that includes the Fords being required to sell the Lions if they are included in any bailout.

I have had a few emails from people explaining how technically William Clay is not the owner of Ford Motor Company. Corporations are legally laid out however companies decide to lay them out. Ford’s website has William Clay listed at the highest position, Executive Chairman and you have to assume William Clay owns a decent portion of that stock recently valued at less than a Starbucks small coffee.

It is absurd to allow the Ford family to maintain an entity like the Lions in their portfolio while agreeing to hand over billions of tax dollars to save their auto company’s sinking ship.

If Joe Citizen is in desperate financial shape and asks a bank to bail them out of a foreclosure on their home, shouldn’t that bank make them sell his Bentley and second home on the ocean first? Even though the Bentley is not related to the house going into foreclosure, it is part of that family’s portfolio. Don’t get me wrong, the Lions are more like a rusted-out Yugo but you get my point.

If the Ford Motor Company is asking for $9 billion, Congress should minus the $917 million they are forced to acquire from the sale of the Lions then give them $8.08 billion instead.

First of all, handing these auto companies $34 billion is like flushing the money down the toilet but if Congress did approve a ridiculous bad investment of tax dollars like that, the people of Detroit could seize the opportunity and possibly get the Ford family off their field.

The Miami Dolphins and Atlanta Falcons are great examples of how an NFL franchise can turn it around in one year if they are under the proper ownership and management.

Matt Millen, the creator of the Lions current dismal coaching staff and player personnel was sent packing the day after Mike Martz’ San Fran 49ers whipped the Lions earlier this season, earning Millen the Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week award on Sports Climax. 

Removing another cancer like owner William Clay Sr. would open the door to new ownership and a possible turnaround. Imagine, new ownership would lead to new management which leads to a new coaching staff (Google Bill Cowher) and smart draft selections, something this NFL team hasn’t experienced in a decade.

Congress, if you do bail out Ford Motor Company, remember to bail out the Detroit Lions fans as well, these poor loyalists have been through enough.

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Favre admits phone call; Lions refuse comment

Updated on Oct. 23 @ 6:50 a.m.

NEW YORK – Looks like it’s time for the “he said, she said” game. Brett Favre denies giving Matt Millen and the Detroit Lions information on his ex-Packer’s offense prior to the Lion’s Sept. 14 game against the Packers earlier this year and reporter Jay Glazer said he investigated this story fully and continues to defend it.

“I stand by my story 1000 percent,”Glazer told The Associated Press. “I guess Brett and I will just agree to disagree on certain things. The way I do my work, I don’t go on what just one person told me. I investigated this fully and for quite some time. I spoke with several sources, and when I go with something, I make sure it’s dead-on. I think my track record speaks for itself.”

Favre made a few comments at the Jet’s weekly press conference, “When Matt called me and was talking about hunting . . . don’t think for a second I wasn’t thinking, ‘Now, surely he wants to know something,’  Yeah, I played for the Packers for 16 years and we played against the Lions a bunch, but it’s no secret what we did against them. I don’t have a playbook from Green Bay. I didn’t send the playbook. I didn’t call him and say, ‘Look, if you do this, you’re going to win the game.’ I didn’t do that.”

He added that if he were “a guessing man,” there’s a chance other (Lions coaches or staff) might have been listening in on the conversation.

Favre went on to say that sharing information is common in the NFL, and it isn’t against league rules.

“It happens every day,” Favre said. “It happens more than you know. Nothing happened that was any different than happens any other day. But the fact I was in Green Bay for so long and what happened this offseason, that makes it a big deal. I didn’t give (Millen) any game planning, I haven’t been in that offense in over a year. I don’t know what else to tell you. It was pretty simple.”

Against the rules or not, this doesn’t sit well with many players or fans. Glazer’s report said that Favre who was sent off to the New York Jets after an ugly divorce with the Packers, spent over an hour on the phone with Lions coaches, giving the hopeless Lions information on his former team’s offense. Favre says he spoke to Millen for ‘no more than 25 minutes’.

Either way, how embarrassing is this for the Lions since it appears Matt Millen did indeed contact Favre and his Lions got their asses handed to them on their home field 48-25 in front of 60,285 fans.

The Lions continue to ‘refuse comment’. Most anyone would agreee if there was no ill-intent on the Lions part, then they should step up to the plate, look the media in the eyes and explain nothing unethical happened.

The Lions Coach Rod Marinelli preaches accountability and good character to his staff and players, yet when something like this occurs or when one of his coaches drives through a Wendy’s drive-through naked, he is the first one to turn his cheek.  

If and when all the facts surrounding this surface and prove their was info sharing, this is worse than the New England Patriots spying scandal that rocked the NFL last year. At least the Pats were cheating trying to help themselves and those games in question were all victories.

The Lions are embarrassing enough when they get blown out playing fair but if they had a little extra helpful information and still got blown out, that is nothing short of pathetic, and Favre would be nothing short of pathetic for offering it to them, regardless of who called who.

Favre’s move would be taken as a blatant retaliation for the Packers offering the player an invite to come out of retirement, AGAIN, and compete to earn a starting spot on the team.

Favre didn’t want to compete. He wanted the QB spot handed to him.

After seeing Aaron Rodgers perform so well several weeks into the season, it’s obvious why the coaching staff wanted the white-hairing, old-timer to have to beat out the younger, quarterback.

Favre then said he was done and the relationship was trashed. His ego took off like a rocket and landed him in New York.

Speaking of Rockets and NY; almost overnight, Roger Clemens has lost most of the trust and respect that took him decades to gain and Favre may be following those same footsteps.

Some of the players were not afraid to voice their opinion on the issue. “He contacted them? I don’t respect that,” former Michigan Wolverine CB Charles Woodson said. “To seek a team out and to feel like you’re trying to sabotage this team, I don’t respect that. I know he’s been the greatest player around here for a long time, but there’s no honor in that.”

NFL spokesman Greg Aiello said the league had no comment but stressed that Glazer’s report detailed no illegal action. I can hear the Patriots screaming from here.

If such actions aren’t considered out of bounds, Woodson said they should be.

“I’ve never called a coach on another team and told them what’s going to happen,” Woodson said. “Obviously . . . there is a little bit of resentment there.”

Offensive lineman, Scott Wells said it would be disappointing if Favre shared information with a division rival. “Obviously it didn’t work out too well for them. We were still able to go out and move the ball on them and win the game.”

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No Removing Millen’s Stench from the Detroit Lions

DETROIT – The Detroit Lions are in one of the most unique situations ever seen in the NFL at this point of a season. Only four games into the season, they are desperate to make some moves but their hands are tied.

Owner William Ford, with the coaxing of his son, Junior, made a long overdue move after week three when he fired wannabe NFL exec, Matt Millen. Millen has packed up and is gone but like week-old fish, his stench remains.

That stench comes in the form of Coach Rod Marinelli and the athletes Millen has compiled over his historic record run of failure and there lies the unfixable problem.

After the 34-7 slaughter by their rival Chicago Bears at Ford Field on Sunday, Lions fans were reminded that nothing has or will change until yet another total overhaul is done.

Marinelli needs to go, there is absolutely no doubt about that, but no one on the Lions coaching staff is qualified or capable of stepping in for the remainder of the season. Do you feel that rope getting tighter on your hands, Mr. Ford?

Mike Martz, who’s San Francisco 49ers took it to the Lions in week three of the season, had head coaching and Super Bowl experience with the St. Louis Rams and could have moved up. But he, like many of the past Millen-hires have been fired and have moved on to greener pastures. Whether another NFL team, the broadcast booth or even the moon, most anywhere offers greener pastures than this Lions organization.

Marinelli and the Lions are stuck in a stressful situation that may last until the New Year. This is the NFL and the playbooks are complicated. (if you doubt that, take a look at Sunday’s lowlight of Roy Williams slanting in and Kitna throwing to the sideline.) Bringing in an entire new coaching staff simply cannot be done. When coaches get fired midseason, a current coaching staff member steps in.

Joe Barry, defensive coordinator and benefiter of Detroit’s nepotism program, has managed and created the worst defense in the NFL over the past two seasons. He’s not doing his job so obviously he cannot step up into his father-in-law’s position. (see our NFL section for “Lions Nepotism Article”)

Besides Millen, Barry may be the biggest cause of this year’s implosion. If he had half of a conscience, he would refuse his paycheck and step down.

Offensive coordinator, Joe Colletto is in the same boat as Barry, looks lost and incompetent and his squad has contributed greatly to the Lions 0-4 record, so who can this organization turn to? Line coach, Joe Cullen, the coach who was busted for driving through a Wendy’s naked?

The remainder of this season is not going to be any sort of roller-coaster ride for Lions fans, it’s going to be a steady nose-dive; all downhill from here, coasters have a few quick jaunts uphill.

There’s a great chance the Lions and their fans are stuck with Marinelli, but there’s always hope for a No. 1 overall pick and the good news is, this time it will not be Millen making it.

In the meantime, Lions fans should try their best to survive Millen’s leftover stench and this horrible coaching staff. Then they can begin next season with a new coaching staff, dozens of new players, a new GM and chant, “Maybe this is the year.”

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NFL Owners Swinging the Axe Early

ST. LOUIS – Some NFL owners are making a very strong statement this year . . . win now or pack your bags. The first victim of the axe, which was five years overdue, was Detroit Lions GM Matt Millen.

During Week Three, Mike Martz and the San Fran 49ers threw a can a’ whoop-ass on Millen’s Lions. A few days later, with a little coaxing from his son, Bill Jr., Owner William Ford gave the dysfunctional Millen his walking papers.

For years, Millen put bad teams, followed by worse teams onto the field, drafting an assembly line of wide receivers and first-round flops.

Yesterday, the St. Louis Rams followed suit and fired their third-year coach, Scott Linehan. The Rams are the only team that may be worse than the Lions this year and after starting 0-4, Linehan got the axe.

Oakland Raiders Coach, Lane Kiffin is another coach that is sitting on a white-hot burner right now. Kiffin’s Raiders lost to the Chargers Sunday to drop to 1-3 putting his job in more jeopardy than last week. One of the hottest rumors around the league, prior to this loss, was that Kiffen was getting the boot from Owner Al Davis.

Payrolls and overhead have gotten out of hand and owners have such huge investments in their organizations, they expect a return. With a short 16 game season, a slow start out the gate can put these owner’s “investments” in an improbable position for finding success.

With Kiffin hanging on by a thread and other coaches like Marvin Lewis, Rod Marinelli and Romeno Crennell struggling to put a team on the field that even remotely resembles an NFL squad, expect a few more coaches to be ducking the axe early in this NFL season.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Lions Matt Millen

After being fired by the Detroit Lions at the end of last season, offensive whiz-kid Mike Martz, now with the San Francisco 49ers, repaid the favor, took the Lions to school 31-13 and bitch-slapped GM Matt Millen right out of a job, sending the record-setting exec straight to the unemployment line just three weeks into the 2008 NFL season.  

Making the best of the opportunity, Martz showed Millen why he should not have been the scapegoat, the Scooter Libby for the Lions after their 1-7 season-ending nose-dive last year that put them out of the playoffs.

While setting personal records of futility, Millen has become an expert at firing coaches and pointing the finger in every direction but his own.

Martz must have been salivating at this opportunity to embarrass his former team the Lions who dropped their league-worst record to 0-3.

The game was a cakewalk for quarterback J.T. O’Sullivan, RB Frank Gore and the rest of the offense. The offensive line dominated Millen’s Lions and J.T. was not sacked in 23 pass attempts, something that is very rare in a Martz offense.

The biggest challenge for Martz was hiding the shit-eating grin on his face every time his Niners high-stepped into the Lions end zone.

Millen said in an earlier interview last week that his Lions are “Doing the right thing” and need to “Stay the course”.

The Lions did the right thing the day they gave Millen his long overdue pink slip and send the incompetent GM packing and we are doing the right thing by giving you, Mr. Millen, our hands-down Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

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Detroit Lions Circus In National Spotlight

DETROIT – The Detroit Lions season is still days away and they are already finding ways into the national spotlight. ESPN, the NFL Network and media outlets around the country are having a field day with this one.

Lions running back Tatum Bell’s bag-snatching fiasco this week at the Lions facility was recorded on security surveillance cameras. In case you’re living in a cave and missed it, Bell is accused of, and was videotaped, stealing Rudi Johnson’s Gucci bag from the locker room.

In an interview with The Detroit Free Press on Wednesday, Johnson insisted that Tatum stole his stuff; “All this happened once he got released. He came here to get some stuff out of his locker. That’s when he scooped the bags up. Some real shyster, conniving stuff, man.”

Tatum who was cut by the Lions to make room for Johnson said he thought the bags belonged to another released Lion player who was also sent packing that same day and that he was asked to pick up the bags.

First of all girls, stop fighting amongst yourselves and what the hell is a grown, macho-type guy like Johnson, doing with a Gucci bag to begin with.

So here we are before the season’s first Lion fumble in the red zone and the Lions have already found a way to look like a bonehead organization. Reminisent of when Roy Williams refused to tip a pizza delivery guy, like when Coach Marty Morningway won a coin toss in overtime but gave the ball to the home team Chicago Bears who marched down the field and won.

What are the real facts surrounding this snatch-and-grab circus?

Who cares!?

It’s time to put on the pads in Atlanta and try to win this Sunday’s opening game, a battle many believe a showdown between the two sorriest francises in the NFL.

It’s time to lace ’em up and play some NFL football!

There lies the problem. The Lions normally are not capable of playing NFL football. There record over the last several years under Matt Millen proves that. And where is Matt while all this bickering and embarrassment surrounds his Lion’s team?

I haven’t seen Millen comment on this yet. Maybe he’s still walking around looking like a homeless drunk. Millen looks like a guy who’s in the witness protection program lately, in disguise . . . incognito. He may be tired of being recognized in public by ticked off Lions fans.

Tatum has reason to be pissed off at the Detroit Lions organization for destroying his career but he doesn’t have the right to steal another player’s belongings in retaliation.

Tatum is a guy who had rushed for over 1,000 yards prior to coming to Motown and was promised playing time which he rarely saw. When he asked to be traded, the Lions benched him for the remaining games of that season, ruining his chances to pursue a contract during the following free agency period.

Bell, like many other star-caliber players and coaches made the mistake of coming to Detroit then were stuck in a situation that ripped their careers apart at the seams. (Google Marcus Pollard, Damian Woody and Steve Mariucci)

That’s another whole issue and article in itself but getting back to week one for 2008 let’s ask the Lions; can you somehow stop finding ways to embarrass yourselves?

It’s difficult enough for the football fans of Detroit to stay loyal to an NFL organization that remains in our near the cellar in their division year after year; never lives up to their promises and preaches character to their players while giving one of their coaches a little slap on the wrist after he was arrested and charged for driving through a Wendy’s drive-thru naked? (Google Lions Joe Cullen)

Are you ready for some Lions football!

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