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NFL Draft, Millen makes an ass of himself, again

As he has many times in the past, Matt Millen again made an ass of himself on NFL Draft day. No he didn’t select another wide receiver in matt millen funny signthe top of the first round. This time he drew attention after calling a Polish co-analyst a ‘Polack’ live on-air.

The jab at Ron Jaworski was all in fun, we can be sure of that, but the lack of common sense Millen continues to show on draft day is another story.

Millen, the former CEO, or whatever fancy title he and the Lions office gave him at the time, was jawing it up with Jaworski on the air and somehow got into a conversation about fried bologna sandwiches.

Millen then blurted out:

“Ask any Polack from Buffalo how they like them, right Jaws.”

Jaworski who was known as the “Polish Rifle” during his playing days with the Philadelphia Eagles didn’t seem to take offense but the question here is, were these analysts getting as far away from NFL Draft talk as possible to divert the audience’s attention away from Millen’s past draft history?

We can’t blame them if they were. You can almost feel the football fans in Detroit cringing every time Millen talks football especially on draft day and after his latest gaffe, he may have further isolated himself from the great Polish community of Hamtramck, Michigan.

A lot of people outside of Detroit say Matt Millen is a decent NFL commentator even after the train wreck that occurred with him as the engineer but when it comes to the NFL draft, come on networks, let that settle in for a second and think about who you are putting in front of the public to present an “expert” opinion.  

Bottom line is, seeing Millen with a mic in hand working as a draft analyst was more awkward than the asinine comment he made. It’s as absurd as Tiger Woods giving a course on fidelity.

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