Millen and other Lions’ failures find new NFL homes

DETROIT – Almost with a cult-like feel where everyone is watching each other’s back, the NFL is becoming a place where one can barrymarinellibigfail miserably, get canned short of contract obligations and be rewarded with huge guaranteed buyouts followed by job offers from other teams around the league; technically resulting in ‘pay raises’ when you combine both salaries together.Believe it or not, members of the Detroit Lions’ ‘coaching staff’ have been rewarded with new NFL jobs after their record-setting 0-16 implosion in Motown this season.

The biggest failure, incompetent defensive coordinator Joe Barry, son-in-law of fired head coach Rod Marinelli and beneficiary of the Lions’ nepotism program, has found a new home in Seattle as the linebackers coach.

Barry’s ‘Dad’ has been handed a headset by Detroit’s rival Chicago Bears where he will be assistant head coach/defensive line coach. Amazing how far friendship can go.

Bears’ head coach Lovie Smith and Rod go way back to their days of sharing hotel rooms while on road trips with the Tampa Bay Bucs. As bad as Marinelli has been out of touch with football over the past three years, Smith still extended his hand. Examiner Paula Duffy talks about Marinelli going ‘Back to the Future’.

Offering jobs and paychecks to guys like Barry and Marinelli after their orchestration of the disaster in Detroit, is like bringing Enron’s Kenneth Lay back from the dead and putting him on the payroll to run the World Bank.

While Matt Millen’s stench remains with the Lions and people are still celebrating the end to the Matt Millen Era, the incompetent exec was handed a warm, comfortable spot in the NBC booth where he will share his ‘knowledge’ (?) with fans across the nation during this year’s Super Bowl.

The vicious media onslaught and negative response Millen has received from many of the fans and media since that hiring is the same cold welcome these two coaches deserve; but in a country where people have grown more short-sighted than a napping amnesiac, expect business to go on as usual.

Too bad Sports Climax isn’t run like the NFL. I could create 16 articles containing a roster full of typos that generates 0 hits (like a Joe Barry defense). After creating the 0-16 run with no traffic I could toss in a few articles that make no logical sense like, “Millen has knowledge to share with NFL fans” only to be promoted to Webmaster with a pay raise.

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