Is Detroit Lions’ Coach Marinelli Finally Losing it?

Is Detroit Lions’ coach Rod Marinelli finally losing it? How much can we expect one man to take. We’ve heard of train wrecks but Marinelli’s Lions are a train derailment.

It took him a little longer to get the “deer-in-headlights” look than some of the other ‘M’ coaches who were hired by recently-fired team CEO Matt Millen.

Millen, Mornhinweg, Mariucci, all are notorious for leaving the media scratching their heads while they stood at the mics with glassy-eyed glares, mumbling on like crazy homeless guys, trying to come up explanations on how and why they and their team were so incompetent.

One of Marinelli’s recent inarticulate rant sounded like a monologue out of “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”.

Get the syringe ready, where’s the Valium!

Here’s Marinelli’s mumble-jumble at that press conference on November 12, 2008.

“You’re in this dark tunnel and you’ve got no way out,” he said. “You’re waiting for light, and you see that light, what do you do? What do you do?

You start digging and getting out. … I’ve always believed you stay in the tunnel and you keep digging when you expect no light.

“You have the same faith when you expect no light. You have the same belief in what you’re doing when you expect no light. … It’s dark and I’m going to dig through. My shovel is sharp and my pick is sharp and my will is outstanding.”

Sharp shovel, dull shovel, pick or no pick, Marinelli appears emotionally drained at this point.

After yesterday’s loss to Carolina, his team dropped further into the cellar to a league-worst 0-10 and he jumped in the face of one of the reporters during the post-game, “You go out there and find me guys on the street and bring them into Allen Park and I’ll inspect them”, referring to replacing his current players with anyone off the street.

Scary thing is, he sounded way too serious.

What can you say besides the stress of coaching the worst team in NFL history is capable of driving a man crazy . . . maybe literally.

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