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Raiders move to Vegas becomes reality

Well it’s official. The NFL owners stuck a knife into the backs of the City of Oakland and Raiders fans and voted to move to team to Las Vegas. 

Only 24 votes were needed but Raiders owner Mark Davis received 31 of 32 votes with Miami owners being the only ‘nay’ vote at the table.

The timing of this is brutal for Raiders fans. After dealing with season after season of bad drafts, rebuilding fails and bottom of the standings performances, the team finally found a groove, played dominating ball and made the playoffs.

Davis faced the media after the vote, saying:

“I understand Oakland fans will be angry and disappointed. I want them to know that I do understand that it’s emotional. I also want them to give as much support to the team as possible as we attempt to bring a championship to the Bay Area.”

Well, maybe, but good luck with that. Davis seems to think the fans and city will show up opening kickoff and act like nothing happened? That may be far from the reality.

A longtime fan of the Raiders, Oakland City Council President Larry Reid said he plans to speak with attorneys to see if the city can legally force the Raiders out of the Coliseum early. Meaning forcing owner Davis to scramble to find a stadium to play in this and the next few season while the Vegas stadium is being built. Reid added:

“You will never ever see me wearing anything that says the Raiders.”

So what we have here is a weird situation. It’s like a divorce with a couple still living together under the same roof while they wait years to officially split.

With the Raiders’ planned $1.9 billion, 65,000-seat domed stadium scheduled to be completed and opened in 2020, Davis said he plans on staying in Oakland the next two seasons with his team having a couple of one-year options at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum where they currently play but that option is the item Reid is referring to.

Davis went further, saying he’d consider adding yet another year lease if necessary and staying in Oakland for the 2019 season too. But the fans and city are heartbroken, bitter and very pissed off right now so the Raiders may become a very unwanted guest.

“If they want us, we’d seriously consider it.” – Mark Davis

Well, Mark they may not. Time will tell if this initial reaction to your move will last. But Raiders fans are a crazy bunch. Imagine if they do boycott the team, or if the city finds a loophole and forces Davis to scramble to find a place to play.

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