Former Raiders and USC star pleads guilty

Former Oakland Raiders and USC Trojans quarterback Todd Marinovich pleaded guilty this past week to misdemeanor public nudity, trespassing and drug charges. The five charges stem from his arrest last year in Irvine, California.

Todd Marinovich mugshot

Marinovich’s guilty plea produced a 90-day jail sentence from the courts. But his attorney, Adam Cole, said the jail sentence is stayed if Marinovich completes six months in an outpatient rehab facility and three years of probation.

Marinovich, 47 years old, was busted in August after police were called about someone wandering around naked in a backyard. Police arrived on the scene and later said Marinovich was naked and had a bag that contained methamphetamine, weed, syringes, and other drug paraphernalia.

According to Cole, Marinovich checked into an out patient drug rehab center after that arrest and is doing well with treatments. He went on to say his client has been testing clean since that August arrest.

Marinovich has had a long list of drug related arrests over the years; approximately nine in Orange County, California alone. One of his past arrests occurred when he was attending USC in 1991 and was busted for possession of cocaine. Others were for much more minor incidents like possession of marijuana and skateboarding in no skate zones. But none seemed as bizarre as this most recent arrest in Irvine.

Regardless of his long history, an opportunity to finally stay clean and avoid being thrown behind bars is in place for the former football star.

Marinovich mugshot is shown above. For more athletes mugshots check out our Jocks Behind Bars website here.

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