Two NFL players arrested for “interference”

Chicago Bears cornerback Deiondre Hall and Green Bay Packers cornerback Makinton Dorleant were arrested for “interference” over the weekend near a place called Sharky’s in Cedar Falls.

L: Deiondre Hall R: Makinton Dorleant

Yep, they were cuffed, cheesed for mugshots and one of them even tasered for the alleged infraction — but we should point out, this infraction didn’t include a zebra tossing a yellow flag. This infraction involves an alleged disorderly incident and alleged fight.

Police say the NFL players were taken to jail after the incident occurred and according to the Black Hawk County Sheriff, Hall was cited for disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and interference while Dorleant was cited for interference.

The bouncer at Sharky’s, told police he was assaulted so authorities are expecting surveillance video to provide info regarding that accusation. If tape shows the assault occurred, there may be an assault charge added.

The cops also said, while they were trying to bring order back, a crowd gathered and started getting aggressive and recording the incident. One Cedar Falls police officer was allegedly hit in the head with a beer bottle but not hurt. We have to assume that Jay Cutler wasn’t with his former teammate Hall because that throw hit its mark.

We mentioned, taser. Hall was said to be the victim of that because police say he wasn’t cooperating when they were trying to bust him.

Can you blame him? Cuffed and arrested for “interference”?!

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