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College football polls, AP Top 25

College football rankings are in for the week. With a bunch more games in the books, the AP top ten hasn’t changed drastically over the past few weeks since week one.

With a solid 3-0 start, Arkansas did manage to make it into the Top Ten, taking over the No. 10 spot with Iowa (2-1) dropping down to the No. 18 spot.

It appears several voters are falling out of love with Boise State. After receiving 8 first-place votes two weeks ago, the Broncos managed just a single vote for the No. 1 spot while maintaining their No. 3 ranking behind No. 1 Alabama and No. 2 “The” Ohio State.

The Big Ten and SEC were each represented with six teams in the Top 25 with Alabama, Florida and Arkansas actually occupying top ten spots.

Here’s a brief rundown on the top few in the poll, followed by the list of all Top 25 teams.

No. 1 Alabama – 53 first-place votes and 1,492 points.

No. 2 Ohio State – 5 first-place votes and 1,435 points.

No. 3 Boise State – 1 first-place vote and 1,334 points

As mentioned earlier, the SEC had strong representation in the AP Top 25 with Alabama, Florida, Arkansas, LSU, Auburn, and South Carolina making it to the list.

The Big Ten is represented by Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Penn State, Michigan and Michigan State. (Nebraska who is joining the Big Ten next season is ranked No. 6)

Associated Press Top 25

  1. Alabama (53) 3-0
  2. Ohio State (5) 3-0
  3. Boise State (1) 3-0
  4. TCU 3-0
  5. Oregon (3-0)
  6. Nebraska (3-0)
  7. Texas (1) 3-0
  8. Oklahoma (3-0)
  9. Florida (3-0)
  10. Arkansas (3-0)
  11. Wisconsin (3-0)
  12. South Carolina (3-0)
  13. Utah (3-0)
  14. Arizona (3-0)
  15. LSU (3-0)
  16. Stanford (3-0)
  17. Auburn (3-0)
  18. Iowa (2-1)
  19. Miami (FL) (1-1)
  20. USC (3-0)
  21. Michigan (3-0)
  22. West Virginia (3-0)
  23. Penn State (2-1)
  24. Oregon State (1-1)
  25. Michigan State (3-0)

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NCAAF – Week Two review

Week Two of the college football season is over and we learned a very important lesson: we know nothing about college football. The media and fans can talk all they want and make prediction after prediction, but it means nothing going into the rest of the season. Myself included.

The flip of performances displayed on Saturday was more impressive than the Dos Equis man’s passport. To prove it, lets take a review of some of this weekend’s games.

After coming within seconds of beating No 3 Boise State last Monday, No.13 Virginia Tech was shocked at home by the James Madison Bulldogs 21-16. It was the first time in 20 years that JMU beat an FBS school and it basically just proved what we all already know; the number 13 is unlucky… and Virginia Tech isn’t that good.

The good news is that the Hokies (0-2) won’t be ranked after this loss, so there’s no need to worry about that number jinx anymore.

Speaking of Bulldogs, the ones from Georgia couldn’t find the endzone all day after scoring 55 last week and speaking of jinxes, a week ago I predicted that a Heisman-candidate quarterback would be playing in the Florida State game. Well, I was right; I just guessed the wrong guy. Christian Ponder was completely out shined by Landry Jones and the Sooners who put up 47 points against a Seminoles team that had more missed tackles than points.

This was the same Oklahoma team that squeaked by Utah State in their opener and looked very weak defensively. Well they certainly flexed their muscles against FSU on Saturday. Maybe Christian Ponder should have done what he did last week… only play one half of the game. Final in this one was 47-17.

Sorry for jinxing you Christian. My next prediction is that OU will go undefeated. Let the hex begin!

Another Heisman hopeful is No. 12 Miami Hurricanes quarterback Jacory Harris. Unfortunately for Jacory, he played No. 2 Ohio State this week and was on the downside of a 36-24 score. Jacoby threw away some early season Heisman votes with every interception. He now has 4 less votes.

What was projected to be a great offensive game turned into a special teams show and an unfair quarterback matchup. Miami returned a punt and a kickoff for touchdowns, but couldn’t get anything started on offense. Sloppy play and misfiring haunted the Hurricanes, while Terrelle Pryor looked calm and collected sitting behind the shotgun.

If this weekend taught us that we know nothing, then Denard Robinson taught us that the Michigan Wolverines are back. The dreadlocked Michigan quarterback lit up Notre Dame compiling 502 yards of total offense, including 258 on the ground, both of which were record breakers and led his team to a 28-24 win. Denard is a record-breaking machine who may be saving Rich-Rod’s head coaching gig at Michigan.  

For those of you who were not fortunate enough to watch this spectacle, just picture Lil Wayne with the skill set of Ricky Williams, who also has the ability to throw the pigskin.

The real shocker though is that Notre Dame almost won. With their starting QB Dayne Crist out for most of the first half due to an injury, the Fighting Irish were one throw away from pulling off the victory. The Irish managed to stay in the game regardless how bad walk-on Nate Montana, yeah Joe Montana’s son, played with Crist on the sidelines. This game was a gut-wrencher; everything a football fan could ask for, unless you’re a Notre Dame fan.

Another game deserves at least a quick honorable mention. No. 15 Georgia Tech decided not to show up with their best and were upset by unranked Kansas 28-25.

Conference play starts next week for the majority of the nation, so get ready for some in-state rivalry and a few upsets. Let’s see if Virginia Tech can beat an undefeated East Carolina at home. Get your beer ready, it’s tailgating season.

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Logan Rhoades is a Los Angeles-based writer and contributor to Sports Climax. With an extensive knowledge of ESPN topics and celebrity gossip, he is known for mixing sports and pop culture to entertain his readers. Check out his blog and Follow him on Twitter @loganrhoades.

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Denard Robinson is a record-setting machine

Denard Robinson has become a record-setting machine just two weeks into the NCAAF season.

The Michigan Wolverines quarterback started the season setting a team single-game quarterback rushing record with 197 yards on the ground, leading his Maize and Blue to an opening 30-10 win over U Conn.

This week the speedy QB did it again, breaking his one-week old record gaining 258 yards on 28 carries, including an 87-yard sprint for a first-quarter touchdown.

BTW, that 87-yard jaunt was another record.

It happened to be the longest rushing TD in the long history of Notre Dame Stadium. How impressive is that? The Irish have been playing ball in that stadium since 1930.

If that wasn’t enough, the QB known as “Shoelaces” lined up on 4th and long and dropped a quick kick inside the 4-yardline late in the third, pinning the Irish deep in their end. He also connected on 24-of-40 passes for 244 yards and one TD and added two more TDs on the ground.

Not only was Robinson lighting up the stats sheet. He also orchestrated a 72-yard game-winning touchdown drive over 3:14 late in the final quarter to come back and earn the Wolverines (2-0) a 28-24 win on the road.

Clearly not a one-week wonder, you have to think Denard should begin to be recognized in the chase for the 2010 Heisman Trophy.

Next week it’s the Massachusetts Minutemen’s turn to chase Shoelaces around the field while Notre Dame (1-1) travels to Michigan State.

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Ohio State Crushes Oregon in Rose Bowl

PASADENA, CA. – Ohio State Buckeye quarterback Terrelle Pryor had his coming out party in yesterday’s Rose Bowl Lucy Nicholson/ReutersGame in Pasadena.

Pryor finished 23-of-37, 266 yards (all career highs) and two TDs and showcased his ability to run, gaining a game-high 72 yards rushing, ending his Buckeyes three-game BCS losing streak with a 26-17 win over the Oregon Ducks.
“I just wanted to come out and show I can be a complete quarterback,” Pryor said.

And that he did.

Managing the game like a pro, Pryor and the Buckeyes set a Rose Bowl record with 41:37 time-of-possession that included a 19-play, 8:03 minute drive and another 13-play, 81-yard drive that chewed up over six minutes off the clock.

Pryor who was recruited heavily by rival Michigan Wolverine coach Rich Rodriquez prior to going to Columbus, has since accumulated two Big Ten titles, two wins over Michigan and a major bowl victory.

Oregon head coach Chip Kelly, who also recruited Pryor hard, commented on the quarterback during his post-game. “He certainly beat us on how he threw the ball,” said Kelly. “When I saw him in high school, he was a man amongst boys, and at times tonight, he looked like a man amongst boys.”

LeGarrette Blount played for the Ducks and was welcomed with a huge round of applause. The freight-train tailback scored a touchdown for the Ducks but later fumbled, ending a third-quarter potential scoring drive.

Blount’s season was full of ups-and-downs after he was suspended for eight games after sucker-punching a Boise State player on the sidelines after his team’s season-opening loss.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Michigan Coach Rich-Rod

ANN ARBOR – University of Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez and Wolverine linebacker Jonas Mouton have earned rich-rodthis week’s Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week honors.

The struggling Michigan coach who was recently accused of breaking NCAA rules, again made negative headlines after he ignored a serious incident involving Mouton during last Saturday’s victory over Notre Dame.

Mouton officially joined Oregon Ducks player McGarette Blount as a cheap-shot artist when he threw an uppercut sucker punch into the jaw of Notre Dame center Eric Olsen while Olsen was on his knees attempting to get up on his feet after a play was over.

As the embarrassing video made its way around the internet and sports sites all over the country, Rich-Rod continued to brush the incident off until finally delivering a lame account followed by a description of the incident that doesn’t match the tape, even in the biggest stretch of imagination. “The little bit I saw, the clip I saw, the guys got tangled up together and Jonas was trying to free himself.” said Rodriguez. Here’s the punch on YouTube.

The Big Ten responded to the sucker-punch by suspending Mouton for one game for violating the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement.

“The actions of Jonas Mouton during the Notre Dame game are unacceptable,” Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany said. “Mouton’s behavior has no place in the sport of football or the Big Ten Conference.”

What is just as bothersome and unacceptable is Rich-Rod’s ignorant choice to let Mouton evade punishment prior to the league stepping in.

Blount was suspended for the entire season for his assault on the Boise State player opening week while Mouton’s actions earned a one game slap on the wrist.

Although Blount was much more aggressive in his incident, he was also provoked after his team suffered an embarrassing loss. Mouton initiated his attack unprovoked and many believe he should have received stiffer disiplinary action than the one game.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – The Fighting Irish & Wolverines

The Notre Dame non-Fighting Irish and Michigan share the Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week honors after both confirmed they are bottom-of-the-barrel, lower than whale-shit football programs.

The non-Fighting Irish program is at an absolute low after allowing a (2-8) Syracuse team to embarrass them on their home field with a 24-23 win. The underdog Orange actually trailed 23-10 in the fourth quarter before rallying to score and eventually winning the game with an 11-yard pass with 42 seconds remaining.

For the Irish (6-5), losing to an underdog like Syracuse ranked among the worst losses in team history and left coach Charlie Weis with an inexcusable 28-20 record in four seasons.

The Michigan Wolverines and coach Rich Rodriguez rightfully share the honors this week after getting totally dominated, spanked, beat up and bitch-slapped by their rival Ohio State, 42-10 in the most lopsided score of this rivalry game since 1968 when OSU slammed U of M 50-14.

After that game OSU coach Woody Hayes was asked why he went for two with such a ridiculous lead late in the game. His response, “Because I couldn’t go for three.” Now that’s a rivalry!

Charlie Weis, who is also a member of our Fat Bastards Gallery, and Rich Rodriquez, you easily earned this week’s Sports Climax Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

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U of M’s Rich Rod Following Notre Dame Path?

ANN ARBOR – In the infant stages of this NCAAF 2008 season, we’ve learned something about the Big Ten. They may soon be referred to as the “Little Ten” if their powerhouse teams don’t get off their asses and start playing some head-banging, Big Ten ball. Another early observation is that Ohio State doesn’t deserve to play for the NCAA Championship after getting their asses handed to them by the USC Trojans 35-3. That embarrassing performance earned OSU the SportsClimax.COM “Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week”.

Then there is the disappointing, lackluster Michigan Wolverines. During the off-season, when Michigan lost the Terrelle Pryor sweepstakes to their rival Buckeye’s, many people threw in the towel and knew it was going to be a rebuilding process; but Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez should not be waving his white flag this early in the season.

After losing his debut in the Big House to underdog Utah and dropping another to Notre Dame, Rich Rod and his new-look Wolverines are off to a shaky start. Rebuilding or not, when you take over a program with the prestige and pride of the University of Michigan, a rebuilding year should include a major bowl berth since the bowl season is watered down to mediocrity.

When a major program like the Wolverines need a rebuilding year, it shouldn’t look at Notre Dame’s 3-9 garbage season last year as an acceptable standard.

After watching Steven Threet at QB over the first three games, he doesn’t possess the tools for the spread offense or possibly any offense in the Big Ten. With his lack of accuracy and throwing arm and less than average mobility, he plays more like a Mid-American conference QB in a Big Ten uniform.

Rodriguez should see that. Why not let him take more snaps under center. When Threet did line up and take some snaps in one offensive series against Miami OH, the Wolverines played to their strengths and pounded the ball down their throats for a touchdown.

Rodriguez clearly wants to implant his offense and continues to force it without players who fit that scheme and because of that, the offense is sputtering.

Michigan has 13 offensive lineman over 280 pounds who control the line of scrimmage. They have two halfbacks, Brandon Minor and Kevin Grady, who are skilled and powerful runners weighing 214 and 228 pounds respectively, who have only carried the ball a combined fifteen times.

Sam McGuffie, 5 ft. 11 in., 185 lbs, has carried the ball 50 times. McGuffie is great in open space and should get his touches through screens and other open field plays. Why hand a runner like McGuffie the ball on 3rd and short from the shotgun and expect him to grind out the yards. And somebody needs to tell Coach Rodriguez that fakes to his halfback from the shotgun is getting zero respect from a defense; especially in the bullshit situational parts of the game.

This is the University of Michigan and Rodriguez has been a disappointment because of his lack of commitment to win football games. No one wants to see his spread offense for an entire game when the team lacks the weapons to make it work effectively. This offense needs to take more snaps under center and allow their size to be a factor instead of playing against their strengths.

That offense has potential to dominate when Shavodrick Beaver is running it next year. Beaver, out of Texas, has made a verbal commitment for next year and has been evaluated has a highly athletic quarterback and compares to Dennis Dixon in size and skill.

I believe in R.R. to bring glory back to the University of Michigan in the future. Coach Lloyd Carr hit a plateau and wasn’t taking the team to the elite level of competition expected by the Michigan faithful. In his last five years, Coach Carr was 1-4 in bowl games, got swept in BCS games and had a record of 1-4 against Ohio State.

Coach R.R. is capable of leading Michigan back to the elite stage but he shouldn’t use this rebuilding year as an excuse to lose football games. Michigan is a school that reeks with prestige and pride.

Kansas City Chiefs Coach Herb Edwards said, “You play to win the game”. Coach Rodriguez needs to think about Edward’s comment every Saturday and remember he is wearing maize and blue.

The next few games are against Big Ten rivals, Wisconsin and Illinois. If Rodriguez isn’t careful, he may be staring a 1-5 record right in the face . . . on his way to a Notre Dame-like rebuilding season.

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