Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Michigan Coach Rich-Rod

ANN ARBOR – University of Michigan coach Rich Rodriguez and Wolverine linebacker Jonas Mouton have earned rich-rodthis week’s Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week honors.

The struggling Michigan coach who was recently accused of breaking NCAA rules, again made negative headlines after he ignored a serious incident involving Mouton during last Saturday’s victory over Notre Dame.

Mouton officially joined Oregon Ducks player McGarette Blount as a cheap-shot artist when he threw an uppercut sucker punch into the jaw of Notre Dame center Eric Olsen while Olsen was on his knees attempting to get up on his feet after a play was over.

As the embarrassing video made its way around the internet and sports sites all over the country, Rich-Rod continued to brush the incident off until finally delivering a lame account followed by a description of the incident that doesn’t match the tape, even in the biggest stretch of imagination. “The little bit I saw, the clip I saw, the guys got tangled up together and Jonas was trying to free himself.” said Rodriguez. Here’s the punch on YouTube.

The Big Ten responded to the sucker-punch by suspending Mouton for one game for violating the Big Ten Sportslike Conduct Agreement.

“The actions of Jonas Mouton during the Notre Dame game are unacceptable,” Big Ten Commissioner Jim Delany said. “Mouton’s behavior has no place in the sport of football or the Big Ten Conference.”

What is just as bothersome and unacceptable is Rich-Rod’s ignorant choice to let Mouton evade punishment prior to the league stepping in.

Blount was suspended for the entire season for his assault on the Boise State player opening week while Mouton’s actions earned a one game slap on the wrist.

Although Blount was much more aggressive in his incident, he was also provoked after his team suffered an embarrassing loss. Mouton initiated his attack unprovoked and many believe he should have received stiffer disiplinary action than the one game.

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