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Hawks Bitch-Slapped by the Magic

After being swept off the court in historical fashion by Superman Dwight Howard and the Orlando Magic, the Atlanta Hawks are our slam-dunk pick for Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

After losing by a record 101 total number of points over the 4-game series that began with a 114-71 thrashing, they would also be assured of the bitch-slap of the month, if that title existed.

101 point spread for a 4-game series–think about that number. Okay now everyone grab your megaphones and yell in unison, “The Hawks SUCK!”

The Hawks have so much blame to spread around for this debacle, they may just want to consider throwing in the towel and rebuilding from a core of maybe 3-4 players, but only after axing coach Mike Woodson and not giving free-agent Joe Johnson even an insulting contract offer to turn down.

J.J. was as cold as a Siberian night the whole series, shooting just .387 from the floor and .220 from the arch, but at least when stuck in Siberia, you can always try farting to stay warm. And it actually gets worse.

After his team’s 30-point blowout loss in Game Johnson had the audacity to say this in response to his fans showing their displeasure in the form of booing :

“That doesn’t bother me, and I hope it doesn’t bother anyone in this locker room. It’s about us in this locker room. We could care less if [fans] showed up.”

Whattup widdat!? SLAP! That deserves an additional backhander Mr. Johnson.

The Hawks tripped and sputtered to an opening round win over a much less talented Milwaukee Bucks team who ran around like a pack of Mini-Skiles before waving the white flag without a fight against the Magic.

Most reasonable fans ask one thing of their team and players . . . show up. That’s something the Hawks neglected to do for the entire series so they earn our, SLAP!! . . . Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

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