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Sexy Brazilian Horse Jockey Maylan Studart

NEW YORK – Since running our original feature entitled, “Sexy Maylan Studart is Horse Racing’s Danica Patrick” maylan-studart-2 earlier this year,  we have received a ton of emails inquiring about the Brazilian beauty; asking for an update on her career.

Now recognized as one of horse racing’s sexiest horse jockeys, Studart quickly rose up the charts on Google and other search networks and is featured alongside Danica PatrickAnna Kournikova, Sasha Cohen and Allison Stokke in the Sports Climax Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery.

With her talents and success she has found at the reins throughout racetracks in New York, seems there are a lot of sports fans out there interested in more than the sexy rider’s athletic body and sex appeal.

The reason race fans won’t find Studart in any recent race results is because she is healing from a serious injury she suffered in June 2009.

Apparently, Studart was in a Belmont Park barn mingling with a group of horses and decided to pet a horse. According to witnesses, the horse reared up and came down on top of her, breaking her leg.

The injury required surgery which was performed at North Shore University Hospital in New York.

When the news improves and she is back in the saddle, we will update our readers, until then, you will have to settle for off-track images like the one here or visit our Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery.

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Sexy Maylan Studart is horse racing’s Danica Patrick

Also see sexy Maylan Studart in the Sexiest Female Athletes Photo Gallery here.

NEW YORK – Thoroughbred horse racing may have found their version of Danica Patrick. maylan-studart-01

Maylan Studart, a sexy 19-year-old horse jockey from Rio De Janeiro is racking up a load of victories and turning a few heads in the process.

Since winning the $50,000 Lindsay Stakes race at Calder Race Track late last year, guiding Got Clearance to the finish line in record time, the attractive competitor has generated quite the fan base.

Like Danica, after joining a male-dominated sport, the hot Brazilian has many fans awaiting the horse racing industry to market their sexy jockey as the IRL marketed Danica.

Maylan was a slam-dunk pick to join our other babes in the Sports Climax Hottest Female Athletes Gallery.

The young Brazilian seems to be taking it all in stride and her enthusiasm is evident, “Horse racing is in my blood, it’s my addiction and I can’t run away from it.

I’ve been involved with horses since I was four-years-old with jumping competition.”

Still adjusting to the intense competition and physical challenges of her sport, in November 2008 Studart brought home ‘Decorated Court’ at Aqueduct but took a spill that same week when she was thrown from ‘River of Dreams’ at Meadowlands race track. maylan-riding-got-clearance-to-win

Studart’s most recent wins include a Valentine’s Day 2009 victory aboard ‘Spa Princess’ in the 6th race and bringing home ‘Trillion’ on February 16, both victory rides at Aqueduct race track.

In a recent interview, when asked if it is tough riding against the guys, she responded with a shy laugh, “No not at all it’s something every woman does in this world, I mean, out on the track, it’s ‘Every man for himself’.”

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