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ESPY Awards rock the Nokia Theater in L.A.

The ESPY Awards kicked off on time at the Nokia Theater in downtown Los Angeles. Host Seth Meyers treated the audience to an opening monologue that could have been written for “Saturday Night Live”.

It was edgy, filled with plenty of references to Tiger Woods, who wasn’t there and there were many jokes at the expense of ESPN, the network that produces and broadcasts the show. All of them related to “The Decision”.

Steve Carrell and Paul Rudd appeared in a taped piece that parodied the awkward interview of LeBron James by Jim Gray. Others who were teased by Meyers were Brett Favre, yes he showed up, Olympic snow boarder Shaun White and even race car driver, Danica Patrick.

The first award of the evening was presented to Tennessee Titan’s running back, Chris Johnson. His category was Best Breakthrough Athlete. Johnson is going through a very public contract dispute with his employer but it didn’t keep voters from acknowledging him as one of the few 2000+ yard runners in NFL history.

The award for the Best Record-Breaking Performance was given to John Isner and Nicolas Mahut for the mind boggling first round match at this year’s Wimbledon Championships.  Their match took more than 11 hours to complete, stretched over three days. It ended with the score of 70-68 in the fifth set.

The Best Sports Moment of the Year was given to Landon Donovan for his game winning goal against Algeria. Donovan connected in the 91st minute of the match and sent the U.S. team to the second round of the World Cup tournament. Most of the team went up on stage to accept the award.

The ESPY Awards are fun and meant to award achievements in and around sports. However, there are loftier goals that are noted by the ESPY’s. The Arthur Ashe Courage Award and the Jimmy V Comeback Award are given to people who personify the traits of the men for whom the awards are named.

This year’s Ashe Award recipients are the family of Ed Thomas, the Iowa high school football coach who took a town on his back after an unthinkable tragedy. He ultimately was the victim of another.

Thomas’ town of Pakersburg, Iowa was leveled by an EF-5 tornado in the summer of 2008. He lost his home and the high school at which he taught and coached looked like it wouldn’t host another game, never mind be ready for the first game of the 2008 season.

Slideshow of ESPY Red Carpet attendees

He worked tirelessly to keep the town’s 2000 citizens focused and together. On cue, the football team took the field and didn’t just play the season, they went 11-1. It gave solace and solidarity to the town.

But one year later, he was shot to death by a former student who suffered from a mental illness. Thomas’ sons and wife not only consoled each other but made certain to reach out to the parents of the boy who had taken Ed’s life

They never even considered vilifying the troubled young man or his parents. It’s a small town, you see and the word “neighbors” means something special in Parkersburg.

The Thomas family led the town’s grieving as well as healing process and gave new meaning to “turn the other cheek”.

This year’s Jimmy V Comeback Award was given to Denver Nuggets’ head coach, George Karl. He was stricken with cancer for the second time within a few years and it kicked his butt.

He had to bow out of leading his team through the end of the season as well as the 2010 playoffs. The Nuggets struggled without him and were bounced in the first round.

Karl had already beaten prostate cancer and lived through his son Coby’s two surgeries for thyroid cancer. But the throat and neck cancer he contracted tested him like nothing else.

Forty rounds of radiation burned through his skin, took his voice and he thought the cure would kill him before the disease.

He appeared on stage in the shadow of the Jimmy V banners and talked of the support he has had as well as his hopes for how to find and fund a cure for the dread disease.

It’s clear he’s ready to return to the rat race that is the NBA season but he will forever be changed.

Used with permission of the author.

Paula Duffy is a national sports columnist for Examiner.com and the Huffington Post and regularly comments on sports/legal matters for radio affiliates of ESPN and Fox Sports. She founded the sports information site, Incidental Contact, is the author of a line of audio books designed for sports novices and in her spare time practices law in Los Angeles. 

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Woman Drivers! Chrissy Wallace and Danica Both Crash in Nationwide 300

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Tony Stewart has won the Nationwide Series race at Daytona International Speedway for the Danica Wreck Daytonafifth time in the last six years.

Now for the bigger news, in her NASCAR debut at Daytona International Speedway Danica Patrick lasted until Lap 68 when she was involved in a 10 or 12-car wreck in the Nationwide Series event.

Danica was running smoothly in the 21st position when several cars bumped and spun out in front of her. She maintained her position in the middle of the track, a strategy that paid off earlier in the race when she was able to avoid spinning cars during an earlier wreck but using the same tactic the second time in the race ended her day early. Unable to avoid the spinning cars, she hit some debris then slammed into the outside wall damaging her car and knocking herself out of the race.

Shortly after, her crew pushed the car back to the garage and evaluated the heavy damage to the front right area of the vehicle.

Last week after completed the ARCA event at DIS and taking 6th place, Danica felt comfortable enough to move her NASCAR debut up a week to today’s Nationwide 300 season-opener.

She expects to run again next week in California then again in the following Nationwide race in Las Vegas.

Driving in the shadows of Danica, the other female competing in the race was Chrissy Wallace who also had an unscheduled visit with the wall, this one during Lap 1.

Ms. Wallace spun out near turn four slid across the track and slammed into the wall totaling her vehicle.

During an interview shortly after the crash, she blamed Paul Menard for the accident. “It was a “dumb mistake on his part,” said the disgruntled driver. That’s hard to argue with after seeing the replay of the accident where it appeared Menard pushed Wallace causing her to spin out of control.

Before throwing your PBR at the TV and getting your panties in a wad screaming out the cliche ‘woman drivers!’ you may want to watch the replays. Both of these wrecks were caused by some of men in the race.

BTW, Chrissy was one of four Wallaces in NASCAR’s second-tier event. Dad Mike Wallace, Uncle Kenny Wallace and cousin Steve Wallace also started the race.

Sexy Danica Patrick Super Bowl Ad Rejected by CBS (VIDEO HERE)

Danica Does Daytona – Sports Climax

Sexy Danica Go Daddy Super Bowl Ad Rejected by CBS (VIDEO) – Sports Climax

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Danica Does Daytona

DAYTONA BEACH, Fla. – Danica Patrick the most popular female race car driver on the planet is currently honing herDanica in Daytona skills at Daytona International Speedway in preparation for her NASCAR Nationwide series debut on Saturday February 13th.

Danica will be driving the No. 7 Chevrolet owned by JR Motorsports; Dale Earnhardt Jr. and Rick Hendrick and her crew chief will be Tony Eury Jr.

The two-year deal between Danica and JR Motorsports was announced in 2009 and the hype and plan for her to debut at Daytona began immediately. Patrick’s deal requires her to participate on a limited basis and the word on the street is we should expect her to compete in nearly 20 events in 2010.

Danica came to Daytona for practice sessions on the tri-oval during the winter break and made her ARCA debut this past Saturday. She has garnered a lot of media attention and qualified her Chevy appearing cautious at times while she adjusted to her new vehicle.

During that ARCA race the ride was going smoothly with a little under 30 laps left when Patrick lost control and spun through the tri-oval and the grass eventually making a sweet recovery then working her way back for a 6th place finish. Dale Jr. and the team were very pleased with that inaugural performance.

Danica and the boys played again during Nationwide series practice where she again held her own and grabbed a 26th place finish out of 51 cars, showing she wasn’t afraid to run with the big boys.

Patrick is guaranteed a spot in the race using points from CJM racings No. 11 team that finished 15th in points last season. Tony Eury Jr. was quoted as saying “She just soaks it all up” and she asks a lot of questions.

Taking it all in stride, during a recent television interview Danica said “We kept the car in one piece, I ran out there with some big guys, so that was good.”

Now she will have to earn the same respect of the rest of the competitors in the Nationwide series while she stays focused on making her way to her first trip to a NASCAR victory lane.

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Sexy Danica Go Daddy Ad Rejected By CBS (Video Here)

Danica- Hottest Female Athletes Gallery – Sports Climax

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Danica Patrick Takes Test Drive at Daytona International Speedway

DAYTONA BEACH – ESPN reported that Danica Patrick will make her ARCA debut on Feb. 6 at Daytona International Speedway but has Danica Patrick not decided on whether she will begin what will be a 13-race Nationwide Series schedule for JRM at Daytona or wait until the next week at California.

Danica said there’s a 50-percent chance it will happen at Daytona, but first she wants to learn more about the car. She also has to get NASCAR’s approval, which likely won’t come until after the ARCA race.

Danica did take her first test run in Daytona today for the team co-owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr. and completed a total of five laps, reaching a maximum speed of 176.142 mph.

That speed is almost 50 mph off the IndyCar pace at Indianapolis Motor Speedway.

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Danica Patrick Joining NASCAR – Sports Climax

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Danica Patrick Joining NASCAR

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The AP reported that a reputable source said Danica Patrick will be joining the NASCAR circuit.

Danica PatrickThe sexy driver, seen here in the Sports Climax “Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery”, has graced the pages in sexy swimsuit and near naked photo spreads for Sports Illustrated and Maxim Magazine.

Patrick is expected to announce her NASCAR deal at a Tuesday news conference in Phoenix and will be driving for the NASCAR Nationwide Series team co-owned by Dale Earnhardt Jr.

GoDaddy.com is expected to sponsor her NASCAR run as well as her future IndyCar races.

Patrick recently signed a three-year deal to stay in the IndyCar series, but that schedule allows enough time for her to also compete in NASCAR.

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Sexy Brazilian Horse Jockey Maylan Studart

NEW YORK – Since running our original feature entitled, “Sexy Maylan Studart is Horse Racing’s Danica Patrick” maylan-studart-2 earlier this year,  we have received a ton of emails inquiring about the Brazilian beauty; asking for an update on her career.

Now recognized as one of horse racing’s sexiest horse jockeys, Studart quickly rose up the charts on Google and other search networks and is featured alongside Danica PatrickAnna Kournikova, Sasha Cohen and Allison Stokke in the Sports Climax Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery.

With her talents and success she has found at the reins throughout racetracks in New York, seems there are a lot of sports fans out there interested in more than the sexy rider’s athletic body and sex appeal.

The reason race fans won’t find Studart in any recent race results is because she is healing from a serious injury she suffered in June 2009.

Apparently, Studart was in a Belmont Park barn mingling with a group of horses and decided to pet a horse. According to witnesses, the horse reared up and came down on top of her, breaking her leg.

The injury required surgery which was performed at North Shore University Hospital in New York.

When the news improves and she is back in the saddle, we will update our readers, until then, you will have to settle for off-track images like the one here or visit our Sexiest Female Athletes Gallery.

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Sexy Maylan Studart is horse racing’s Danica Patrick

Also see sexy Maylan Studart in the Sexiest Female Athletes Photo Gallery here.

NEW YORK – Thoroughbred horse racing may have found their version of Danica Patrick. maylan-studart-01

Maylan Studart, a sexy 19-year-old horse jockey from Rio De Janeiro is racking up a load of victories and turning a few heads in the process.

Since winning the $50,000 Lindsay Stakes race at Calder Race Track late last year, guiding Got Clearance to the finish line in record time, the attractive competitor has generated quite the fan base.

Like Danica, after joining a male-dominated sport, the hot Brazilian has many fans awaiting the horse racing industry to market their sexy jockey as the IRL marketed Danica.

Maylan was a slam-dunk pick to join our other babes in the Sports Climax Hottest Female Athletes Gallery.

The young Brazilian seems to be taking it all in stride and her enthusiasm is evident, “Horse racing is in my blood, it’s my addiction and I can’t run away from it.

I’ve been involved with horses since I was four-years-old with jumping competition.”

Still adjusting to the intense competition and physical challenges of her sport, in November 2008 Studart brought home ‘Decorated Court’ at Aqueduct but took a spill that same week when she was thrown from ‘River of Dreams’ at Meadowlands race track. maylan-riding-got-clearance-to-win

Studart’s most recent wins include a Valentine’s Day 2009 victory aboard ‘Spa Princess’ in the 6th race and bringing home ‘Trillion’ on February 16, both victory rides at Aqueduct race track.

In a recent interview, when asked if it is tough riding against the guys, she responded with a shy laugh, “No not at all it’s something every woman does in this world, I mean, out on the track, it’s ‘Every man for himself’.”

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Fights, ‘roids and Danica

NASCAR has been squeezing itself onto prime-time sports shows on ESPN and some of the other major networks after last week’s steroid investigation of driver Ron Hornaday and the all-out brawl that took place at the end of Saturday’s NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series race in New Hampshire.

Danica Patrick

Many mainstream sports fans seem to be jumping on the NASCAR bandwagon because, let’s face it, nothing like a good hockey fight, a first-round knockout or a plain old-fashioned brawl between a bunch a’ good ole Pabst-drinking boys from the south, kickin’ each other’s ass; just because.

The fight started after David Starr spun out Todd Bodine. Bodine retaliated by ramming into the back of Starr’s vehicle-sounds like a day on the L.A Freeway during the road-rage 90’s without the guns.

The pit crews for Bodine and Starr both took offense to their rival driver and decided to start throwing a few haymakers right there in the pit. Spectators who viewed the “main event” said the fighters left the arena with a split decision.

The Las Vegas Speedway tried to lighten the incident up by offering to set up a “friendly” tug-of-war bout between the two cranky crews before this week’s truck series race in Vegas and said they were, “Happy to supply the rope.”

I’m sure they are . . . but what really for?

The incident put NASCAR back in the news for the second straight week after last week’s Hornaday steroids inquiry earned national airtime. NASCAR borrowed a chapter from the MLB and NHL marketing books; combating steroid accusations one week, then going toe-to-toe the next.

Both got ‘em a spot on sports highlight reels.

Fights between drivers seem to be stealing the attention away from the sport that many sports buffs think of as nothing but a bunch of rednecks driving wreck-less as hell in the same circle hundreds of times, without turn signals or horns.

The cat-fight the fans really wanted to see ended up just a tease when Danica Patrick and Venezuelan Milka Duno got into each other’s face after a race recently; the argument only elevating into towel-throwing. That knock-down-drag-out-ripping-each-others-clothes-off event can only happen in all of our minds now.

Back to the crew vs. crew incident, NASCAR did suspend a bunch of team members and put them on probation until December 31. Fines totaling $15,000 were also handed out. That calculates out to about 2,500 cans of PBR . . . now that’s hitting below the belt.

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