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Golden Boy Productions screams slander

Golden Boy Promotions announced late Tuesday that the New York State Athletic Commission has lifted the suspension of the company’s state boxing license, imposed on July 6.

After a hearing on the issues raised by the suspension, the NYSAC saw no reason not to reverse its earlier decision.

Golden Boy claims, “significant but innocent mistakes” caused suspension

Golden Boy is now on the war path, not against the Commission, but against a journalist it claims may have libeled the promotions company.

Golden Boy’s announcement of the reversal savages George Kimball who it claims is guilty of “unprofessional and personally vindictive reporting.”

Kimball’s untruths, according to GBP include reporting that the promotions company was suspended for unethical conduct, “…arising from supposed financial transactions relating to Golden Boy’s May 15, 2010 event in New York.”

The NYSAC ruled on Tuesday that GBP was guilty of omitting the existence of certain contracts. When they were produced, GBP says, the Commission found no evidence of anything other than failure to timely produce what was demanded.

In addition to lifting the suspension, the Commission assessed a $10,000 fine against GBP for violating a New York State law. There was no finding that the company committed any violation of the Ali Act.

The company’s statement ends with a threat to Mr. Kimball and his publishers. “It is our hope that the matter can be put to bed with a retraction and an apology. However, Golden Boy wants to make clear that going forward, it will not tolerate this kind of irresponsible journalism, and will move swiftly to vindicate itself in court and elsewhere.”

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