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Black Monday 2013 – the Axe Swung Heavy

Family members of Detroit Lions fans can return all sharp objects back into their households, because, yep, the Lions fired coach Jim Schwartz on Monday.

How bad did the Lions front office want to make a change?

Well they’re gonna be paying their roller coaster coach $12 million to hit the road. Lions fans sharpened their pitchforks and came out in hoards via Twitter asking for Schwartz’ head after the talented roster blew a 6-3 division lead and imploded, ending up 7-9 and out of the playoffs. One of those losses came at home against the 2-8 Bucs.

Oh, the Bucs….the axe swung in Tampa Bay too.

Coach Greg Schiano fell victim to the axe. Schiano’s the guy who introduced schoolyard fucktard ball to the NFL by having his D line charge into an unsuspecting opposing offensive line when they were taking a knee to end a game.

This firing is somewhat of a surprise since the Bucs competed well once they put their tall rookie QB Mike Glennon in to replace Josh Freeman who was butting heads with Schiano. Glennon looks like a kid who would get his tongue stuck on a cold pole in the winter but he had a promising season that included winning that challenging game in Detroit.

BTW, Bucs GM Mark Dominik also was fired.

Moving onto Washington where their owner Dan Snyder seems to not have a clue half the time, Mike Shanahan was canned. The Redskins who traded everything including their kitchen sink and first-born children for RG3 had one of the most underachieving seasons in the NFL; so someone had to go.

And that someone was Shanny who is an offensive guru but seems to be out of touch with the current NFL regarding dealing with egos and players.

Other firings included Vikings Leslie Frazier who led his team to a 5-10-1 season . Most exciting thing to happen in Minny over the recent years is when Fox showed their tight end’s schlong hanging out on live TV. That said, Frazier had plenty of time and deserved to get pink sipped.

Last but not least, the Browns Rob Chudzinski joined this elite group. In fact he was the first to get the news. But the Chuds firing has Browns fans and players shaking their heads since the guy was allowed just one season to turn things around. A season that the GM dumped Trent Richardson and dangled star WR Josh Gordon indicating they were throwing in the towel before Halloween arrived. The next coach we see on the sidelines in Cleveland will be the 4th since 2008 and the next QB we see taking snaps will be the…wait a sec…let me get out my calculator…forget it, point is, the Browns have gone through dozens of QB’s in their recent history. Who really needs to go in Cleveland?

Those are the guys who fell victim to the axe but we do have one honorable mention.

Cowboys HC Jason Garrett finished with another 8-8 non-playoffs season but he’s expected to stay.


Because the team has the shittiest GM in the NFL and the owner won’t fire that GM…wait…

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Josh McDaniels created controversy

Josh McDaniels was fired yesterday as the Denver Broncos head coach to become the third NFL coach to be canned this season, joining both Wade Phillips and Brad Childress.

Although this may not come as a shock to football fans, it is odd that it happened when it did. Just last week, Broncos owner Pat Bowlen said that “Josh McDaniels is the head coach of the Broncos, and you always strive for stability at that position.” He went on to hint that this might be McDaniels’ last season with the team but never suggested that it would be his last week.

Since Josh McDaniels was hired in Denver, the team has been on a roller coaster ride of controversy and questionable deals. In his short two seasons as head coach, he has traded away Pro Bowlers Jay Cutler and Brandon Marshall and also Peyton Hillis, who has become a premier back in Cleveland.

In Addition to giving away the team’s main base of talent, McDaniels burned a first-round draft pick on quarterback Tim Tebow who was expected to be available into the second and even third round. In 12 games this season, Tebow has thrown just one pass but that could change at this point of the season with the team sitting in last place at 3-9.

His most recent indiscretion resulted in a $50,000 fine for illegally taping a San Francisco 49ers practice. Although McDaniels has stated that he declined to watch the tape, the backlash against him stood strong… as it should have.

Despite starting his career off in Denver with an impressive six-game winning streak, the Broncos are now 11-17 under Josh McDaniels and have lost seven out of their last eight games. Their 3-9 record this season is good enough for dead last in the AFC West and 28th in ESPN’s latest Power Rankings.

With no chance of making the playoffs, Pat Bowlen had to make a decision and that decision resulted in naming running backs coach Eric Studesville the interim head coach for the remainder of the season.

The good news for Broncos fans is that if the NFL trend continues, then they can look forward to a few more wins this year. The Cowboys and Vikings interim head coaches are a combined 5-1 this season, and both teams have been playing remarkably well since the head coaching changes.

The bad news for Broncos fans is that their team still sucks. The Denver Broncos defense ranks 31st in opponent rushing yards and 22nd in opponent passing yards. And let’s not forget that their rush offense is one of the worst in the league. Just imagine what the team would be like if they still had Brandon Marshall and Peyton Hillis.

With the remaining four games against teams without a winning record, the Broncos will look to gain some momentum into the off-season. Don’t be surprised if they win all four under Studesville and send McDaniels a message in the process.

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