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Giants Spoil Cowboys Opener; Ochocinco Does Lambeau Leap

The New York Giants ruined the Dallas Cowboys big bash at the opening game in the new Cowboys Stadium Sunday AP Photo: Mike Roemer night defeating the ‘Boys 33-31.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones showed off the $1.2 billion structure to a raucous crowd of over 105,000 that included several past Cowboy greats, LeBron James and George W. Bush.

The stadium lived up to much of it’s hype with its seven-story high state-of-the-art television screen and dancing towers for the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders; the only thing missing was a win.

Between three interceptions thrown by Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, Giants QB Eli Manning passed for 330 yards, 284of them to wideouts Mario Manningham and Steve Smith. Manning then orchestrated a near-flawless final drive from his own end to set the stage for placekicker Lawrence Tynes to connect for a 37-yard game-winning kick, silencing the raucous crowd as the final seconds ticked off the clock.

In upsets Sunday, Mark Sanchez and the New York Jets beat the New England Patriots 16-9, the Chicago Bears upended the Super Bowl Champions Pittsburgh Steelers 17-14 on a last-second field goal and the Cincinnati Bengals upset the Green Bay Packers 31-24 at Lambeau Field in a game that included Ochocinco catching a TD pass and performing the Lambeau Leap.

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Giants’ Tom Coughlin Overcoming Adversity

NEW YORK – Coach Tom Coughlin and his New York Giants have lived up to the challenges they have faced and NFL Giants Tom Coughlincontinue to find a way to win.The Giants (11-1) own the best record in the NFC and have a chance to clinch the NFC East with a victory today at home against the Philadelphia Eagles.

While WR Plaxico Burress’ shooting incident dominated the news, the team maintained their composure and responded well last week by going into Washington and defeating the Redskins 23-7. QB Eli Manning completed 21 of 34 passes for 305 yards and he did it without Plaxico in the line-up.

That seems to be the Giants pattern over the past few seasons. Adversity hits . . . shrug it off and win.

After the 2006-07 season, the Giants star running back Tiki Barber hung up his spikes as the team’s all-time rushing and reception leader.

The team turned to Brandon Jacobs to fill Barber’s spot. Jacobs responded by rushing for 1,009 yards for the season and helped his Giants pick up playoff road wins in Green Bay and Dallas then defeat the heavily-favored New England Patriots in the Super Bowl 17-14.

This year, the Giants started their season without a huge part of their defense, Michael Strahan, who decided to retire with a franchise leading 141.5 sacks and again, the team is shrugging it off. After 12 weeks into the season, the Giants defense, led by Justin Tuck (11.5 sacks) is third in the NFC in sacks with 36.

There is talk that LB Antonio Pierce’s involvement in the Plaxico incident could be a distraction to the team this week but it’s hard to imagine Coughlin not having his team focused and ready for this game.

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Felony charge likely for NFL Giants’ Burress

NEW YORK – Police are expected to file criminal charges against Plaxico Burress this morning for the incident over the weekend when Burress shot himself in the leg with a gun while out clubbing in New York.

The incident occurred at a nightclub called The Latin Quarter located on Lexington and 48th, just a few blocks from NFL headquarters.

According to the New York Times, police were searching for Burress on Saturday and went to his home at 4:35 pm to question him about the shooting. They were greeted by Burress’ wife Tiffany who told them, “You can’t come in. You can’t talk to my husband”.

After 37 minutes, they left and returned about 7:30 pm and again left after no one answered the door.

Since then, Burress has hired an attorney to represent him.

Felony charges are likely. In the state of New York, if a person possesses a loaded, unlicensed handgun in a place other than his residence or business, it is a felony.

The bad news for Burress is, the days of brushing celebrity and athlete criminal incidents under the rug, is long over (Google Paris Hilton and Michael Vick).

Burress does have an expired Florida concealed permit but even if it were not expired, it would not be recognized in New York.

During the NFL Network pregame shows on Sunday, ex-players explained how the league offers security contacts and information for players to hire legally-armed security guards in their home town or any time they travel on the road. This is in place in an attempt to discourage players from carrying weapons or having members of their entourage packing heat.

If the loaded weapon is proven to be Burress’ and he discharged it, even accidentally, while out for an evening of alcohol and clubbing, he deserves repercussion from this.

Burress is a professional with the monetary means and league resources to hire qualified armed security to accompany him at any time.

To set his own rules while ignoring the laws and policies while placing himself and every patron in that club in jeopardy, he has asked for a day in court, and chances are, he will get it.

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NFL football Giants and Jets rivalry gets new life

NEW YORK – Step aside Mets and Yankees, it’s NFL football season and it appears your rivalry, as intense as it may be, may be sitting on the back burner until after the New Year.

The intercity rivalry between the first-place New York Giants (10-1) and, this is NOT a typo, first-place New York Jets (8-3) has found new life since Brett Favre jumped into the fray, joining the Jets after their underachieving season last year.

While the Jets struggled last season, the Giants were putting together a win streak that took them all the way to their Super Bowl upset victory over the undefeated New England Patriots.

Trash-talking in the parks and cafes are picking up steam since the first place Jets defeated the Titans last week who came into that game with a 10-0 record.

The Giants in the meantime are continuing where they left off and have only lost one game all year and are a favorite to make a return trip to the Super Bowl.

I spoke to several fans from both sides of the fence over this Thanksgiving weekend and clearly the passion for this rivalry has elevated. I discovered when you bring up the words ‘Giants’ and ‘Jets’, everyone is willing to drop their sandwich to jump into the discussion.

Giants fans believe if the two teams met, Favre would be running for his life and buckle from the pressure of the Giants defense and the Giants would “cakewalk” through a “blowout”.

Jets fans laughed that off and were still excited about Favre leading the Jets to the blowout of the previously undefeated Titans 34-13. They challenged the Giants fans, “Bring it on” and said their Jets look unstoppable now and that Eli Manning would need to be “scraped off the turf when the game was over if the two teams met”.

It’s great to see the passion Favre and the rejuvenated Jets have injected back into this rivalry.

Today’s week 13 schedule puts the Giants in
Washington and the Jets at home against the Broncos.

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Photo Gallery: Pro athletes in Halloween costumes

A compilation of the best photos of pro athletes in Halloween costumes. Can you recognize these players? 

Hint: Two are Dennis Rodman.

Our Fav: Jon Kitna as Joe Cullen (the Lions coach who drove thru a Wendy’s drive-thru naked) with his wife dressed as Wendy.

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