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Bulls Clinch Final Spot in NBA Playoffs

CHARLOTTE, N.C. – The Chicago Bulls’ Derrick Rose netted 27 points and Joakim Noah added 21 points and 13 boards noahas the Bulls took a win in Charlotte 98-89 to secure the final No.8 seed in the NBA Playoffs.

The victory comes at the heels of severe internal conflicts that included a physical confrontation between head coach Vinny Del Negro and GM John Paxton. Throughout this, the Bulls were able to stay focused and end the season with a three-game win streak.

Here are all the Eastern Conference and Western Conference match-ups for the NBA Playoffs.


No.1 Cleveland Cavaliers vs. No.8 Chicago Bulls

No. 2 Orlando Magic vs. No. 7 Charlotte Bobcats

No. 3 Atlanta Hawks vs. No. 6 Milwaukee Bucks

No. 4 Boston Celtics vs. No. 5 Miami Heat


No. 1 LA Lakers vs. No. 8 Oklahoma City

No. 2 Dallas Mavericks vs. No. 7 San Antonio Spurs

No. 3 Phoenix Suns vs. No. 6 Portland Trailblazers

No. 4 Denver Nuggets vs. No. 5 Utah Jazz

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Billups returns to Detroit to face Pistons

DETROIT – Chauncey Billups returns to the Motor City tonight to play against his former team the Detroit Pistons for the first (AP Photo/David Zalubowski)time since he was traded to the Denver Nuggets in November.Mr. Big Shot who has been a permanent fixture at the Palace through several years of playoff runs that include an NBA Championship is sure to be greeted by raucous applause by the Pistons fans, many who are still shaking off the aftershocks caused by the trade that thus far has destructed the team.

Billups one of the NBA’s most unselfish leaders was one of the most consistent performers in Pistons history and was considered one of Motown’s biggest sports heroes.
Allen Iverson who came to the Pistons as part of the Billups trade has been criticized for his inconsistent play and attitude issues as the Pistons are struggling to hold onto the #6 playoff spot with a 24-24 record.

Pistons President Joe Dumars has an excellent history of deal-making but the timing of Billups’ return will be a reminder to the team and fans that even Dumars is prone to make mistakes.

While the Pistons are a dismal 23-29 with A.I.in the line-up, Billups has led his Nuggets to a 39-21 record and currently sit in the #3 spot in the Western Conference.

To add insult to injury, the Pistons just defeated the #2 seed Boston Celtics and #3 seed Orlando Magic without A.I. in the line-up.

Billups says the Pistons will be fine and Joe Dumars will figure it all out and get them back on track. When asked how things would be if he were still in Detroit he responded, “We’d be the top one or two in the East and probably in basketball, like we always are.”

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