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Daunte Culpepper should avoid Lions

Run, Daunte, RUN!

In the opposite direction of the Detroit Lions facility in Allen Park.

Daunte Culpepper and the Detroit Lions confirmed the NFL quarterback had a “Good workout” with the Lions and is staying in contact with them concerning playing for the team.

Culpepper should seriously reconsider going to the 0-7 team that implodes annually and many feel is staffed with minor-leaguers dressed up in NFL attire.

The Lions have a solid history of destroying talented player’s and coaches careers (Google Marcus Pollard, Tatum Bell, Steve Mariucchi).

There is something about donning the silver and blue in Detroit . . . failure is sure to follow and the team is in more disarray and turmoil as ever. This may sound odd but they are actually worse than their 0-7 record, getting blown out and falling behind 21-0 in a majority of their games.

Culpepper’s arm has some life left in it. Enough life to provide a competitive team with a solid run into the playoffs . . . that team is not the Detroit Lions; this year, next or any year in the near future.

Why go out with a crash like Jon Kitna and Tatum Bell and Steve Mariucchi?

If he is simply looking for a paycheck, he can go on an autograph or speaking tour to fill up his piggy bank and wait for an NFL team to offer him a spot in the near future or next season.

Daunte, who has thrown for more than 22,000 yards in his nine-year career, will take a physical beating scrambling for his life behind the inept ‘O’ line of the Lions (Google Jon Kitna) and shorten what little is left of his career.

Be patient, Daunte, good fortune and jobs come to those who wait.

RUN, Daunte, RUN!

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