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NFL 2010 Draft 2nd round results

NEW YORK, N.Y. – The 2010 NFL Draft has been full of surprises. After much speculation about teams trading for the2010-nfl-draft-logo St. Louis Rams first pick in the 2nd round to land Notre Dame quarterback, Jimmy Clausen, the Rams kept the pick and Clausen dropped all the way down to 48th overall where he was selected by the Carolina Panthers.

Clausen’s drop in stock was one of the biggest surprises but he wasn’t alone. As Clausen squirmed in his seat, dropping 44 picks lower than the slot ESPN draft guru Mel Kiper, Jr. had him in, Texas Longhorns quarterback Colt McCoy dropped all the way into the 3rd round. McCoy was selected 85th overall by the Cleveland Browns who threw in the towel on the Brady Quinn project, trading Quinn to the Denver Broncos in the off season.


33. St. Louis Rams: Rodger Saffold- offensive tackle, Indiana
34. Minnesota Vikings: Chris Cook- cornerback, Virginia
35. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Brian Price- defensive tackle, UCLA
36. Kansas City Chiefs: Dexter McCluster- running back, Mississippi
37. Philadelphia Eagles: Nate Allen- safety, South Florida
38. Cleveland Browns: T.J. Ward- safety, Oregon
39. Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Arrelious Benn- wide receiver, Illinois
40. Miami Dolphins: Koa Misi- linebacker, Utah
41. Buffalo Bills: Torell Troup- defensive tackle, Central Florida
42. New England Patriots: Rob Gronkowski- tight end, Arizona
43. Baltimore Ravens: Sergio Kindle- linebacker, Texas
44. Oakland Raiders: Lamarr Houston- defensive tackle, Texas
45. Denver Broncos: Zane Beadles- offensive guard, Utah
46. New York Giants: Linval Joseph- defensive tackle, East Carolina
47. Arizona Cardinals: Daryl Washington- linebacker, TCU
48. Carolina Panthers: Jimmy Clausen- quarterback, Notre Dame
49. San Francisco 49ers: Taylor Mays- safety, USC
50. Kansas City Chiefs: Javier Arenas- cornerback, Alabama
51. Minnesota Vikings: Toby Gerhart- running back, Stanford
52. Pittsburgh Steelers: Jason Worilds- linebacker, Virginia Tech
53. New England Patriots: Jermaine Cunningham- linebacker, Florida
54. Cincinnati Bengals: Carlos Dunlap- defensive end, Florida
55. Dallas Cowboys: Sean Lee- linebacker, Penn State
56. Green Bay Packers: Michael Neal- defensive tackle, Purdue
57. Baltimore Ravens: Terrence Cody- defensive tackle, Alabama
58. Houston Texans: Ben Tate- running back, Auburn
59. Cleveland Browns: Montario Hardesty- running back, Tennessee
60. Seattle Seahawks: Golden Tate- wide receiver, Notre Dame
61. New York Jets: Vladimir Ducasse- offensive guard, UMass
62. New England Patriots: Brandon Spikes- linebacker, Florida
63. Indianapolis Colts: Patrick Angerer- linebacker, Iowa
64. New Orleans Saints: Charles Brown- offensive tackle, USC

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NFL 2010 Schedule

Week 1
Thu. Sep. 09
Vikings at Saints, 8:30 PMnfl logo

Sun. Sep. 12
Dolphins at Bills, 1:00 PM
Colts at Texans, 1:00 PM
Lions at Bears, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Steelers, 1:00 PM
Browns at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Patriots, 1:00 PM
Broncos at Jaguars, 1:00 PM
Raiders at Titans, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Giants, 1:00 PM
49ers at Seahawks, 4:15 PM
Cardinals at Rams, 4:15 PM
Packers at Eagles, 4:15 PM
Cowboys at Redskins, 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 13
Ravens at Jets, 7:00 PM
Chargers at Chiefs, 10:15 PM

Week 2
Sun. Sep. 19
Ravens at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Buccaneers at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Bills at Packers, 1:00 PM
Dolphins at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Bears at Cowboys, 1:00 PM
Eagles at Lions, 1:00 PM
Cardinals at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Browns, 1:00 PM
Steelers at Titans, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at Broncos, 4:05 PM
Rams at Raiders, 4:05 PM
Patriots at Jets, 4:15 PM
Texans at Redskins, 4:15 PM
Jaguars at Chargers, 4:15 PM
Giants at Colts, 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 20
Saints at 49ers, 8:30 PM

Week 3
Sun. Sep. 26
Bills at Patriots, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Saints, 1:00 PM
Lions at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Browns at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Cowboys at Texans, 1:00 PM
49ers at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Titans at Giants, 1:00 PM
Steelers at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Eagles at Jaguars, 4:05 PM
Redskins at Rams, 4:05 PM
Raiders at Cardinals, 4:15 PM
Chargers at Seahawks, 4:15 PM
Colts at Broncos, 4:15 PM
Jets at Dolphins, 8:20 PM

Mon. Sep. 27
Packers at Bears, 8:30 PM

Week 4cheesehead
Sun. Oct. 03
Jets at Bills, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at Rams, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Saints, 1:00 PM
Lions at Packers, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Browns, 1:00 PM
Ravens at Steelers, 1:00 PM
Broncos at Titans, 1:00 PM
49ers at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Colts at Jaguars, 4:05 PM
Texans at Raiders, 4:05 PM
Redskins at Eagles, 4:15 PM
Cardinals at Chargers, 4:15 PM
Bears at Giants, 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 04
Patriots at Dolphins, 8:30 PM
Byes: DAL, KC, MIN, TB

Week 5
Sun. Oct. 10
Buccaneers at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Browns, 1:00 PM
Giants at Texans, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Colts, 1:00 PM
Packers at Redskins, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Bills, 1:00 PM
Broncos at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Bears at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Rams at Lions, 1:00 PM
Saints at Cardinals, 4:05 PM
Chargers at Raiders, 4:15 PM
Titans at Cowboys, 4:15 PM
Eagles at 49ers, 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 11
Vikings at Jets, 8:30 PM

Week 6
Sun. Oct. 17
Browns at Steelers, 1:00 PM
Saints at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Dolphins at Packers, 1:00 PM
Chargers at Rams, 1:00 PM
Ravens at Patriots, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Texans, 1:00 PM
Lions at Giants, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Eagles, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at Bears, 1:00 PM
Raiders at 49ers, 4:05 PM
Jets at Broncos, 4:05 PM
Cowboys at Vikings, 4:15 PM
Colts at Redskins, 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 18
Titans at Jaguars, 8:30 PM

Week 7
Sun. Oct. 24
Eagles at Titans, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Browns at Saints, 1:00 PM
Steelers at Dolphins, 1:00 PM
Rams at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
49ers at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Bears, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Bills at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Cardinals at Seahawks, 4:05 PM
Raiders at Broncos, 4:15 PM
Patriots at Chargers, 4:15 PM
Vikings at Packers, 8:20 PM

Mon. Oct. 25
Giants at Cowboys, 8:30 PM

Week 8
Sun. Oct. 31
Packers at Jets, 1:00 PM
Broncos at 49ers, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Cowboys, 1:00 PM
Dolphins at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Rams, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Lions, 1:00 PM
Bills at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Titans at Chargers, 4:05 PM
Vikings at Patriots, 4:15 PM
Seahawks at Raiders, 4:15 PM
Buccaneers at Cardinals, 4:15 PM
Steelers at Saints, 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 01
Texans at Colts, 8:30 PM

Week 9
Sun. Nov. 07
Buccaneers at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Saints at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Bears at Bills, 1:00 PM
Jets at Lions, 1:00 PM
Dolphins at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Patriots at Browns, 1:00 PM
Chargers at Texans, 1:00 PM
Cardinals at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Giants at Seahawks, 4:05 PM
Chiefs at Raiders, 4:15 PM
Colts at Eagles, 4:15 PM
Cowboys at Packers, 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 08
Steelers at Bengals, 8:30 PM

Week 10
Thu. Nov. 11
Ravens at Falcons, 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 14
Texans at Jaguars, 1:00 PM
Vikings at Bears, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Lions at Bills, 1:00 PM
Jets at Browns, 1:00 PM
Titans at Dolphins, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Colts, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Broncos, 4:05 PM
Cowboys at Giants, 4:15 PM
Seahawks at Cardinals, 4:15 PM
Rams at 49ers, 4:15 PM
Patriots at Steelers, 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 15
Eagles at Redskins, 8:30 PM
Byes: GB, NO, OAK, SD

Week 11
Thu. Nov. 18
Bears at Dolphins, 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 21
Packers at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Titans, 1:00 PM
Cardinals at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Ravens at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Bills at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Lions at Cowboys, 1:00 PM
Texans at Jets, 1:00 PM
Raiders at Steelers, 1:00 PM
Browns at Jaguars, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at Saints, 4:05 PM
Falcons at Rams, 4:05 PM
Buccaneers at 49ers, 4:05 PM
Colts at Patriots, 4:15 PM
Giants at Eagles, 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 22
Broncos at Chargers, 8:30 PM

Week 12
Thu. Nov. 25
Patriots at Lions, 12:30 PMLions
Saints at Cowboys, 4:15 PM
Bengals at Jets, 8:20 PM

Sun. Nov. 28
Titans at Texans, 1:00 PM
Buccaneers at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Giants, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Browns, 1:00 PM
Steelers at Bills, 1:00 PM
Eagles at Bears, 1:00 PM
Vikings at Redskins, 1:00 PM
Packers at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Seahawks, 4:05 PM
Dolphins at Raiders, 4:05 PM
Rams at Broncos, 4:15 PM
Chargers at Colts, 8:20 PM

Mon. Nov. 29
49ers at Cardinals, 8:30 PM

Week 13
Thu. Dec. 02
Texans at Eagles, 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 05
Jaguars at Titans, 1:00 PM
Broncos at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Giants, 1:00 PM
Bears at Lions 1:00 PM
Falcons at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Saints at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Bills at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Browns at Dolphins, 1:00 PM
49ers at Packers, 1:00 PM
Raiders at Chargers, 4:05 PM
Rams at Cardinals, 4:15 PM
Cowboys at Colts, 4:15 PM
Panthers at Seahawks, 4:15 PM
Steelers at Ravens, 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 06
Jets at Patriots, 8:30 PM

Week 14
Thu. Dec. 09
Colts at Titans, 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 12
Bengals at Steelers, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Packers at Lions, 1:00 PM
Patriots at Bears, 1:00 PM
Browns at Bills, 1:00 PM
Giants at Vikings, 1:00 PM
Raiders at Jaguars, 1:00 PM
Buccaneers at Redskins, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at 49ers, 4:05 PM
Rams at Saints, 4:05 PM
Dolphins at Jets, 4:15 PM
Chiefs at Chargers, 4:15 PM
Broncos at Cardinals, 4:15 PM
Eagles at Cowboys, 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 13
Ravens at Texans, 8:30 PM

Week 15
Thu. Dec. 16
49ers at Chargers, 8:20 PM

Sun. Dec. 19
Bills at Dolphins, 1:00 PM
Eagles at Giants, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Cowboys, 1:00 PM
Browns at Bengals, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Colts, 1:00 PM
Texans at Titans, 1:00 PM
Saints at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Chiefs at Rams, 1:00 PM
Cardinals at Panthers, 1:00 PM
Lions at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Falcons at Seahawks, 4:05 PM
Broncos at Raiders, 4:15 PM
Jets at Steelers, 4:15 PM
Packers at Patriots, 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 20
Bears at Vikings, 8:30 PM

Week 16
Thu. Dec. 23
Panthers at Steelers, 8:20 PM

Sat. Dec. 25
Cowboys at Cardinals, 7:30 PM

Sun. Dec. 26
Patriots at Bills, 1:00 PM
49ers at Rams, 1:00 PM
Ravens at Browns, 1:00 PM
Lions at Dolphins, 1:00 PM
Jets at Bears, 1:00 PM
Redskins at Jaguars, 1:00 PM
Titans at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Seahawks at Buccaneers, 1:00 PM
Vikings at Eagles, 1:00 PM
Texans at Broncos, 4:05 PM
Colts at Raiders, 4:05 PM
Giants at Packers, 4:15 PM
Chargers at Bengals, 8:20 PM

Mon. Dec. 27
Saints at Falcons, 8:30 PM

Week 17
Sun. Jan. 02
Dolphins at Patriots, 1:00 PM
Buccaneers at Saints, 1:00 PM
Panthers at Falcons, 1:00 PM
Cowboys at Eagles, 1:00 PM
Raiders at Chiefs, 1:00 PM
Titans at Colts, 1:00 PM
Jaguars at Texans, 1:00 PM
Bengals at Ravens, 1:00 PM
Bears at Packers, 1:00 PM
Vikings at Lions, 1:00 PM
Giants at Redskins, 1:00 PM
Steelers at Browns, 1:00 PM
Bills at Jets, 1:00 PM
Chargers at Broncos, 4:15 PM
Rams at Seahawks, 4:15 PM
Cardinals at 49ers, 4:15 PM

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NFL Gets Promotional Help From Academy Awards Show

LOS ANGELES, Calif. – Constantly dominating the ratings, the NFL doesn’t need any outside help promoting their league but last The Blind Side Sandra Bullock Photonight’s Academy Awards show in Los Angeles provided an adrenaline shot into the league’s arm anyways when Sandra Bullock took home the Best Actress Oscar for her role in The Blind Side, the film that featured Baltimore Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher.

The movie showed Oher’s impoverished upbringing and adoption by a couple in Memphis, Tennessee and his challenging journey that eventually led to being a first-round selection in the 2009 NFL Draft.

Being the first female-lead film to ever hit the $200 million mark, the heart-warming story provided an abundance of PR for Oher, the Ravens and the NFL and Bullock’s Oscar win last night reached an audience that may not have the NFL set on their DVR’s so it gives the league yet another boast.

In addition to the Best Actress category, The Blind Side was also nominated for  Best Picture and is scheduled to be released on March 12, 2010 in Great Britain, a country that has been the location for NFL regular season games over the past few years.

Note: Bullock also won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actress and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Performance by a Female Actor in a Leading Role for her performance.

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Ravens Defense Smothers Brady and Blows Out Patriots

FOXBOROUGH, MA. – The New England Patriots returned to the postseason for the first time since losing to the NewRay Lewis York Giants in the Super Bowl two years ago, and suffered another defeat this time at the hands of the Baltimore Ravens.

The Ravens jumped out to a quick lead and never looked back, blowing out the Pats 33-14.

After winning the opening coin toss the Patriots and Bill Belichick deferred and elected to put the ball in the hands of the Ravens offense. On the first play from scrimmage, running back Ray Rice was handed the ball, saw an opening and left the Patriots’ defense in the dust, sprinting for an 83-yard touchdown and 7-0 lead.

On the Patriots’ first series, Tom Brady dropped back to pass but the ball was stripped and recovered by Terrrell Suggs. A few plays later Leron McClain plunged in from the one for another TD and a 14-0 lead, stunning the Patriots and silencing the Foxborough crowd.

The tone was set and from that point on, the Ravens defense owned the Patriots.

An interception led to another score and before the Patriots could catch their breath they were down 24-0 drawing boos from the Patriots fans. The Ravens defense led by All-Pro Ray Lewis forced three turnovers that produced 17 points in the first half. New England had only given up 44 points off turnovers during the entire regular season.

Playing without wide receiver Wes Welker, the only New England bright spot in the first half came on a 1 yard touchdown reception by Julian Edelman which cut the lead to 24-7 and at least assured the once-mighty Patriots that they would not be shutout.

The Ravens relied on their running game as Joe Flacco was unimpressive completing just 4-of-10 passes for 34 yards with one interception.

Ray Rice led the run attack gaining 159 yards taking two to the house. Willis McGahee added another 62 yards on the ground and one touchdown while fullback Leron McClain added another score giving the Ravens 4 rushing TDs on the day. This was a huge swing. In the previous three meetings between these same two teams, the Ravens failed to put the ball in the end zone via the run.

Tom Brady who was pressured much of the day by the aggressive stingy Raven defense was able to hook up with Julian Edelman for another touchdown in the second half giving Edelman his second score of the game. Edelman finished with 6 receptions for 44 yards and showed some promise for the future.

The loss was the first playoff loss for Brady on home field in his career. He finished 23-of-42 for 154 yards and 3 INTs.

After taking slack from the national media for going for it on 4th down while deep in his own end of the field against the Colts; a decision that led to a loss, you have to wonder if Bill Belichick is regretting not taking the ball when his team won the opening coin toss.

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AFC Wild Card Playoff Games Preview

This weekends’ AFC wildcard playoff round has two great match-ups.

Mark SanchezThe New York Jets travel to Cincinnati for a rematch to face the Bengals who suffered a beat down of epic proportions at the hands of the Jets in Week 17. The Bengals, playing without running back Cedric Benson who was granted a day off for rest, were dominated on both sides of the ball that game and virtually smothered by the Jets’ defense.

Carson Palmer statistically had the worst day of his pro career, going 1-of-11, 0 yards, 1 INT. Chad Ochocinco played like his hands were tied behind his back as he was contained by the Jets shutdown corner Darrelle Revis and held without a single catch. The dismal Bengals offense were held to just 72 total yards.

On the other sideline, the Jets produced 257 yards of offense with their potent rushing attack led by Thomas Jones and Mark Sanchez did a great job managing the game without turning the ball over.

The Jets showed why they are one of the most feared defenses in the NFL. They lead the league in several main categories in defense and confused and dominated the Bengals. This weeks’ matchup of former USC quarterbacks may make believers out of Mark Sanchez doubters, including his ex-coach at USC, Pete Carroll.

After a solid 3-0 start, Sanchez came down to earth and started playing like a rookie until the end of the season when he finished with good performances down the stretch to help get the Jets into the playoffs.

Do not expect a repeat of that blowout last week. Cincinnati will be playing in front of a raucous home crowd with Benson back in the pads, which may prove to be difficult for even the Jets and their defense.

In the other AFC game, the Baltimore Ravens travel to New England to take on the Patriots.

Quarterback Tom Brady and his Pats will be without Wes Welker who suffered a left knee injury last week and has been put on the IR.

Look for Julian Edelman to step up in Welker’s absence. Edelman was drafted this year out of Kent State in the 7th round after being a three-year starter at quarterback.

As a senior he led the team in rushing with 1,551 yards on 215 carries and 7.5 yards per carry average, finding the end zone 13 times as a rusher and passing for another 13 touchdowns. These numbers set a record, surpassing Joshua Cribbs single season record for yards from scrimmage.

With Randy Moss drawing double coverage, this could leave Edelman the speedy receiver open downfield for a few big plays. If he is able to get open, Tom Brady should have no problem finding him and making the tough Ravens defense pay.

Expect this one to come down to whoever wins the turnover battle. A week after winning the comeback player of the year award, don’t expect Brady to have too many problems adjusting to life without Welker.

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NFL Playoff Upsets Fueled by Turnovers

After an NFL week full of ‘Pacman’ Jones cut by Cowboys and Brett Favre ‘retire or not’ news, teams took the field inLarry Fitzgerald two NFL Playoff games on Saturday.

The Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals’ were handed the ball and road victories by the favored Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers Saturday in NFL Playoff games.

In the AFC match-up, the Titans dominated in the stats category outgaining the Ravens 391 to 211 in total yards, 21 to 9 in first downs and 34:07 to 25:53 in time of possession.

The Ravens ignored the stat sheet and took advantage of several Titans turnovers to make QB Joe Flacco the first rookie quarterback to ever guide a team to two playoff wins. Veteran placekicker Matt Stover sealed the win with a 42-yard field goal with just 57 seconds remaining in regulation time sending the heavily-favored Titans home packing 13-10.

In the NFC match-up, QB Jake Delhomme and the Panthers were reminded you cannot get away with handing the ball over 6 times, even to an underdog like the Cardinals.

Arizona QB Kurt Warner and his potent offense converted six Jake Delhomme turnovers (5 interceptions- 1 fumble) into 23 points in their 33-13 blowout win in Charlotte.

Cardinals’ WR Larry Fitzgerald ended up with 8 receptions for a team record 166 yards.

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NFL rookie coaches pumped up for playoffs

MIAMI – (AP Photo/Ed Zurga)Four NFL teams took a gamble hiring rookie head coaches before the season started and the moves paid off for three  of those teams who find themselves with 11-5 records and gearing up to take the field this weekend in the playoffs.Miami Dolphins rookie head coach Tony Sparano orchestrated one of the most impressive turnarounds in NFL history. Taking over a 1-15 team, Sparano, who worked under Bill Parcells in Dallas, succeeded under pressure when he and his ‘fins went into the Meadowlands as underdogs the last game of the season and upset Brett Favre and the Jets to steal the AFC East division title and finish with an 11-5 record.

Atlanta Falcons rookie head coach Mike Smith and Baltimore Ravens John Harbaugh also took over struggling franchises and finished with the same 11-5 record.

Against the opinion of much of the media, both coaches made gutsy decisions, opting to start their first-round quarterback picks Matt Ryan and Joe Flacco Week One of the season.

Ryan, who won the AP Rookie-of-the-Year and Flacco capitalized on the opportunity and went on a record-setting journey, starting all 16 games and leading their teams to wild-card berths.

After completing several interviews during the offseason, Ravens’ owner Steve Biscotti said his decision to hire Harbaugh was just a simple “gut feeling” after Dallas Cowboys offensive coordinator Jason Garrett turned down an offer for the job. As fate would have it, Garrett has hung up his headset for the season and Harbaugh is playoff bound and sure to receive some Coach-of-the-Year votes.

It’s hard not to cheer for these guys since they stepped into such challenging roles on struggling teams in the rebuilding phase.

Interesting fact is, with the Ravens facing the Dolphins one of these men are guaranteed to make it to the next round of the playoffs.

Cast your vote for Sports Climax NFL Coach-of-the-Year on our homepage.

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