Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Lions DC Joe Barry

This week’s bitch slap goes to Detroit Lions’ defensive coordinator Joe Barry and it comes from every NFL offense he barrymarinellibighas faced this season with an additional few backhands coming from a handful of columnists who have had enough with him holding on to a job he clearly is not qualified for.

After last week’s shellacking and shredding of Barry’s defense in a 42-7 loss to the Saints, Detroit News columnist Rob Parker asked Rod Marinelli if he wishes his daughter had married a better defensive coordinator. Barry is married to Marinelli’s daughter.

This question triggered a negative reaction by the national media toward Parker but what the underlying root of this whole scenario is, is the fact Barry has retained a job due to the Lions’ nepotism program and Parker was drawing attention to that.

National Examiner sports columnist Tom Ferda had more to say on this topic in his column this week, “Marinelli was comfortable giving offensive coordinator Mike Martz the ax before this season and handing his first defensive coordinator Donnie Henderson a pink slip after only one season due to ‘lack of performance’ so why not address Barry’s performance after last year’s disaster and during this year’s debacle”.

Barry’s toothless defense is dead last in the NFL giving up 486 points through 15 games while allowing a league-leading 400 yards per game. That’s one entire football field per quarter!

This is the second year Barry has accomplished creating one of the worst defenses in the league. Many believed he should have been long gone after last season.

Some blame the Bobby Layne Curse but the fact is, Joe Barry is one of the major contributors to this record-setting joke of a team. Without you on the sideline running a defense that put them out of most every game before the half, they may have tweaked out a few victories.

The recognition you are beginning to receive regarding your incompetence has justifiably earned you the Sports Climax Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week.

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