Dolphins vs. Jets winner takes AFC East

NEW YORK – Going into the final week of regular season for the NFL, a few games demand our attention and they are on opposite (AP Photo/Mark Humphrey)ends of the spectrum.

Miami Dolphins at NY Jets – Perched at one end of that spectrum is the Miami Dolphins at New York Jets game at the Meadowlands.

Led by ex-Jets QB Chad Pennington, the Dolphins have turned their franchise around in impressive fashion from a 1-15 disaster to a well-run machine in position to not only make the playoffs but actually win their division with a win in New York.

This game is oozing with hype.

After Brett Favre took the stage in N.Y. at the beginning of the season, Pennington was sent packing to make room for the aging quarterback from Green Bay. Pennington has responded by leading his Dolphins back into contention and he would love nothing better than proving the Jets organization and its fans wrong.

Pennington sits as the No. 2 rated QB in the NFL with Favre who leads the league in interceptions with 19 sits at No. 18.

Funny thing about this game is the Patriots need a Jets’ win so Bill Belichick will be cheering for Eric Mangini to win the game. Mangini is the man who brought the Patriots’ video scandal to light, costing Belichick a hefty fine of $500,000.

Detroit at Green Bay – If you would like to see history being made or are one of those personalities that fall under the “misery loves company” category, do not miss this divisional match-up because the Lions will make history and set a record of futility on Sunday by going 0-16.

Some blame the Bobby Layne Curse on the Lions’ woes but the truth is, Joe Barry’s defense may be the worst in the history of the NFL and is the leading culprit of their demise.

Barry who was the target of a controversial media session last week, has created a defense that has gotten blown out in the comfort of their temperature-controlled Ford Field all year. Don’t expect his toothless Lions to grind out the final 60 minutes of their season in the frigid tundra of Green Bay and get a win.

The Packers are a team that always plays to win no matter what the circumstances and their fans show up in hordes to support them no matter what is at stake.

Tune in to Lions’ coach Rod Marinelli’s post game because they have been more than entertaining this year and it should be his final one as a head coach in the NFL.

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