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The Seattle Seahawks started cleaning house this week after their underachieving 2-5 start. Falling victim to the axe edgerrin-jameswas running back Edgerrin James along with defensive backs Travis Fisher and C.J. Wallace.

After a successful run in Indianapolis and a trip to last year’s Super Bowl with the Arizona Cardinals, James suddenly finds himself in the unemployment line just months after signing with the Seahawks.

In St. Louis, Rams’ return specialist Danny Amendola was limited to riding a stationary bicycle during the team’s practice on Tuesday while he still tries to clear the cobwebs from a vicious hit by Detroit Lions Zack Follett during Sunday’s 17-10 victory in Detroit.

Amendola said he “He didn’t remember leaving the field” and rookie head coach Steve Spagnuola also commented on Amendola’s condition, “He cleared [his head] within two days. Usually if it takes a little bit longer, then you get a concern. He still has some symptoms so they’re not taking any chances.”

Here’s the hit here:


In legal news, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell approached Congress, asking them to intervene and protect the league from state laws that are hampering the league from suspending players who fail drug tests, like the Starcaps case currently being battled in the courts.

“You don’t want to have 435 members of Congress writing a law that would have in any way some immediate conduct and effect on your players,” Rep. Bobby Rush, D-Ill., told Goodell. “You don’t want us to get involved in this. You can’t tell what members of Congress will ultimately do once you open up this Pandora’s Box.”

Yeah, like actually enforcing the rules and testing all the obvious steroid abusers in the league and suspending them for several games or even seasons at a time.

Watch what you wish for Mr. Goodell and if you have any doubts, give MLB Commissioner Selig a quick text so he can talk a little sense into you.

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