Former Lions WR Titus Young gets four years

After a slew of arrests over the years, former Detroit Lions player Titus Young finally landed a long-term prison sentence. Young, one of GM Martin Mayhew’s 2nd round draft busts was given four years behind bars for his participation in a 2016 street fight.

Titus Young mugshot

Now that sentence may sound severe but when you look at Young’s history, it’s easier to see where the judge’s head was at when he slammed the gavel on Young.

Young has been busted a bunch of times. One of the more recent was in January 2016 in Los Angeles after he bolted out of a court-ordered mental facility and was involved in a fight with a neighbor. That altercation is said to have involved a deadly weapon.

According to sources, Young has been in jail since August but will now be able to unpack his bags for a much longer stay.

Since Young left the NFL, he’s had a laundry list of legal issues that include several arrests. In 2013, he was busted twice in one day in 2013, once being cited for DUI then later in the day he was caught trying to trespass to break his car out of the impound lot. He was arrested yet again that same week on charges of assaulting an officer during a home break-in. Then of course, we should also mention his arrest on five counts of battery in 2014.

We included one of Young’s mugshots. For more NFL mugshots check out our Mugshot Gallery here.

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