Reality TV show featuring GLOW wrestler ‘Hollywood’

Reality TV fans will soon have another reason to set their DVRs or hunker down over their flat screens.

Wrestling Hollywood is a reality TV concept in development by Summertime Entertainment and Flying Ape Productions and will star veteran professional wrestler Jeanne Basone and a stable of her protégé session wrestlers.

The show is based in Nashville but will travel to locations around the country including Hollywood, California thus giving the show’s title a double meaning. Basone wrestled under the name of “Hollywood” on a nationally syndicated show called Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling and after returning to Hollywood the stuntwoman’s stage name stuck so she has used the name ever since.

After her stint at G.L.O.W. Basone continued a stunts career that has included appearances in Married With Children, Me Myself & Irene and Days of Our Lives.  She was also featured in a LOGO TV network award winning documentary called G.L.O.W. The Story of the Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling.

Executive producer Soreyrith Um was pitched the Wrestling Hollywood concept by Flying Ape Productions producers Tom and Cindy Ferda and after researching the underground world of session wrestling he and his Summertime Entertainment company jumped on board.

“Most people only see the stage personas of professional wrestlers but you’d be surprised at how interesting and colorful their private lives are,” said Um. “We take you into these women’s lives way beyond the ring and that’s what sets us apart from other shows.  The audience will be drawn to the show out of curiosity, but they’ll stay because the stories are so compelling.

Producer Cindy Ferda played one of the main characters on G.L.O.W. named Americana and worked side-by-side with Jackie Stallone and Basone for the first season.

“Wrestling Hollywood is unique to the ordinary type of wresting shows. Our show gives the audience a voyeuristic look into the world of private wrestling,” said Cindy Ferda. “A world that many people do not realize exists.”

Basone not only continues to wrestle today, but she is also bringing up the next generation of female drop kickers and body slammers. These women also venture off into performing private wrestling sessions for a devoted client base. 

“We expect reality TV audiences to be intrigued with the concept,” added Tom Ferda. “Putting the audience behind closed doors with clients from all walks of life and the female wrestlers in private sessions will raise a few eyebrows. And with reality TV, the more eyebrows you raise the better the results.”

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