Interview with hot babes of GLOW, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling


With WWE, WrestleMania, RAW and Smackdown drawing huge wrestling crowds and fan bases, where did all this body-slamming and pile-driving start?


One of the trendsetting shows on the female side of the sport was Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling, a hot female wrestling show in the 80’s. The show featured a variety of talented women and hot babes who climbed into the ring, body-slamming and bitch-slapping each other into submission until there was just one winner left in the ring.

We hooked up with three hot babes from the show, GLOW former champion Americana, Hollywood and Little Egypt for a Q & A session. We found out all of these women have moved on to enjoy successful careers that include everything from Playboy shoots, creating/selling original pieces of art, selling real estate, and creating fetish wrestling videos.

Get ready to be drop-kicked and body-slammed.

After seeing all your GLOW videos on YouTube, we expected to see some permanent wear and tear on those bodies. You ladies look really hot.

Hollywood: Thanks for the sweet compliment, flattery gets you everything! 

Americana: Wow, thanks! I do work out a lot and stay in shape.   

We visited your Facebook pages, how many fans do you have? How is it interacting with them? 

Little Egypt

Americana: I have over thousands of Facebook fans that I chat with on a regular basis on my page listed under Americana Glow on Facebook. I love to IM chat with them about everything from how it is to live in the Galapagos Islands to encouraging a fan’s son to study hard in school. That report card was a good one BTW, there’s another really smart kid named Dimitrius out there. I love to encourage people.

Little Egypt: “The Official Page of Little Egypt” has over 3,200, my “GLOW Little Egypt” profile has over 4,800.  I have discussion groups posted on the “Official Page of Little Egypt” where fans can ask questions and are often times answered by other GLOW girls. I feel fortunate that all the fans have been very respectful and appreciative that they have the opportunity to connect with their favorite GLOW girls.

Hollywood: I’m close to 2,000 members, but there is another 1,000 requests pending in my Facebook account, then there is my public figure Facebook, GLOW Hollywood; there are 500 fans there. My MySpace account also has over 34,000 public views.

We noticed all three of you hooked up as fans of our Sports Climax Facebook page.

Americana: I love your page. Get a kick out of creating those funny captions under those funny sports photos when you guys put those up every week. Especially liked the wrestling pic of the guy with his entire face stuck in the other wrestler’s shorts. Starts off the week with a healthy laugh.

You market yourself on Twitter? 

Little Egypt: Not as aggressively as I need to ;( I do have a Twitter account and it’s under Glow Little Egypt.  I gotta’

Photo/Jon Abeyta

figure out how to connect the status posted on my “Official Page of Little Egypt” to my Twitter account.

Hollywood: Yes, and no. That means I have an account and use it here and there.

Americana: It’s on my “to do” list.

You guys been following the FIFA World Cup? What do you think of the Vuvuzelas? 

Americana: Yes I’ve seen a lot of the matches. Vuvuzelas; love ‘em. Wish we would have had them during our GLOW matches.

Hollywood: A little yes, saw that USA was doing well for a while… That horn sounds like a cow being given a surprise enema.

Little Egypt: I am a huge World Cup fan.  In regards to the Vuvuzelas I just thought it was some kind of continuous background music playing throughout the game. Didn’t know it was a problem. Now the refereeing on the other hand, “What’s up with that!”

It’s called FIFA acting like MLB and refusing to do the right thing and add replay. Back to GLOW, how did a young girl like you in the 80’s make your way to ‘Sin City’ Las Vegas and hook up on a show like GLOW?

Hollywood: I was born and raised in Southern Cal. I was told about an audition in Hollywood at The Hyatt on Sunset. I trained with Mondo Guererro, they weeded out the girls, and I was one of the ones they kept to do the pilot. From there I did all four seasons of GLOW and the pilot.

Little Egypt: I grew up in Las Vegas and at the age of 19 I was working in a T-shirt shop at a local mall and Mt. Fiji and Olympia came in to have a shirt made for a match.  I was so amazed by the charisma of Mt. Fiji and her enormous size I just couldn’t stop talking to her.  She told me that the show was looking for more girls and encouraged me to try out.  I headed down to the Riviera Hotel and met with David McLane and started my training; two weeks later I was in my first match with the Heavy Metal sisters.

Americana:  I was living and going to school in San Diego and I had just received a college scholarship to NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts in NYC in their performing arts program. Set to leave for the Big Apple in August I wanted to spend the summer in Los Angeles and pursue some acting gigs. My agent sent me on a call for a new TV show pilot for what was to become G.L.O.W. Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. Having had stunt training at my university in San Diego, my audition went well for the TV show as I could already do dive rolls over tables, chairs, people and pianos and I had the guts to push the limit with stunts. I was chosen to participate in a grueling 6 or 8 week training program in LA (for which I was paid, I think $75 each session) and it was during this time that they began developing the character of Americana for me. It totally suited my personality.

GLOW girls were one of just a few groups of female athletes happening in the 80’s. How intense was the training for the show and who trained you? 

Little Egypt gets a taste of the ropes

Hollywood: I was young and could handle the intense training and still work my full time job as a Phlebotomist. Mando Guerrero trained the pilot girls.

So you drew blood in and out of the ring, that’s classic.

Americana: I was also trained by Mando Guerrero in L.A. It was brutal at times. To this day I think of him forcing me to work through the pain and telling me it would go away. I would go home to my apartment on Carlton Way in Los Angeles and soak in my tub condemning the ground he walked on, convinced I would not go back EVER again but then I healed enough in the 48 hour break to go back and do it all again. This routine went on for a few months. We lost a lot of girls – they couldn’t cut it. Later on, during Season One I was one of the trainers for the show along with Royal Hawaiian.

Little Egypt: My training was with Attaché, since I was new to the sport I attended all the training I could, it worked out to be about three days a week.  Attaché was wonderful and took the sport seriously.  Her number one focus was our safety in the ring and she taught us the importance of good execution to avoid injury.

Jackie Stallone played the character Mama Stallone, one of the managers on GLOW and she brought her son Frank along for the tapings. How was it having the Stallones on set? 

Hollywood: [Frank] had a major crush on me, and so did his nephew Sage (sly’s son) but I had a boyfriend at the time and blew the older Stallone off. Sage was a child and very sweet. He used to cheer us bad girls on all the time.

Americana: Jackie was a blast! As GLOW fans know, she played mine and the good girls’ manager. It was fun having her around, very Hollywood. She and I did a lot of interviews together and went on a few talk shows to promote our show. She would tell me tales about her son, Sylvester, and how much she disliked Brigitte Nielsen her daughter-in-law and didn’t trust her, may have said ‘gold-digger’. I remember being shocked she was telling me this secret. I’ve never repeated that until now.

Her son, Frank, joined us once in a while. He was a real “Guido” at the time. Cute guy even though the dress shirt was unbuttoned practically down to his navel and he had the Mr. T gold chain thing going. His pinky ring’s diamonds sparkled more than my cape and the cocktail was always in hand. Again; fun times!

Little Egypt: I remember all the girls getting excited when Jackie came in for taping. As a “good girl” I was able to get close to her and I can remember how we bombarded her with questions about her son Sylvester.  Later as I was tracking down GLOW girls for the documentary I was able to make contact with her and she said that the GLOW days were some of the best times in her life.

Sly ever come to set? 

Hollywood: Nope

Americana: Never saw him.

I heard ‘Law & Order’ Emmy-award winning actress Mariska Hargitay’s brother had a role on the show. 

Americana: Yeah, Tony Cimber, son of the late actress Jayne Mansfield, played ‘Jungle Boy’ on GLOW, a far cry from Mariska Hargitay’s Emmy-award winning role on Law & Order. During the tapings of GLOW, he was on the leash of his handler, Jungle Woman, she was kind of like a dominatrix. Being that he was about 19 years old at the time I can only imagine what he was thinking about as he falls asleep every night at the Riviera Hotel. We didn’t have terms like MILF and Cougar back then.

Americana Slams Red

Ever get really pissed off at an opponent for overdoing a hold or missing a mark and totally knocking the shit out of you during a match? 

Hollywood: Many times, mostly with Sally The Farmers Daughter. We actually attended the same High School. We were real life rivals.

Americana: Spanish Red really ticked me off because she’d try to knock the crap outta’ you. She had to be toned down once in a while. Amazing how you can totally control an opponent with a tight scissors hold. I remember Red being fired twice and just showing up again like nothing happened.

Little Egypt: Without mentioning names there were a couple [wrestlers] who had that reputation and I managed to be in a few matches with them.  It was a crazy time. I can’t begin to tell you how much hair I would lose after matches like that.  Some girls you worked with wouldn’t rehearse a lot or show up to training.  They just wanted to ‘wing it’ in the ring and often times you would have to get them in a head lock to remind them of their next sequence of moves.  I remember one time getting hit so hard that it took the breathe right out of me and the next chance I got I laid into this girl with a punch to the mid section and she shaped up quick after that.

Can you remember any one particular bout where you got your ass handed to you in the ring? 

Hollywood: Against Mount Fiji, Little Fiji and Americana, I think it was that ”Apartheid” match we did.

Americana: Colonel Ninotchka and I really went at it; ya know the whole Russia vs. America deal; but I have to say we had great matches. The audiences would get so riled up. I still watch some of them on YouTube. I actually saw Ninotchka about 10 years ago when I was in Las Vegas on business. We had dinner; we were very civil to one another; reminisced about old times and how much we loved wrestling each other and working with David McLane the creator of the show, then she body-slammed me and I drop-kicked her and we called it a night.

Little Egypt: My match with Ninotchka. It was the “Match of the Seven Veils” and after each move she plucked a veil off of my skirt. The match had seven moves and it was a total squash. But if you’re gonna go down, it better be with a GLOW champion.

Ever get in a knock-down-drag-out cat fight outside the ring? 

Hollywood: During my GLOW days, yes. Like the time a girl talked shit about what I was wearing at Circus Circus. A catfight busted out in the casino and another time at FM station in North Hollywood. My, my, my… things we do when we are young. LOL!

Americana: This is so Un-Americana like, but yes. I was in one of my classes in college in San Diego and this chick Marlene came walking into my classroom and started wailing on me and we got into it right there. She’s hollering I stole her boyfriend and I had NO interest in her boyfriend. If her beau was digging me, this was not my fault. The teacher actually had to break it apart.

Little Egypt: I have never been in a fight in my life; I still find that quit ironic.

Was it clicky around the film set–what girls did you hang with? Were the good girls hanging with the bad girls off set?  

Americana, Farmers Daughter & cat Rivi

Americana: I loved hanging out with Hollywood by the pool. Even though we were told not to be seen in public together; she and I were sun-worshippers and would do it anyway! Royal Hawaiian and I were actually roommates at the Riviera Hotel. Talk about sleeping with the enemy! Later on I roomed with the Farmers Daughter. We were brazen enough to practically open up a petting zoo in our little room at The Riv. I adopted a kitten and named her Rivi while she smuggled in a ferret. That damn ferret used to crawl in my bed and bite me in the middle of the night! Our maid was a good sport because no one ever reported it.

Little Egypt: I got close with the California Doll, and Amy. I also felt close with Attaché, Chainsaw and Spike.  I wasn’t involved so much in the clicks, because I lived outside of the hotel and I would come in for work then leave.  It kept me out of trouble to say the least.

Hollywood: I roomed with Americana at NATPE in January 1986. Godiva and I were real tight in my 3rd and 4h season. MTV, Daisy and that good girl Lightning would come to the dark side.

You follow the sport now?

Little Egypt: I do follow the sport and am actively involved with “Cauliflower Alley” a non-profit organization for the wrestling community.  I can’t say there is one in particular but I will say that their work is outstanding!   I really feel like the new girls today represent the sport very well and have a lot or respect for the work we did.

Hollywood: I don’t have the time to follow as closely as I would like, WWE has its own style, a manly show for manly men.

Americana: No I haven’t followed it but expect to get back into it, you have me reinspired with this interview.

Did you see the Mickey Rourke film “The Wrestler”? Awesome movie, I thought.  

Hollywood: Great flick! And that’s the way it was, pretty close to reality.

Little Egypt: Actually I thought it was very well done.  This is not a sport that will make you rich by any means and all the workers out there today do it for the love of the sport.

Americana: That was an intense movie. Rourke played such an authentic character. Glad we didn’t go to those extremes. We never purposely cut ourselves for the show like they depicted in that film. We used faux blood tabs, fake gashes with a sprinkling of occasional real-life, bloody-noses.

What is the worst injury you ever suffered in your life? Did it occur in the ring or out? 

Little Egypt: As a matter of fact it did.  I tore my ACL in a match with the Heavy Metal Sisters, (you can see it on YouTube under Little Egypt’s last Match) it would be the last match I ever had and it put me out of wrestling.  I find it ironic that my first match was with the Heavy Metal Sisters and so was my last.

Hollywood: I broke my right leg after GLOW, I have 7 screws and 2 plates.

Americana: Broke my collar-bone being thrown into a wall during stunt class after not tucking my dive-roll tight enough. Didn’t even know it was broken for a few days. Friends made me get an x-ray to check it out. I healed really fast.


A lot of dudes are into this girl-on-girl private “fetish” or “apartment” wrestling and some guys actually get off on getting their asses kicked by women, especially ex-wrestlers like yourselves. You ever accept an offer and leave some poor bastard begging for his life? Or kick the shit out of a date, boyfriend or husband that wanted to engage in that kind of fun?     

Hollywood:  I’m not an ex-wrestler yet, LOL!! Ever heard of session wrestling? Usually it’s Female/Male F/M for private wrestling. I’ve never hurt anyone. With my boyfriend, I pretend that I am stronger, but it’s just not true, men are stronger than most women.

Americana:  I have thought about kicking the crap outta my husband or putting him into a scissors hold on several occasions; but I refuse under the pretense of believing he might like it too much.

Little Egypt: No never. It’s not for me, although I am aware that other girls have opted for that and have done well in the private market.  I am a mother of a 17 year old and have been happily married for over 19 years.  I can’t see that fitting into my lifestyle.

Your show was shot in Las Vegas, the party capital of the world… Did you girls party hard on your off days? What were your favorite games in the casino to play?   

Hollywood: Not while I was doing GLOW. I would travel back to Los Angeles in between our gigs. Now after GLOW I loved Craps and the parties!Little Egypt: I was living at the time with my boyfriend who I later married.  I can tell you that some girls were crazy partiers and have some hilarious stories to share.

Americana: We were young, attractive and successful. Of course we had fun. We saw shows in Vegas, ate at nice restaurants, drank when we wanted to. Entertainers like Joan Rivers would acknowledge us in the audience at her show at Caesars Palace, we showed our visiting family and friends the best time when they’d come for a visit. Living at the Riviera Hotel with all the other girls was like a big sorority. Sometimes we’d pack ourselves into a room, haul in the liquor and get raucous ‘til the wee hours of the night only to feel like crap at our rehearsal the next day.

What did you do with your GLOW costumes?    

Little Egypt: I kept mine, lost my skirt years ago when I loaned my costume to a friend of a friend who wore it for Halloween and I never saw it again. Still have my harem pants and gold bra and a few other match pieces.

Hollywood: Yes I still have a few of mine and Vines; they are a little tight across my chest now 🙂

Americana: I turned it in when I decided to leave the show. Tina Ferarri has my GLOW crown which I got to wear during our reunion this past January.

Did you do any modeling or acting gigs after GLOW? 

Hollywood:  I posed for Playboy Mag. Dec 1989 , Playboy Lingerie – Jan/Feb 1993, May/June 1993, EasyRider April 1995 and Gene Simmons KISS Tongue Magazine Spring 2003 “Headlock Hotties”.

Americana: I turned down a Playboy shoot right after GLOW, didn’t want it to interfere with any potential future husband and children. I was in a few national commercials over the years, the lead actress in a few feature films and have been on several television shows. Did a bunch of print jobs for Universal Studios and Disney while I doing modeling work in Orlando. I still do acting and modeling gigs.

Little Egypt: No. I got into the Las Vegas Real Estate market and built a successful business.  It’s interesting that my notoriety doesn’t come from my 20 years in Real Estate where I have had a ‘Hall of Fame’ career, but for a two- season run on a little off-the-wall show called GLOW.   I just love that.

How do you spend your time? 

Hollywood: I produce my own wrestling DVDs and downloads at and  I travel a lot for this sport, and work with other companies all over the US and Europe.

Americana: Besides acting/modeling gigs, I’m a painter. I paint acrylic on canvas pieces and my work has found its way into a few galleries.

Americana with her artwork

I sell the art at and if any of you GLOW fans visit the site and want to purchase a piece of art, contact me direct through my Facebook page and I will give you a 50% discount, since we can cut out the gallery/management fees. I also just bought the domain name where I am currently creating special paintings that I will make available to GLOW fans. The Art By Americana paintings will be of a patriotic theme, personally autographed and more affordable for my fans and available by late summer.

Little Egypt: I am working in the Real Estate market but my interests are in cooking, writing recipes, traveling with my family or girls friends.  I enjoy working out, getting dressed up as well as promoting Turkey and Turkish culture along the way. I have agreed to participate in the second season of Wrestlicious and look forward to being a part of the show.

Thanks for taking the time to catch up with us. Sports Climax is going to be body-painting some hot babes to promote our Sports Climax website. You ladies available and interested? 

Little Egypt: Sounds very interesting.  Could be fun. Keep me posted.

Americana: Body painting? Check with Hollywood on that one. She looks gorgeous!

Hollywood: Yes, It’s on!

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