Verbal Uppercuts Fly After Mayweather/Manny Fight Cancelled

Camp Mayweather has gone on the attack late Thursday with a press release in which they want to make it very clearFloyd Mayweather he isn’t scared of fighting Manny Pacquiao.

Floyd Mayweather’s publicist told me he was tired of the “lies” being spread by Bob Arum and others on the Pacquiao side of the equation. (Their word, not mine). What he wanted the world to know was that he agreed to a modification of the testing procedure PRIOR to the mediation.

Floyd Mayweather says that he already cut the time back from his demand for unrestricted testing and came half-way from his approach to Pacquiao’s suggestion that there should be no tests closer than 30 days prior to the fight.

That’s how the 14 day proposal came about.

Mayweather wants the public and his fans to know that Pacquiao’s side went into the two-day mediation knowing that was on the table already. He’s also adamant that his handlers did NOT suggest that he agree to the Pacquiao proposals.

After the “Correction Order” issued by the mediator made it understood that there was no proposal made by him that was rejected by one of the other side we now have Mayweather telling the world he wants to whip Manny’s punk ass.

What a day. Here’s the full text of Mayweather’s press release.

“Throughout this whole process I have remained patient, but at this point I am thoroughly disgusted that Pacquiao and his representatives are trying to blame me for the fight not happening when clearly the blame is on them.”

“First and foremost, not only do I want to fight Manny Pacquiao, I want to whip his punk ass.”

“Before the mediation, my team proposed a 14-day, no blood testing window leading up to the fight. But it was rejected. I am still proposing the 14-day window but he is still unwilling to agree to it, even though this is obviously a fair compromise on my part as I wanted the testing to be up until the fight and he wanted a 30-day cut-off. The truth is he just doesn’t want to take the tests.”

“In my opinion it is Manny Pacquiao and his team who are denying the people a chance to see the biggest fight ever. I know the people will see through their smokescreens and lies. I am ready to fight and sign the contract. Manny needs to stop making his excuses, step up and fight.”

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