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Carroll shows bitterness at Sanchez press conference

(AP Photo/Damian Dovarganes)

LOS ANGELES – USC Trojans’ quarterback Mark Sanchez has made the decision to leave Southern California and enter the NFL Draft. Normally people close to these athletes line up and pat them on the back, wish them well in their challenging journey, the ticker-tape parade ensues and the player rides off into the sunset.

That is, unless you have a selfish coach who’s team failed to win the national championship he was predicted to win at the start of the season.

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Sharks, vampires and athletes

AP Photo

Biting incidents in sports are nothing new, but with mega-billions of bytes passing through high-speed Internet connections worldwide on a daily basis, the most recent perpetrators are gaining notoriety overnight. Most notorious is Australian footballer Peter Filandia who was suspended for 10 games after admitting to biting the scrotum of another player during a match.

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McNabb joins T.O. on NFL clown list

Fox Sports

NEW YORK – In case you missed it, during yesterday’s 23-11 win against the New York Giants in N.Y. McNabb ran out of bounds with 3:07 left to play and grabbed the sideline phone to the Giants’ coaching booth and acted like he was in a conversation. This asinine move officially placed McNabb on the NFL list of clowns, joining New Orleans’ Joe Horn and T.O.

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Millen and other Lions’ failures find new NFL homes


DETROIT – Offering jobs and paychecks to guys like Barry and Marinelli after their orchestration of the disaster in Detroit, is like bringing Enron’s Kenneth Lay back from the dead and putting him on the payroll to run the World Bank.

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NFL Ravens and Cardinals upsets fueled by turnovers

(AP Photo/Joe Howell)

The Baltimore Ravens and Arizona Cardinals’ were handed the ball and road victories by the favored Tennessee Titans and Carolina Panthers Saturday in NFL Playoff games.

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NFL Playoff Upsets Fueled by Turnovers

Larry Fitzgerald

After an NFL week full of ‘Pacman’ Jones cut by Cowboys and Brett Favre ‘retire or not’ news, teams took the field in two NFL Playoff games on Saturday.

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Troops in Baghdad tapping keg for Super Bowl

(AP Photo/Dusan Vranic, Pool)

BAGHDAD – In the latest strategic move by General Raymond Odierno, American troops will be allowed to enjoy their Super Bowl celebration in the company of weekend player’s ‘Samuel Adams’, ‘Miller’ and ‘Bud’.
Odierno lifted the strict ban of drinking alcoholic beverages in a combat zone for Super Bowl weekend, Feb. 1-2.

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Favre begins annual roller coaster ride


NEW YORK – Now that the Green Bay Packers and their Cheesehead fans have settled into the fact Aaron Rodgers is their starting quarterback, it’s the Jets’ turn to climb aboard the gut-wrenching amusement ride known as the ‘Favre roller coaster’.

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Dallas tells ESPN, Pacman cut due to new shooting allegations


DALLAS – When the Dallas Cowboys first cut their troubled defensive back Adam “Pacman” Jones this week, many people assumed it was a response to his poor season. Upon further review it appears there is much more to this transaction.

ESPN is set to air a show on “Inside the Lines” on Sunday that may create more woes for Pacman.

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NHL Joins Mike Tyson Club with Biting Incident

Mike Tyson

The NHL has officially joined Mike Tyson and boxing when Ottawa Senators’ Jarkko Ruutu put a bite on an opposing player last night, literally. Although Ruutu denies clamping down on Buffalo Sabres Andrew Peters’ thumb, watch the video and join many others around the country who believe the contrary.

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