Sharks, vampires and athletes

Biting incidents in sports are nothing new, but with mega-billions of bytes passing through high-speed Internet AP Photoconnections worldwide on a daily basis, the most recent perpetrators are gaining notoriety overnight.If fans want to be entertained by biting, they can tune in to Discovery’s Shark Week or pick up an Anne Rice vampire novel; it doesn’t belong in sports.

Sport’s most recent chomper is a high-school kid by the name of Cody Fields from Springfield, Ohio. Fields took a morsel out of a recent opponent during a wrestling match, here’s the photo.

It’s possible Fields is an NHL hockey fan and stole the move from Ottawa Senator Jarrko Ruutu’s playbook. Ruutu just last week clamped down on an opponent’s thumb during a hockey skirmish and the ruthless act cost him a two-game suspension, $31,707.32 in salary and a place in the NHL biters Hall of Fame joining Derian Hatcher and Jordin Tootoo.

Back to that wrestling kid Fields from Springfield.

Lucky for his opponent he isn’t an Australian Football fan following in the footsteps of players like Australian footballer Peter Filandia who was suspended for 10 games after admitting to biting the scrotum of another player during a match.

Filandia’s excuse was he was being smothered under a pile and biting his opponent’s sac was a reflex move.

To date the most famous biter has to be Mike Tyson who chewed a visible chunk of flesh out of Evander Holyfield’s ear during a fight in 1997. After spitting it out in front of a shocked crowd, the fight was stopped and Tyson was disqualified.

Decades earlier, to Tyson’s brutal act, Sports Illustrated named NFL tough guy Conrad Dobler the “Pro Football’s Dirtiest Player” in 1977 after Dobler admitted biting Minnesota Viking Doug Sutherland during a game.

Dobler offered no excuse because, well, he was the dirtiest player in the league.

Regardless what the excuses or reasons are, it’s time to clamp down on these embarrassing infractions. Simple rule is, unless you’re McGruff the Crime Dog, you shouldn’t be taking a bite out of anything.

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