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T.O. stirring the pot in Dallas again

DALLAS – Terrell Owens, wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys had seemingly formed a close relationship with QB Tony Romo and appeared in public after last season’s miserable playoff defeat and wept as he defended Romo to the assembled media.

Owens has gotten agitated recently about the lack of balls thrown his way. All was seemingly OK between him and Romo until reports this week that Owens thinks TE Witten and Romo are getting together without him on purpose.

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NFL player Raiola fined $7,500 for outburst

DETROIT – This past week, Detroit Lions center Dominic Raiola flipped the bird to some heckling fans after the Minnesota Vikings spanked them on Dominic’s home field 20-16.

The following day, instead of apologizing, the frustrated player found a few cameras and further challenged whatever few Lions die-hards may be around to fisticuffs. That move cost the player a $7,500 fine.

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Fox shows Naked Vikings Player During Live Telecast


DETROIT – During a ‘live’ feed after the game showing Vikings owner Zygmunt Wilf presenting the game ball to coach Brad Childress, tight end (there’s a bad joke there) Visanthe Shiancoe was standing directly behind the camera’s lens naked, wong hanging right out, and the camera operator or crew didn’t notice until after they shared their shot to the world.

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Giants’ Tom Coughlin Overcoming Adversity

NFL Giants Tom Coughlin

NEW YORK – Coach Tom Coughlin and his New York Giants have lived up to the challenges they have faced and continue to find a way to win.

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Bettman needs suspension, not Avery

NEW YORK – NHL player Chris Pronger has been suspended several times for high sticking or other violent injury-causing attacks on the ice and when Todd Bertuzzi jumped off the bench, sucker-punched opposing player Steve Moore, breaking his neck and ending his career, he was not required to get any anger management counseling, however Bettman is requiring Avery to because he made a crude remark about an ex.

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Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week – Patrick Roy

This week’s Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week goes to the Patrick Roy hockey family and it comes from Canadian prosecutors and QMJHL officials who are done taking a bunch of crap from these low-lifes.

This brings to mind a question, “What has three assholes and speaks French?”

The answer, ‘The Roy Family’.

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NHL should kiss Avery’s ass for reminding ESPN that NHL exists

NEW YORK – The NHL allows players to stand toe-to-toe and beat the living shit out of each other, breaking noses, gashing cheeks then ‘disciplines them’ by letting them take a five minute break and sip water in an air-conditioned box.

Then they have the audacity to suspend a guy for suggesting his ex is a little bit slutty.

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Congress should require Ford to sell Detroit Lions

DETROIT – It is absurd to allow the Ford family to maintain an entity like the Lions in their portfolio while agreeing to hand over billions of tax dollars to save their auto company’s sinking ship.

If they are begging for $9 billion, Congress should minus the $917 million they are forced to acquire from the sale of the Lions then give them $8.08 billion instead.

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Six NFL players had lots of warning

NEW YORK – Bumetanide is an FDA regulated drug so it is illegal to dispense it without a prescription. If that is the case and the company added it without the player’s knowledge, spiked their product in other words, these players may be classified more as victims than cheaters.

Regardless, the NFL has good justification for the suspensions backed by a letter they sent out to the players last year.

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NY Knicks and Marbury conflict escalates

NEW YORK – While visiting the Big Apple all week, it’s hard not to concentrate on covering the sports news coming out of America’s biggest sports town-there’s plenty of it.

The New York Giants’ Plaxico Buress’ weapon charges and legal woes has saturated the news here and nationally all weekend but there’s another New Yorker demanding some of the attention.

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