T.O. stirring the pot in Dallas again

DALLAS – The Big Man On Campus, quarterback Tony Romo has more than one teammate that thinks he’s the QB’s best friend.Tight end Jason Witten, is Romo’s roommate and a guy that came into Dallas at the same time as his QB. He also happens to be Romo’s most reliable target on the field.

Terrell Owens, wide receiver for the team had seemingly formed a close relationship with Romo and appeared in public after last season’s miserable playoff defeat and wept as he defended Romo to the assembled media.

Owens has gotten agitated recently about the lack of balls thrown his way. All was seemingly OK between him and Romo until reports this week that Owens thinks Witten and Romo are getting together without him on purpose.

What are they doing? Owens thinks that they are conspiring to cook up special passing routes that exclude him. Doesn’t this sound like a high school scene where one friend in a tight group of three feels excluded when his two pals start eating lunch together and duck out on their buddy? Maybe they disappear from the cafeteria to find a quiet spot elsewhere?

Two guys who want to be the BFF of another guy are no less whiny than girls, well except they don’t wear clothes as cute and their voices don’t squeak and squeal as much. But in this case, Owens has hypothesized about the coaching staff depriving him of getting the ball more and now the unthinkable has dawned on him. It might be his quarterback.

But if that’s true, he humiliated himself in public for nothing by sticking up for him so it has got to be the other guy, Witten that’s coming between him and Romo.

What does Owens do now? He goes to other guys outside the tight group and gets them all stirred up against the conspiratorial two. TO’s teammates are starting to divide down loyalty lines.

Where have we heard this before? Oh yeah, San Francisco and Philadelphia. This BS has clearly taken the spotlight off the New York Giants and their woes related to police investigations of their behavior in the wake of the Plaxico Burress shooting. Right before the Cowboys big game against the G men this weekend. Tom Coughlin should send Dallas a thank you card.

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