NFL sack celebrations

Our Bitch Slap of the Week goes to NFL sack celebrations because once appears to not be enough.

After the Detroit Lions linebacker Stephan Tulloch ended his season with a self-inflicted sack dance injury, tearing his ACL, weeks later Chicago Bears Lamarr Houston did the same thing.

These two guys should spend the rest of NFL Sundays on the same couch, watching what they’re missing and arguing who is the bigger idiot. The inventor or the copier.

Houston’s injury may go down as the owrst since he leaves a defense that resembles swiss cheese.

The Lions somehow have found a way to become the No. 1 defense in the NFL without Tulloch, one of their leaders on defense.

Did Tulloch dance himself out of a job?

Unlikely but it is the NFL and only time will tell.

Stupid is what stupid does…

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