Iraqi shoe-thrower may have career in MLB

President Bush ducked a few shoes that were thrown at him by an Iraqi journalist during a recent trip to Iraq. Here’s the video:

And here’s San Francisco journalist Theo B. Fightmaster’s take on the incident:

The Giants are going to perform their “due diligence” on 29-year-old right hander Muntader al-Zaidi, but team officials say landing the fast-rising star isn’t even “pie in the sky,” but more like “the longest of long shots.

Zaidi came to prominence late last weekend in Iraq where he participated in an open ‘tryout’ in front of numerous anxious reporters.

President Bush, who was in town to deliver a simultaneous press conference with Iraqi Prime Minister Nuri Kamal al-Maliki, offered to catch a bullpen session but was caught off guard upon finding out Zaidi would be throwing his shoes instead of the traditional baseball.

Despite the poor communication between the battery mates, it was obvious to all parties that there was some unique chemistry.

The first pitch appeared to be a ‘fast-shoe’ which actually crossed up Bush, who looked to be expecting a breaking pitch. Bush, wearing his usual number 43, showed the agility of a 25-year-old Edgar Renteria while eluding the high and hard one.

The second pitch was off-speed and as it broke over the head of President Bush it caromed off the backstop of the indoor ‘bullpen’ in Baghdad. A few scouts we spoke with are chalking that up to ‘adrenaline.’iraqi-shoe thrower

Apparently Zaidi impressed, as it only took him two throws before the secret service gathered around him and transported him to an undisclosed location. However, there has been no confirmation yet as to whether that location was in fact Yankee Stadium.

Boston may already be preparing for a bidding war, much like the one between the two clubs over Cuban defector Jose Contreras which took place several years ago.

Dodgers GM Ned Colletti may too be interested in Maliki after losing out on Sabathia. And, the Dodgers may also kick the tires on ‘Still President Bush’ as they look to get more playing time for Russell Martin at third.

However, the agent for the President wasn’t certain if he could convince his client to wear the conventional catcher’s gear instead of his usual podium.

Theo B. Fightmaster is a San Francisco-based, full-time sports columnist for The Examiner and contributor to Sports Climax. A hard man to impress, the Fightmaster admits that Jay Mariotti is his hero.

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