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Bitch-Slap goes to ‘Fat’ Albert Haynesworth

With a recession lingering throughout our country and some families struggling to survive a month at a time, Washington Redskins Albert Haynesworth thinks it’s okay to bank a $21 million work paycheck then not go to work simply because he doesn’t approve of his new boss Mike Shanahan’s defensive game plan.

SLAP! Can you say Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week™.

The ‘Skins have had enough of this player and asked Haynesworth to return the $21 million check and go his own way but of course ‘Fat’ Albert has refused to do that. He believes it is okay to take $32 million of his $100 million contract for the one year he played limited amounts of minutes and produced just four sacks.

Haynesworth is a man of questionable character and the Redskins knew that when they signed him.

Prior to inking the $100 million deal, his resume on and off the field included cheapshot assaults on opposing players, like stomping on and spiking a defenseless Cowboys lineman in the face (YouTube vid here) then later getting indicted for reckless driving when he seriously injured another driver.

Showing less than a spec of class with this recent move, Haynesworth has a half of a thimble of football knowledge compared to the warehouse full of comprehension Shanahan has about football although ‘Fat’ Albert could tell his coach in detail what the procedure is for getting booked and charged with a crime or what the procedure is for getting suspended by the league for intentionally trying to severely injure a player’s face.

Bottom line the guy has been given more breaks than he deserves by the NFL and is considered a loser by many and now is being referred to as “selfish” by his players. In hindsight you have to wonder if the league wishes they would have given him a lifetime ban for the face-stomping incident years ago.

The Redskins have had enough and are expected to go through legal channels to try to get their $21 million back and this should be a great lesson to owners out there. When a player like Haynesworth has shown his true colors and lack of respect for the game and opposing players in such a blatant way, stay clear and don’t take any chance on him, let alone the $100million gamble Owner Dan Snyder took, because you may lose.

‘Fat’ Albert, you get our Bitch-Slap-of-the-Week™ for your selfish greed, lack of class and disruptive behavior that you continue to show towards the NFL, your teammates and fans who pay your over-inflated salary.

It’s time to put an end to this loser’s career that has been blemished with classless acts and egocentric motives. No NFL team will be hard-up enough to sign him after this latest move so hopefully, for the fans, players and NFL’s sake, we have all seen the last of ‘Fat’ Albert.

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