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Ray Rice KOs his fiancee VIDEO

Running back Ray Rice was released by the Baltimore Ravens and suspended indefinitely by the NFL after a shocking video surfaced showing Rice knocking out his future wife with one punch. The video above was published by TMZ Sports.

The incident happened in an elevator in Las Vegas back in February but the incident was buried by several people and the player was scheduled to return to the field after just a two game suspension.

Ravens coach John Harbaugh said the team had not seen the video before it was released by TMZ. “It was something we saw for the first time today, all of us. It changed things, of course. It made things a little bit different,” he said.

A little bit? It’s a brutal animalistic attack that justifies jail time.

Watch the video and decide if you think things should be a little different or if this thug should serve time in prison for assault and battery.

The woman was decked and slammed to the floor unconscious then dragged out along the floor like a rag doll.

Shortly after the team’s announcement, the NFL suspended Rice indefinitely. Better late than never but it’s another blemish on the face of the NFL that is becoming a breeding ground for thugs.


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