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Oilers following lead of NHL cheerleaders

Ms. Lisi Monro, a fan of the NHL Edmonton Oilers is upset that they team has decided to make the bold move to create a cheerleading squad. We’ve heard it all before. The use of beautiful women in skimpy costumes objectifies women and is offensive to fans of all genders, but mostly women.

It isn’t a novel argument. In fact it is one steeped in the era of the creation of the Playboy empire. Are we still hashing through the reason why people enjoy seeing cheerleaders at sporting events? We are in Canada, especially when they become attached to an NHL franchise. It will be a first for any team in the league located within that country’s confines.

Monro has put a petition on line to gather signatures in protest. Despite that, the team’s CEO and President, Patrick LaForge told the Montreal Gazette he thinks “a little extra spice and sparkle” will be created by a new cheerleading squad for his team.

The Tampa Bay Lightning, Atlanta Thrashers and several other teams have had ice girls in place for several years and it seems the Oilers are following their lead.

Frankly the Oilers need something to jump start the 2010-11 season. They are in last place in their division, but Ms. Monro is concentrating on keeping the ice pure so that her favorite players can spill blood on it.

Her plea is posted at petitiononline.com. It is quite formal and long, but here are the basics of what you need to know to understand her reasoning:

“We, the undersigned, believe that men AND women are Edmonton Oilers fans, and that cheer teams are perceived by some members of both sexes to be demeaning and contributing to the objectification of women.”

“We the undersigned, hold the ownership and management of the Edmonton Oilers to a higher standard, in trusting them to make decisions that will not negatively affect the experience of attending a National Hockey League game by using gimmicks and excessive in-game entertainment that would take away from the game itself.”

CEO LaForge thinks women and men who are fans of the Oilers are winners in this. “A cheerleading team is a way for the Oilers organization to stay current, and comes at the request of male and female fans. It’s an entertainment idea. I appreciate that some people can take it the wrong way, but it’s added entertainment during breaks in the game.”

As of this writing there are a bit more than 1,100 signatures on the petition, hardly enough to bother the Oilers’ management. Today, the team is hosting an open meeting to announce the process for choosing the members of the cheerleading team. Auditions are expected to begin later this week.

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