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Coyotes goalie scores goal with 00:01 left

The Phoenix Coyotes had a historical moment; no they didn’t get a new owner, pick up a few high end free agents and sign a new lease….but their goalie Mike Smith joined a choice few of his NHL when he scored a goal in a 5-2 win against the Detroit Red Wings.

After making 31 saves the native of Kingston, Ontario brought the remaining fans at Jobing Arena to their feet when he fired a shot about 190 feet down the ice into an empty net with 00:01 seconds left — that’s one-tenth of a second people. See people; never leave a sporting event early. You may miss history being made.

Here is a video of the shot heard around the world:

BTW, Smitty is just the 11th goaltender to score a goal. After gloving a shot by Red Wings forward Mikael Samuelsson, Smith shot the puck as the final seconds ticked down.

After the game, Smitty told the Arizona Republic:

“I do shoot the puck quite often in practice, but an awful lot of things have to go right for that to happen. I was able to score in the ECHL my first year as a pro and it was the same thing.”

Well can’t help to think he’s gonna get an itch to run up his goal total and try to do it again before the season is over.


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